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Caldecott Medal
Caldecott Medal.jpg
Awarded for"the most distinguished American picture book for children"
CountryUnited States
Presented byAssociation for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association
First awarded1938
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Caldecott Medal
Caldecott Medal.jpg
Awarded for"the most distinguished American picture book for children"
CountryUnited States
Presented byAssociation for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association
First awarded1938

The Randolph Caldecott Medal annually recognizes the preceding year's "most distinguished American picture book for children", beginning with 1937 publications. It is awarded to the illustrator by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA).[1] The Caldecott and Newbery Medals are the most prestigious American children's book awards.

The award is named for Randolph Caldecott, a nineteenth-century English illustrator. Rene Paul Chambellan designed the Medal in 1937. The obverse scene is derived from Randolph Caldecott's front cover illustration for The Diverting History of John Gilpin (Routledge, 1878, an edition of the 1782 poem by William Cowper), which depicts Gilpin astride a runaway horse.[2][3] The reverse is based on "Four and twenty blackbirds bak'd in a pie", one of Caldecott's illustrations for the nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence".

Beside the Caldecott Medal, the committee awards a variable number of citations to worthy runners-up, called the Caldecott Honors or Caldecott Honor Books. Recently there are two to four annual Honors. The Honor Books must be a subset of the runners-up on the final ballot, either the leading runners-up on that ballot or the leaders on one further ballot that excludes the winner.[4]

Eligibility and criteria[edit]

The artist must be a US citizen or resident and the illustrations must be original to the book, which must be published first or simultaneously in the US in English during the preceding year.[5]

A picture book provides "a visual experience. A picture book has a collective unity of story-line, theme, or concept, developed through the series of pictures" that constitute the book. Picture books for any audience up to age 14 should be considered.[5]

The Medal is "for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children". The book must be self-contained, independent of other media for its enjoyment. Components other than illustration should be considered as they bear on effectiveness as a children's picture book.[5]


The committee that decides on the Caldecott Award winner comprises fifteen members. Eight are elected by the entire ALSC membership and seven including the chairperson are appointed by the ALSC President.[6] Many publishers send copies of books to the committee; 2009 members each received more than 700.[7] To help identify possible contenders, the chairperson generally asks for committee members to identify strong contenders each month.[8] In the fall each member of the committee may formally nominate seven books.[7] Publications late in the year should receive equal consideration. As of 2009/2010 each committee member must nominate three and no more books in October, two in November, two in December, and January identification of worthy December publications is solicited.[9]


The annual number of Caldecott Honor Books ranges from one to five, same as for the Newbery Medal during the same timespan, from 1938. For two decades 1993–2012 there were two to four Honors every year.

Yellow background highlights the Medalists.

Caldecott Medal winners and runners-up[10]
1938 Lathrop, Dorothy P.Dorothy P. LathropAnimals of the BibleWinner
1938Robert LawsonFour and Twenty BlackbirdsHonor
1938Boris ArtzybasheffSeven Simeons: A Russian TaleHonor
1939Handforth, ThomasThomas HandforthMei LiWinner
1939James DaughertyAndy and the LionHonor
1939Clare Turlay NewberryBarkisHonor
1939Laura Adams ArmerThe Forest PoolHonor
1939Wanda GágSnow White and the Seven DwarfsHonor
1939Robert LawsonWee GillisHonor
1940d'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar ParinIngri and Edgar Parin d'AulaireAbraham LincolnWinner
1940Berta and Elmer HaderCock-a-Doodle DooHonor
1940Ludwig BemelmansMadelineHonor
1940Lauren FordThe Ageless StoryHonor
1941Lawson, RobertRobert LawsonThey Were Strong and GoodWinner
1941Clare Turlay NewberryApril's KittensHonor
1942McCloskey, RobertRobert McCloskeyMake Way for DucklingsWinner
1942Maud and Miska PetershamAn American ABCHonor
1942Velino HerreraIn My Mother's HouseHonor
1942Holling C. HollingPaddle-to-the-SeaHonor
1942Wanda GágNothing At AllHonor
1943Burton, Virginia LeeVirginia Lee BurtonThe Little HouseWinner
1943Mary and Conrad BuffDash and DartHonor
1943Clare Turlay NewberryMarshmallowHonor
1944Slobodkin, LouisLouis SlobodkinMany MoonsWinner
1944Elizabeth Orton JonesSmall Rain: Verses From The BibleHonor
1944Arnold E. BarePierre PidgeonHonor
1944Berta and Elmer HaderThe Mighty HunterHonor
1944Jean CharlotA Child's Good Night BookHonor
1944Plato ChanGood-Luck HorseHonor
1945Jones, Elizabeth OrtonElizabeth Orton JonesPrayer for a ChildWinner
1945Tasha TudorMother GooseHonor
1945Marie Hall EtsIn the ForestHonor
1945Marguerite de AngeliYonie WondernoseHonor
1945Kate SeredyThe Christmas Anna AngelHonor
1946Petersham, Maud and MiskaMaud and Miska PetershamThe Rooster CrowsWinner
1946Leonard WeisgardLittle Lost LambHonor
1946Marjorie TorreySing Mother GooseHonor
1946Ruth Stiles GannettMy Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the WorldHonor
1946Kurt WieseYou Can Write ChineseHonor
1947Weisgard, LeonardLeonard WeisgardThe Little IslandWinner
1947Leonard WeisgardRain Drop SplashHonor
1947Jay Hyde BarnumBoats on the RiverHonor
1947Tony PalazzoTimothy TurtleHonor
1947Leo PolitiPedro, the Angel of Olvera StreetHonor
1947Marjorie TorreySing in Praise: A Collection of the Best Loved HymnsHonor
1948Duvoisin, RogerRoger DuvoisinWhite Snow, Bright SnowWinner
1948Marcia BrownStone SoupHonor
1948Dr. SeussMcElligot's PoolHonor
1948 Georges SchreiberBambino the ClownHonor
1948Hildegard WoodwardRoger and the FoxHonor
1948Virginia Lee BurtonSong of Robin HoodHonor
1949Hader, Berta and ElmerBerta and Elmer HaderThe Big SnowWinner
1949Robert McCloskeyBlueberries for SalHonor
1949Helen StoneAll Around the TownHonor
1949Leo PolitiJuanitaHonor
1949Kurt WieseFish in the AirHonor
1950Politi, LeoLeo PolitiSong of the SwallowsWinner
1950Lynd WardAmerica's Ethan AllenHonor
1950Hildegard WoodwardThe Wild Birthday CakeHonor
1950Marc SimontThe Happy DayHonor
1950Dr. SeussBartholomew and the OobleckHonor
1950Marcia BrownHenry FishermanHonor
1951Milhous, KatherineKatherine MilhousThe Egg TreeWinner
1951Marcia BrownDick Whittington and His CatHonor
1951Nicholas MordvinoffThe Two RedsHonor
1951Dr. SeussIf I Ran the ZooHonor
1951Helen StoneThe Most Wonderful Doll in the WorldHonor
1951Clare Turlay NewberryT-Bone, the Baby SitterHonor
1952Mordvinoff, NicholasNicholas MordvinoffFinders KeepersWinner
1952Marie Hall EtsMr. T. W. Anthony WooHonor
1952Marcia BrownSkipper John's CookHonor
1952Margaret Bloy GrahamAll Falling DownHonor
1952William Pène du BoisBear PartyHonor
1952Elizabeth OldsFeather MountainHonor
1953Ward, LyndLynd WardThe Biggest BearWinner
1953Marcia BrownPuss in BootsHonor
1953Robert McCloskeyOne Morning in MaineHonor
1953Fritz EichenbergApe in a Cape: An Alphabet of Odd AnimalsHonor
1953Margaret Bloy GrahamThe Storm BookHonor
1953Juliet KepesFive Little MonkeysHonor
1954Bemelmans, LudwigLudwig BemelmansMadeline's RescueWinner
1954Robert McCloskeyJourney Cake, Ho!Honor
1954Jean CharlotWhen Will the World Be Mine?Honor
1954Marcia BrownThe Steadfast Tin SoldierHonor
1954Maurice SendakA Very Special HouseHonor
1954A. BirnbaumGreen EyesHonor
1955Brown, MarciaMarcia BrownCinderella, or the Little Glass SlipperWinner
1955Marguerite de AngeliBook of Nursery and Mother Goose RhymesHonor
1955Tibor GergelyWheel On The ChimneyHonor
1955Helen SewellThe Thanksgiving StoryHonor
1956Rojankovsky, FeodorFeodor RojankovskyFrog Went A-Courtin'Winner
1956Marie Hall EtsPlay With MeHonor
1956Taro YashimaCrow BoyHonor
1957Simont, MarcMarc SimontA Tree is NiceWinner
1957Marie Hall EtsMr. Penny's Race HorseHonor
1957Tasha Tudor1 is OneHonor
1957Paul GaldoneAnatoleHonor
1957James DaughertyGillespie and the GuardsHonor
1957William Pène du BoisLionHonor
1958McCloskey, RobertRobert McCloskeyTime of WonderWinner
1958Don FreemanFly High, Fly LowHonor
1958Paul GaldoneAnatole and the CatHonor
1959Cooney, BarbaraBarbara CooneyChanticleer and the FoxWinner
1959 Antonio Frasconi The House that Jack Built: La Maison Que Jacques A BatieHonor
1959Maurice SendakWhat Do You Say, Dear?Honor
1959Taro YashimaUmbrellaHonor
1960Ets, Marie HallMarie Hall EtsNine Days to ChristmasWinner
1960Adrienne AdamsHouses from the SeaHonor
1960Maurice SendakThe Moon JumpersHonor
1961Sidjakov, NicolasNicolas SidjakovBaboushka and the Three KingsWinner
1961Leo LionniInch by InchHonor
1962Brown, MarciaMarcia BrownOnce a MouseWinner
1962Peter SpierFox Went out on a Chilly Night: An Old SongHonor
1962Maurice SendakLittle Bear's VisitHonor
1962Adrienne AdamsThe Day We Saw the Sun Come UpHonor
1963Keats, Ezra JackEzra Jack KeatsThe Snowy DayWinner
1963Bernarda BrysonThe Sun is a Golden EarringHonor
1963Maurice SendakMr. Rabbit and the Lovely PresentHonor
1964Sendak, MauriceMaurice SendakWhere the Wild Things AreWinner
1964Leo LionniSwimmyHonor
1964Evaline NessAll in the Morning EarlyHonor
1964Philip ReedMother Goose and Nursery RhymesHonor
1965Montresor, BeniBeni MontresorMay I Bring a Friend?Winner
1965Marvin BileckRain Makes ApplesauceHonor
1965Blair LentThe WaveHonor
1965Evaline NessA Pocketful of CricketHonor
1966Hogrogian, NonnyNonny HogrogianAlways Room for One MoreWinner
1966Roger DuvoisinHide and Seek FogHonor
1966Marie Hall EtsJust MeHonor
1966Evaline NessTom Tit TotHonor
1967Ness, EvalineEvaline NessSam, Bangs, and MoonshineWinner
1967Ed EmberleyOne Wide River to CrossHonor
1968Emberley, EdEd EmberleyDrummer HoffWinner
1968Leo LionniFrederickHonor
1968Taro YashimaSeashore StoryHonor
1968Ed YoungThe Emperor and the KiteHonor
1969Shulevitz, UriUri ShulevitzThe Fool of the World and the Flying ShipWinner
1969Blair LentWhy the Sun and the Moon Live in the SkyHonor
1970Steig, WilliamWilliam SteigSylvester and the Magic PebbleWinner
1970Ezra Jack KeatsGoggles!Honor
1970Leo LionniAlexander and the Wind-Up MouseHonor
1970Robert Andrew ParkerPop Corn & Ma GoodnessHonor
1970Brinton TurkleThy Friend, ObadiahHonor
1970Margot ZemachThe Judge: An Untrue TaleHonor
1971Haley, Gail E.Gail E. HaleyA Story a StoryWinner
1971Blair LentThe Angry MoonHonor
1971Arnold LobelFrog and Toad are FriendsHonor
1971Maurice SendakIn the Night KitchenHonor
1972Hogrogian, NonnyNonny HogrogianOne Fine DayWinner
1972Arnold LobelHildilid's NightHonor
1972Janina DomanskaIf All the Seas Were One SeaHonor
1972Tom FeelingsMoja Means One: Swahili Counting BookHonor
1973Lent, BlairBlair LentThe Funny Little WomanWinner
1973Gerald McDermottAnansi the Spider: A Tale from the AshantiHonor
1973Leonard BaskinHosie's AlphabetHonor
1973Nancy Ekholm BurkertSnow-White and the Seven DwarfsHonor
1973Tom BahtiWhen Clay SingsHonor
1974Zemach, MargotMargot ZemachDuffy and the DevilWinner
1974Susan JeffersThree Jovial HuntsmenHonor
1974David MacaulayCathedralHonor
1975McDermott, GeraldGerald McDermottArrow to the SunWinner
1975Tom FeelingsJambo Means Hello: A Swahili Alphabet BookHonor
1976Dillon, Leo and DianeLeo and Diane DillonWhy Mosquitoes Buzz in People's EarsWinner
1976Peter ParnallThe Desert is TheirsHonor
1976Tomie dePaolaStrega NonaHonor
1977Dillon, Leo and DianeLeo and Diane DillonAshanti to Zulu: African TraditionsWinner
1977William SteigThe Amazing BoneHonor
1977Nonny HogrogianThe ContestHonor
1977M. B. GoffsteinFish for SupperHonor
1977 Beverly Brodsky McDermottThe Golem: A Jewish LegendHonor
1977Peter ParnallHawk, I'm Your BrotherHonor
1978Spier, PeterPeter SpierNoah's ArkWinner
1978David MacaulayCastleHonor
1978Margot ZemachIt Could Always Be WorseHonor
1979Goble, PaulPaul GobleThe Girl Who Loved Wild HorsesWinner
1979Donald CrewsFreight TrainHonor
1979Peter ParnallThe Way to Start a DayHonor
1980Cooney, BarbaraBarbara CooneyOx-Cart ManWinner
1980Rachel IsadoraBen's TrumpetHonor
1980Chris Van AllsburgThe Garden of Abdul GasaziHonor
1980Uri ShulevitzThe TreasureHonor
1981Lobel, ArnoldArnold LobelFablesWinner
1981Ilse PlumeThe Bremen-Town MusiciansHonor
1981Molly BangThe Grey Lady and the Strawberry SnatcherHonor
1981Joseph LowMice TwiceHonor
1981Donald CrewsTruckHonor
1982Van Allsburg, ChrisChris Van AllsburgJumanjiWinner
1982Stephen GammellWhere the Buffaloes BeginHonor
1982Anita LobelOn Market StreetHonor
1982Maurice SendakOutside Over ThereHonor
1982Alice and Martin ProvensenA Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and Experienced TravelersHonor
1983Brown, MarciaMarcia BrownShadowWinner
1983Vera B. WilliamsA Chair for My MotherHonor
1983Diane GoodeWhen I Was Young in the MountainsHonor
1984Provensen, Alice and MartinAlice and Martin ProvensenThe Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis BleriotWinner
1984Trina Schart HymanLittle Red Riding HoodHonor
1984Molly BangTen, Nine, EightHonor
1985Hyman, Trina SchartTrina Schart HymanSaint George and the DragonWinner
1985Paul O. ZelinskyHansel and GretelHonor
1985Nancy TafuriHave You Seen My Duckling?Honor
1985John SteptoeThe Story of Jumping Mouse: A Native American LegendHonor
1986Van Allsburg, ChrisChris Van AllsburgThe Polar ExpressWinner
1986Stephen GammellThe Relatives CameHonor
1986Don WoodKing Bidgood's in the BathtubHonor
1987Egielski, RichardRichard EgielskiHey, AlWinner
1987Ann GrifalconiThe Village of Round and Square HousesHonor
1987Suse MacDonaldAlphabaticsHonor
1987Paul O. ZelinskyRumpelstiltskinHonor
1988Schoenherr, JohnJohn SchoenherrOwl MoonWinner
1988John SteptoeMufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African TaleHonor
1989Gammell, StephenStephen GammellSong and Dance ManWinner
1989Allen SayThe Boy of the Three-Year NapHonor
1989David WiesnerFree FallHonor
1989James MarshallGoldilocks and the Three BearsHonor
1989Jerry PinkneyMirandy and Brother WindHonor
1990Young, EdEd YoungLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from ChinaWinner
1990Bill PeetBill Peet: An AutobiographyHonor
1990Lois EhlertColor ZooHonor
1990Jerry PinkneyThe Talking Eggs: A Folktale from the American SouthHonor
1990Trina Schart HymanHershel and the Hanukkah GoblinsHonor
1991Macaulay, DavidDavid MacaulayBlack and WhiteWinner
1991Fred MarcellinoPuss in BootsHonor
1991Vera B. Williams"More More More," Said the Baby: Three Love StoriesHonor
1992Wiesner, DavidDavid WiesnerTuesdayWinner
1992Faith RinggoldTar BeachHonor
1993McCully, Emily ArnoldEmily Arnold McCullyMirette on the High WireWinner
1993Lane SmithThe Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid TalesHonor
1993Ed YoungSeven Blind MiceHonor
1993Carole ByardWorking CottonHonor
1994Say, AllenAllen SayGrandfather's JourneyWinner
1994Ted LewinPeppe the LamplighterHonor
1994Denise FlemingIn the Small, Small PondHonor
1994Gerald McDermottRaven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific NorthwestHonor
1994Kevin HenkesOwenHonor
1994Chris RaschkaYo! Yes?Honor
1995Diaz, DavidDavid DiazSmoky NightWinner
1995Jerry PinkneyJohn HenryHonor
1995Paul O. ZelinskySwamp AngelHonor
1995Eric RohmannTime FliesHonor
1996Rathmann, PeggyPeggy RathmannOfficer Buckle and GloriaWinner
1996Stephen T. JohnsonAlphabet CityHonor
1996Marjorie PricemanZin! Zin! Zin! a ViolinHonor
1996Brian PinkneyThe Faithful FriendHonor
1996Janet StevensTops & BottomsHonor
1997Wisniewski, DavidDavid WisniewskiGolemWinner
1997Holly MeadeHush! A Thai LullabyHonor
1997David Pelletier The Graphic AlphabetHonor
1997Dav PilkeyThe PaperboyHonor
1997Peter SísStarry MessengerHonor
1998Zelinsky, Paul O.Paul O. ZelinskyRapunzelWinner
1998David SmallThe GardenerHonor
1998Christopher MyersHarlemHonor
1998Simms TabackThere Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a FlyHonor
1999Azarian, MaryMary AzarianSnowflake BentleyWinner
1999Brian PinkneyDuke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His OrchestraHonor
1999David ShannonNo, David!Honor
1999Uri ShulevitzSnowHonor
1999Peter SísTibet Through the Red BoxHonor
2000Taback, SimmsSimms TabackJoseph Had a Little OvercoatWinner
2000Trina Schart HymanA Child's CalendarHonor
2000David WiesnerSector 7Honor
2000Molly BangWhen Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really AngryHonor
2000Jerry PinkneyThe Ugly DucklingHonor
2001Small, DavidDavid SmallSo You Want to Be President?Winner
2001Christopher BingCasey at the BatHonor
2001Betsy LewinClick, Clack, Moo: Cows That TypeHonor
2001Ian FalconerOliviaHonor
2002Wiesner, DavidDavid WiesnerThe Three PigsWinner
2002Brian SelznickThe Dinosaurs of Waterhouse HawkinsHonor
2002Bryan CollierMartin's Big Words: the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Honor
2002Marc SimontThe Stray DogHonor
2003Rohmann, EricEric RohmannMy Friend RabbitWinner
2003Tony DiTerlizziThe Spider and the FlyHonor
2003Peter McCartyHondo & FabianHonor
2003Jerry PinkneyNoah's ArkHonor
2004Gerstein, MordicaiMordicai GersteinThe Man Who Walked Between the TowersWinner
2004Margaret Chodos-IrvineElla Sarah Gets DressedHonor
2004Steve Jenkins and Robin PageWhat Do You Do with a Tail Like This?Honor
2004Mo WillemsDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!Honor
2005Henkes, KevinKevin HenkesKitten's First Full MoonWinner
2005Barbara LehmanThe Red BookHonor
2005E. B. LewisComing on Home SoonHonor
2005Mo WillemsKnuffle Bunny: A Cautionary TaleHonor
2006Raschka, ChrisChris RaschkaThe Hello, Goodbye WindowWinner
2006Bryan CollierRosaHonor
2006Jon J. MuthZen ShortsHonor
2006Marjorie PricemanHot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon RideHonor
2006Beckie PrangeSong of the Water Boatman and Other Pond PoemsHonor
2007Wiesner, DavidDavid WiesnerFlotsamWinner
2007David McLimansGone Wild: An Endangered Animal AlphabetHonor
2007Kadir NelsonMoses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to FreedomHonor
2008Selznick, BrianBrian SelznickThe Invention of Hugo CabretWinner
2008Kadir NelsonHenry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground RailroadHonor
2008Laura Vaccaro SeegerFirst the EggHonor
2008Peter SísThe Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron CurtainHonor
2008Mo WillemsKnuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken IdentityHonor
2009Krommes, BethBeth KrommesThe House in the NightWinner
2009Marla FrazeeA Couple of Boys Have the Best Week EverHonor
2009Uri ShulevitzHow I Learned GeographyHonor
2009Melissa SweetA River of Words: The Story of William Carlos WilliamsHonor
2010Pinkney, JerryJerry PinkneyThe Lion & the MouseWinner
2010Marla FrazeeAll the WorldHonor
2010Pamela ZagarenskiRed Sings from Treetops: A Year in ColorsHonor
2011Stead, Erin E.Erin E. SteadA Sick Day for Amos McGeeWinner
2011Bryan CollierDave the PotterHonor
2011David Ezra SteinInterrupting ChickenHonor
2012Chris RaschkaA Ball for DaisyWinner
2012John RoccoBlackoutHonor
2012Lane SmithGrandpa GreenHonor
2012Patrick McDonnellMe...JaneHonor
2013Jon KlassenThis is Not My Hat (book)Winner
2013Peter BrownCreepy Carrots!Honor
2013Jon KlassenExtra YarnHonor
2013Laura Vaccaro SeegerGreenHonor
2013David SmallOne Cool FriendHonor
2013Pamela ZagarenskiSleep Like a TigerHonor
2014Brian FlocaLocomotiveWinner
2014Aaron BeckerJourneyHonor
2014Molly IdleFlora and the FlamingoHonor
2014David WiesnerMr. Wuffles!Honor

Multiple awards[edit]

Robert Lawson alone has won both a Caldecott Medal and a Newbery Medal, the 1941 Caldecott for They Were Strong and Good and the 1945 Newbery for Rabbit Hill. He both wrote and illustrated both books.

Illustrator Gail E. Haley has won both the Caldecott and the Kate Greenaway Medal, the comparable British award for children's book illustration (not restricted to picture books). She won the Caldecott for A Story a Story (Atheneum Books, 1970) and the Greenaway for The Post Office Cat (The Bodley Head, 1976). Haley and her second husband lived in England from 1973 to 1980.[11] From about 2000 the British award is open to all illustrators.

Jon Klassen became the second person to win both the Caldecott and the Greenaway and the first to win both for the same work: This Is Not My Hat won the Caldecott in 2013 and the Greenaway in 2014.[12][13] It was released on October 9, 2012, by Walker Books in the UK and by its American subsidiary Candlewick Press in the US.[14][15]

Caldecott Medals[edit]

Two people have won three Caldecott Medals.

Several others have won two medals:

Robert McCloskey, Barbara Cooney, Nonny Hogrogian, Leo and Diane Dillon, Chris Van Allsburg, Chris Raschka

Medal and Honor Books[edit]

Several winners of one Medal have also created multiple Honor Books

7 honors: Maurice Sendak
5 honors: Marie Hall Ets, Jerry Pinkney
3 honors: Trina Schart Hyman, Blair Lent, Evaline Ness, Peter Sís, Uri Shulevitz, Paul O. Zelinsky
2 honors: Stephen Gammell, Berta and Elmer Hader, Robert Lawson, Arnold Lobel, David McCaulay, Gerald McDermott, Leo Politi, Marc Simont, David Small, Leonard Weisgard, Ed Young, Margot Zemach

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