Brunnerdale Minor Seminary

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Brunnerdale Minor Seminary served as the Roman Catholic minor seminary of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood from 1931-1981. The school was devoted to preparing young men for the priesthood. In later years, Brunnerdale added a Brother Candidate Program for those interested in becoming a brother in the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Located in Canton, Ohio, the building and grounds were sold in 1989 and is now Glenmoor Country Club.

Between 1931-1948, students attended Brunnerdale for as many as three years and then completed high school at Saint Joseph's College, Collegeville, Indiana. Brunnerdale became a four year high school seminary in 1949, graduating its first class that same year. Later referred to as Brunnerdale High School Seminary, the final class to graduate was in 1981.

Records indicate that 2985 students attended Brunnerdale Seminary. Of this total of 2985, 1416 students entered Brunnerdale from 1931-1956.[1] The additional 1569 students entered Brunnerdale from 1957-1981.[2]


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