Colorado State–Wyoming football rivalry

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The Colorado State–Wyoming football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Colorado State Rams football team of Colorado State University and Wyoming Cowboys football team of the University of Wyoming. The Bronze Boot is awarded to the winner of the game. This rivalry has evolved into one of the most bitterly contested in college football. The teams have waged the "Border War" more than one hundred times since the schools began playing in 1899, playing every year except 1901, 1902, 1906, 1907, 1918, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1943, 1944, and 1945. In fact, this is one of the oldest interstate rivalries west of the Mississippi River, and the oldest west of the Missouri. The series is the oldest rivalry for both schools and the "Border War" has been played in three different centuries.

History of the trophy

In 1968, the ROTC detachments of the respective schools initiated the Bronze Boot, a traveling trophy awarded to the winner of the “Border War” each year. The boot was worn in the Vietnam War by Cpt. Dan J. Romero, an Adams State College graduate and Army ROTC instructor at CSU between 1967 and 1969. Each year leading up to the Colorado State–Wyoming game, the game ball is carried in a running shuttle relay by the ROTC detachment of the visiting team down US 287 to the Wyoming-Colorado state border, where the home team's ROTC detachment receives it and runs the game ball to the stadium hosting the game. The trophy is guarded by the ROTC unit of the past year's winning school during the game.

Wyoming leads the trophy game series 23–21. Colorado State leads the all-time series 55–43–5.

Trophy game results

Wyoming victories are shaded ██ Wyoming brown. Colorado State victories shaded in ██ CSU Green.

DateSiteWinning teamLosing teamSeries
November 2, 1968 Fort Collins Wyoming46Colorado State      14 WYO 1–0
October 4, 1969LaramieWyoming39Colorado State3WYO 2–0
October 10, 1970Fort CollinsWyoming16Colorado State6WYO 3–0
October 2, 1971LaramieWyoming17Colorado State6WYO 4–0
October 14, 1972Fort CollinsWyoming28Colorado State9WYO 5–0
October 20, 1973LaramieWyoming35Colorado State3WYO 6–0
November 2, 1974Fort CollinsColorado State      11Wyoming6WYO 6–1
October 4, 1975LaramieColorado State3Wyoming0WYO 6–2
October 30, 1976Fort CollinsColorado State19Wyoming16WYO 6–3
October 29, 1977LaramieWyoming29Colorado State13WYO 7–3
October 28, 1978Fort CollinsWyoming13Colorado State3WYO 8–3
September 29, 1979LaramieColorado State20Wyoming16WYO 8–4
November 1, 1980Fort CollinsColorado State28Wyoming25WYO 8–5
October 31, 1981LaramieWyoming55Colorado State21WYO 9–5
September 11, 1982Fort CollinsColorado State9Wyoming3WYO 9–6
November 19, 1983LaramieWyoming42Colorado State17WYO 10–6
October 27, 1984Fort CollinsWyoming43Colorado State34WYO 11–6
October 26, 1985LaramieColorado State30Wyoming19WYO 11–7
October 25, 1986Fort CollinsColorado State20Wyoming15WYO 11–8
October 31, 1987LaramieWyoming20Colorado State15WYO 12–8
October 29, 1988Fort CollinsWyoming48Colorado State14WYO 13–8
November 4, 1989LaramieWyoming56Colorado State35WYO 14–8
November 3, 1990Fort CollinsColorado State17Wyoming8WYO 14–9
October 26, 1991LaramieWyoming35Colorado State28WYO 15–9
October 24, 1992Fort CollinsWyoming31Colorado State14WYO 16–9
November 20, 1993LaramieColorado State41Wyoming21 WYO 16–10 
November 5, 1994Fort CollinsColorado State35Wyoming24WYO 16–11
October 28, 1995LaramieColorado State31Wyoming24WYO 16–12
November 16, 1996Fort CollinsWyoming25Colorado State24WYO 17–12
October 18, 1997LaramieColorado State14Wyoming7WYO 17–13
November 7, 1998Fort CollinsWyoming27Colorado State19WYO 18–13
October 23, 1999LaramieColorado State24Wyoming13WYO 18–14
November 16, 2000Fort CollinsColorado State37Wyoming13WYO 18–15
September 29, 2001LaramieColorado State42Wyoming14WYO 18–16
October 12, 2002Fort CollinsColorado State44Wyoming36WYO 18–17
November 1, 2003LaramieWyoming35Colorado State28WYO 19–17
October 22, 2004Fort CollinsColorado State30Wyoming7WYO 19–18
October 22, 2005Fort CollinsColorado State39Wyoming31Tied 19–19
October 21, 2006LaramieWyoming24Colorado State0WYO 20–19
November 23, 2007Fort CollinsColorado State36Wyoming28Tied 20–20
November 22, 2008LaramieColorado State31Wyoming20CSU 21–20
November 27, 2009Fort CollinsWyoming17Colorado State16Tied 21–21
November 20, 2010LaramieWyoming44Colorado State0WYO 22–21
December 3, 2011Fort CollinsWyoming22Colorado State19WYO 23–21

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