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Sean Paul Lockhart
(Brent Corrigan)
BornSean Paul Lockhart
(1986-10-31) October 31, 1986 (age 25)
Lewiston, Idaho, U.S.
Other namesBrent Corrigan
Fox Ryder
Height~1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Weight125 lb (57 kg)[1]
No. of adult films21 (9 nonpornographic)
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Sean Paul Lockhart
(Brent Corrigan)
BornSean Paul Lockhart
(1986-10-31) October 31, 1986 (age 25)
Lewiston, Idaho, U.S.
Other namesBrent Corrigan
Fox Ryder
Height~1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Weight125 lb (57 kg)[1]
No. of adult films21 (9 nonpornographic)

Sean Paul Lockhart (born in Lewiston, Idaho on October 31, 1986)[2] is an American model, film actor and gay pornographic actor. For the latter, he uses his stage name Brent Corrigan and has played roles in gay porn films notably with Cobra Video and Pink Bird Media, but has also made some films with Active Duty and Jet Set Men. As for his appearances with Falcon Studios particularly in The Velvet Mafia series, he has used the stage name Fox Rider instead. He has also appeared in several nonpornographic films as well using his birth name Sean Paul Lockhart trying to reposition himself as a more serious mainstream actor rather than just a porn star. Such gay-themed and indie films include Judas Kiss, Sister Mary, Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!, Welcome to New York, and others. In 2011 he starred as "Ricky" in the musical Chillerama directed by Tim Sullivan in the segment "I Was A Teenage Werebear". In 2011 Sean Paul Lockhart won the Rising Star Award at the Philadelphia QFest Festival. In 2012, he announced his involvement in production of an indie film titled Truth to be directed by Rob Moretti. He has also recorded an album with songs by the Swedish singer-songwriter and accordionist Roland Cedermark. Corrigan heads up his own production company and enjoys writing in his spare time.

Both Corrigan and Cobra Video the gay porn company that launched him as a young porn star have created separate "official" websites promoting the performer's gay porn films creating some confusion and controversy. Corrigan's admission of playing pornographic roles while underage created great controversy resulting in voluntary withdrawal of many of his early films from circulation. He also appeared as a witness in the murder trial of Bryan Kocis, owner of Cobra Video for whom Corrigan worked. Prosecutors alleged the two accused suspects murdered Kocis because they wanted to get Corrigan to work for them at their porn film company. However, police investigating the murder believe Corrigan didn't know about the plot and that he fully cooperated with the police and testified for the prosecution.


Early life

Sean Paul Lockhart[3][4][5][6][7][8] was born in Lewiston, Idaho,[9] raised in Seattle by his stepfather and moved to San Diego in 2003 to live with his mother.[10]

When I moved originally, my biggest excuse was I had serious interest in film. I wanted to direct and I had a lot of interest in the artistic side of it. I figured if I'm going to do it anywhere, southern California is the fucking place to do it. That was my big lure so I thought I'd come here, do my two years in high school, get residency established then go to UCLA or something of that degree.[11]

He further claims he never met his father.[11] After arriving in San Diego, he says he was abandoned by his mother, forcing him to take care of himself.[10]

At age of sixteen, he says he met and began courting an older man who introduced him to what he referred to as an unhealthy social scene.

[My boyfriend] introduced me to a lifestyle that wasn’t very fitting of a sixteen-year-old. He was nothing but the worst influence on me. But I thought this is what gay people did. I didn’t know that most of the gay community isn’t into drugs and being evil to each other; that there is a side of the gay community that actually takes care of each other.[10]

Gay pornographic career

Sean Paul Lockhart acted in a number of gay pornographic films using the stage names Brent Corrigan[2][3][5][6][7] and less prominently the pseudonym Fox Ryder, notably with The Velvet Mafia Part 1 and Velvet Mafia Part 2.[2][3]. He is best known for his roles in Schoolboy Crush with Brent Everett and for Velvet Mafia with Erik Rhodes. He has won six GayVN Awards including the "Best Bottom" award for two consecutive years.

Corrigan started his career in pornography in 2004 at Cobra Video, as a young twink model in Every Poolboy's Dream. He quickly became one of Cobra's most famous performers, where his bare-back-themed movies were critically top rated and commercially top-selling.[12] Corrigan's performing career has featured a diverse variety of sexual activity, including semen swallowing, rimming and Cobra Video's first double anal penetration by Chase McKenzie and Brent Everett.[13]

In September 2005, Corrigan made the claim that he falsified his identification documents to make his first films, being under-age when these were filmed. This public statement resulted in much controversy, causing many of his films to be (voluntarily) pulled from distribution channels while concerns of paedopornography[14] in many legal jurisdictions in the United States and abroad are settled. The statement has been a major part of a continuing legal dispute between Corrigan and Cobra Video, and of much debate among fans.

Non-pornographic acting career

Corrigan has appeared in several nonpornographic films. He has a small role as "Skippy" in the short film Tell Me, a co-starring role (as Sean Lockhart) in the rock musical short Didn't This Used to Be Fun? and a starring role as "Press" in a short film directed by Jody Wheeler entitled In the Closet. In 2009, the film appeared on a gay short film compilation Boys on Film 3: American Boy released by Peccadillo Pictures,[15] the company that also made it possible for Corrigan to record an album with songs by the Swedish songwriter and accordionist Roland Cedermark.

He plays "Stan the Merman" in the 2008 feature Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild,[16] and as one of the people on the telephone tree in Gus Van Sant's Milk, based on Harvey Milk. He has a guest appearance in Casper Andreas' film The Big Gay Musical as "Hustler", and he plays "Chad" in the 2011 feature Sister Mary. He also starred as "Chris Wachowsky" in the gay coming-of-age fantasy Judas Kiss.[17] Starred as "Ricky" in Chillerama (segment "I Was A Teenage Werebear") a musical, about a "closeted kid who meets these other closeted kids, who when aroused turn into leather daddy werebears".[18] It was directed by Tim Sullivan and released in November 2011. Also in 2011, he played the role of Chad in the musical comedy film Sister Mary directed and written by Scott Grenke.

At the 2009 GayVN Awards in San Francisco, pornographic director Michael Lucas protested Corrigan's participation in the event. Later, he accused Corrigan's boyfriend of threats[19] and filed a police report, but no charges were ever brought.

Alleged underage pornographic filming

Corrigan claims that shortly before his 17th birthday his older boyfriend (mentioned above)[10] contacted a Cobra Video producer and showed a nude, sleeping Corrigan to Cobra Video by webcam. Corrigan then states that he agreed to get a fake ID in order to do video work for Cobra.[20]

He stated in an interview that, at 16 years, he believed he "knew everything."[10] He also believed his boyfriend's statements that fake identification was used "all the time" by underage performers and that he wasn't doing anything wrong.[9][10]

Corrigan then went on to do two shoots with Cobra in 2004.[9] The majority of these scenes were receptive, bareback, anal sex, with the exception of those starring both Corrigan and Brent Everett, where a condom was used for Corrigan's bottoming scenes. The scenes from these shoots were spread over four videos.[9] Those videos were both critically and commercially a success, being consistently well reviewed as well as top sellers for Cobra video.[12][9]

During the time these scenes were filmed, Corrigan stated that he developed a close relationship with Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis and that the relationship eventually became sexual. Corrigan stated that he was afraid the business relationship would end unless he maintained the sexual part of the relationship.[10]

Disclosure and its effects

Corrigan's statement

Corrigan's attorney announced publicly in 2005 that Corrigan was under-age when he filmed several scenes for Cobra Video.[21] In a subsequent November 2005 article, Corrigan stated that he had obtained a false ID to enter the porn industry and that he was seventeen years old when he filmed his early scenes.[20]

In a July/August 2006 GayWebMonkey magazine interview, Corrigan stated that on several occasions he tried to explicitly state to this producer that he was under-age, but the producer was not interested in hearing the information or in having the information publicly disclosed. Corrigan states that "[The Cobra producer] hinted very strongly that if I was underage now or when filming the videos, I’d be the one in trouble, not him."[10] Corrigan also stated that this Cobra video producer emailed him after the public disclosures to say that "traitors would be dealt with accordingly" and to expect lawsuits, embarrassment, and financial ruin.[10]

Industry response

A September 2005 press release from two private, nongovernmental organization, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) and the Free Speech Coalition (FSC)[22] repeated Corrigan's statements. In the press releases, both organizations said that until the matter could be definitively settled, these videos should be removed from circulation due to the possibility of these videos being considered paedopornography in many jurisdictions.

On September 13, 2005, the four Cobra Video titles featuring these disputed scenes were pulled voluntarily from circulation by Cobra Video, through their distributor, Pacific Sun Entertainment.[23] Though no prosecution or criminal charges have been filed regarding the alleged under-age scenes, copies of these disputed titles are no longer (as of 2007) available through official channels.

Cobra Video response

An Adult Video News article quotes Cobra Video as stating that it was not aware of Corrigan's underage status and that it had been provided "color copies of the three State-issued forms of identification (that) Mr. Lockhart presented, including a birth certificate, all indicating a birth year of 1985." The article further quotes Cobra as stating that "all requests for a State-certified birth certificate of Mr. Lockhart from Mr. Lockhart's attorney have been rejected."[20]


After the announcement and the subsequent recall of the titles in question, Corrigan and his business partners were then sued in federal court in San Diego, California, by Cobra Video, L.L.C. for trademark violations, cybersquatting, breach of contract, and other disputes. The suit, which sought damages of $1 million, also sought to prevent him from using the stage name of "Brent Corrigan" because of a claim that the name was/is a protected trademark.[20] Kocis and Corrigan were reported to have reached a settlement on their legal dispute, with documentation to have been mailed on January 25, 2007.[24] A final hearing in the matter was scheduled for February 21, 2007.[25]

Murder case of Bryan Kocis

Bryan Kocis, owner of Cobra Video for whom Corrigan worked while underage, was found dead at his home January 24, 2007. His throat had been slashed and he had been stabbed 28 times. The killers set his home on fire to hide the murder. Corrigan was one of several people to be questioned. His attorney, John Yates, said that Corrigan was part of the investigation and "fully" cooperating with authorities.[26] Yates later said Corrigan had information about a man who met with Kocis that day, but they are looking for the services of a criminal lawyer before talking to police.[27] Police then searched for a "person of interest" named in the investigation.[28] On May 15, 2007; two Virginia Beach escorts and rival producers of gay pornography, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, were charged with Kocis' murder.[29] The theory by investigators was that the two men murdered Kocis because they wanted to get Corrigan to work for them at their porn film company. However, police investigating the murder believe Corrigan didn't know these two men would actually go and kill Kocis to get him to work for their company.[30][31]

On December 8, 2008, Kerekes pleaded guilty to the murder of Bryan Kocis and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison without parole, avoiding a potential death sentence.[32] Jury selection for Cuadra's trial began February 17, 2009, and the trial began February 24. On February 27, Sean Lockhart testified for the prosecution.[33] On March 12, 2009, Harlow Cuadra was found guilty and convicted of first degree murder in Kocis' death.[34] On March 16, 2009, Cuadra was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.[35] On April 7, 2009, Cuadra appealed his life sentence.[36]

Adult websites

Corrigan's most recent official website is As he stated in his official Twitter account on November 7–8, 2009:

I'm not a part of Brent Corrigan Inc any longer. I'm doing my own thing now...Yes, [this is the] third website I've been a part of developing. The big difference is this one is ALL MINE — no business partners involved.

Corrigan maintained a blog and personal website at This web site began in July 2007. Corrigan aired the new web-site because of difficulty he was having with his old web-site.[37]

Corrigan makes his views about his old and new web-sites known to his visitors:

"Here, you’ll get it all. Just be advised, from here on out, you have absolutely no reason to continue your regular visits to I wash my hands of that filthy failure, and I beg the same of you. I want to prove to the thieves that is nothing without Brent Corrigan. I want to see the traffic on that website plummet to the depths of hell and never return. I can accomplish that with the help of you."[37]

Corrigan maintained a web-log at his old web-site, He started his own adult-video production company (which, he claims, makes him the youngest producer in the adult-video industry.) Cobra Video also created a website,, which offers free downloads of clips and pictures of Corrigan's post-2004 work.

On October 9, 2006, Corrigan's web-log announced the launch of the private, adult, pay-only section of The entry provided a link to the pay site, discussed the delays and included a video celebrating the pay site's start. It was also revealed that his web-master, Jeremy Carrson, is his second business partner in this venture.[38] On October 11, 2006, Corrigan also claimed that a major reason for the delay of the roll-out of the members-only site was due to his contracted online billing company at first, canceling the original billing contract under legal pressure from Cobra Video.

In popular culture



2007Didn't This Used to Be Fun?Sean Lockhartshort musical
2008Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!Stan the Merman
In the ClosetPressshort movie
MilkTelephone Tree #3
Tell MeSkippyshort movie
2009The Big Gay MusicalHustler
2011Judas KissChris Wachowsky
Sister MaryChad
ChilleramaRicky O'Reilysegment "I Was a Teenage Werebear"
2012Welcome to New YorkJakeshort movie
2013The Dark PlaceKeegan
Kissing Darkness


2004Every Poolboy's DreamCobra Video
Schoolboy CrushCobra Video
Bareboned TwinksCobra Video
2005Casting Couch 4Cobra Video
Cream BBoysCobra Video
Naughty Boy's ToysCobra Video
2006Fuck Me RawCobra Video
Take It Like a Bitch BoyCobra Video
The Velvet Mafia: Part 1Falcon Studiosas "Fox Ryder"
Velvet Mafia 2Falcon Studios
2007Soccer BoysBrentCorriganOnline
2008The Porne UltimatumPink Bird MediaMed Student
Brent Corrigan's SummitPink Bird Media
Drafted 3Active Duty
Just the SexPink Bird Media
2009Just the Sex 2Pink Bird Media
The Porne IdentityPink Bird MediaMed Student
Brent Corrigan's Big EasyPink Bird Media
2010Brent Corrigan's Working HardPink Bird Media
Getting Levi's JohnsonJet Set MenUnderwear Model
Brent Corrigan's HeatPink Bird Media
2012The Brent Corrigan Sex TapesCobra VideoUnreleased Videos[41]


(All as Brent Corrigan except where indicated)


YearCategoryShared withRecipientResult
Golden Dickie Awards
2008Best Twink Performer BottomN/AFuck Me Raw (2006)Winner[42]
GayVN Awards
2009Best BottomN/AN/AWinner[43][44]
2009Best Pro/Am FilmN/ASummit (2008)Winner[43][44]
2009Best Twink FilmN/AJust the Sex 1 & 2 (2008)Winner[43][44]
2009Performer of the YearN/AN/ANominated[43][44]
2009Best ActorN/AJust the Sex (2008)Nominated[43][44]
2009Best Sex Scene — DuoKaden SaylorThe Porne Ultimatum (2008)Nominated[43][44]
2009Best Oral SceneKurt WildJust the Sex (2008)Nominated[43][44]
2009Best Group SceneAdam Wells/
Reese Reynolds/
Jacob Powell
Summit (2008)Nominated[43][44]
2009Best Sex Scene — DuoLuke HassJust the Sex (2008)Nominated[43][44]
2010Best BottomN/AN/AWinner[45]
2010Web Performer of the YearN/AN/AWinner[45]
2010Best Amateur/Pro-Am ReleaseN/ABig Easy (2010)Winner[45]
2010Best Pornstar SiteN/AN/ANominated[45]
Grabby Awards
2007Best Three-Way Sex SceneChad Hunt/
Roman Heart
The Velvet Mafia: Part 1 (2006)Nominated
(as Fox Ryder)[46]
2009Best Twink VideoN/ASummit (2008)Nominated[47]
2009Best Supporting ActorN/AThe Porne Ultimatum (2008)Nominated[47]
2009Best PerformerN/AN/ANominated[47]
2009Best Pornstar BlogN/AN/ANominated[47]
2009Best Pornstar WebsiteN/AN/ANominated[47]
2010Best ActorN/AN/ANominated[48]
2010Best in TwinkN/AWorking Hard (2010)Nominated[45]
2010Best ComedyN/AWorking Hard (2010)Nominated[45]
2010Hottest BottomN/AN/ANominated[45]
2010Best Pornstar BlogN/AN/ANominated[45]
2010Best Pornstar WebsiteN/AN/ANominated[45]
2011Best Supporting ActorN/AGetting Levi's Johnson (2010)Nominated[49]
2011Best DuoCasey MonroeGetting Levi's Johnson (2010)Nominated[50]
2011Hottest BottomN/AN/ANominated[49]
2011Best Porn Star BlogN/AN/ANominated[50]


YearCategoryShared withRecipientResult
QFest's Awards
2011Rising Star AwardN/ASean Paul LockhartWinner
(as Sean Paul Lockhart)

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