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Body swaps have been a common storytelling device in fiction media. Books such as Vice Versa (1882)[1] and Freaky Friday (1972)[2] have inspired a number of adaptation films as well as television shows, some of which have used derivatives of Freaky Friday for its episode titles. In 2013, Disney Channel held a Freaky Freakend with seven shows that featured body-swapping episodes.[note 1]

The list focuses mainly on exchanges between two beings, thus it forgoes similar phenomena of body hopping, spirit possession, transmigration,[3] avatars and even brain transplants, unless the target being's mind is conversely placed in the source's body.[4] It also excludes age transformations as with the movie Big or 17 Again that are sometimes considered body swaps by the media,[5][6][4] and role swaps between twins, clones, look-alikes, dopplegangers and multiple personalities.


TitleAuthorYearCharactersMethod / NotesReference
Vice Versa: A Lesson to FathersF. Anstey1882Paul and Dick Bultitude (father and son)wish from magic stone
Freaky FridayMary Rodgers1972teenage girl and her motherunknown means[7]
Airhead book seriesMeg Cabot2008Emerson Watts (tomboy) and Nikki Howard (teenage supermodel)brain transplant / first in Airhead trilogy[note 2][8]
The Anubis GatesTim Powers1983Doyle and Dog-Face Joe
Cerberus: A Wolf in the FoldJack Chalker1982various charactersWarden powers to swap minds of two sleeping participants
An Exchange of SoulsBarry Pain1911inspired H.P. Lovecraft's 1937[clarification needed] short story The Thing on the Doorstep
FlipMartyn Bedford2011teenager and another boyOCLC 639518192
Fox EyesMordicai Gerstein2001Martin and a foxstaring at fox's eyesOCLC 44750632
Gender BlenderBlake Nelson2006Emma and TomOCLC 60590030
Help! I'm Trapped... book seriesTodd Strasser1993-2011Multiple charactersMind-swapping machine
The Identity MatrixJack L. Chalker1982Victor Gonser swaps with various womenAlien powers[9]
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo seriesNancy E. Krulik2002-2010Katie Kazoo and various charactersMagic wind (originally wish from a falling star)[10][11]
Laughing GasP. G. Wodehouse1936Reggie and Joeyinhale laughing gas at a dentist's office
The Master Mind of MarsEdgar Rice Burroughs1928multiple peoplebrain transplant
MindswapRobert Sheckley1966Marvin Flynn and various peoplemind-swapping technologyOCLC 18565280
Prelude to a Kiss (play)Craig Lucas1988Old man and bridekiss[12]
The StolenAlex Shearer2003young girl and elderly witchmagic potion[13]
SwitchCarol Snow2008Claire and Larissa (average teenage girl and a model blonde)lightning storms[14]
The Tale of the Body ThiefAnne Rice1992Lestat de Lioncourt and Raglan James[15]
The Toilet of DoomMichael Lawrence2001Jiggy McCue and Angiemagic toilet / third in Jiggy McCue seriesOCLC 50802367
Tiffany TwistedAlison Tyler2006Tiffany and KurtOCLC 64554840
TurnaboutThorne Smith1931Tim and Sally Willows[16][17]
The Barking GhostR. L. Stine1995Cooper, Margaret and two dogsspell / Goosebumps series #32OCLC 32441922
SwitchedR. L. Stine1995Nicole and Lucy/ Fear Street series #31OCLC 32331235
Why I'm I Afraid Of BeesR. L. Stine1994Gary and a bee/ Goosebumps series #17OCLC 29815540

Short stories[edit]

TitleAuthorYearCharactersMethod / NotesReference
"The Great Keinplatz Experiment"Arthur Conan Doyle[18]
"The Thing on the Doorstep"H. P. Lovecraft1937
"The Shadow Out of timeH. P. Lovecraft
Lejana (The Distances)Julio Cortázarwoman and beggarhug[19]
"The Story of the Late Mr Elvesham"H. G. Wells
"Ichchhepuron (Fulfilling the wish)"Rabindranath Tagore
"Mefisto In Onyx"Harlan Ellison
"Chateau d'If"Jack Vance
"Avatar"Théophile Gautier


TitleCountryDirected byYearCharactersMethod / NotesReference
18 Again!United StatesPaul Andrew Flaherty1988Grandfather and grandsonCar accident[5][12][20]
A Saintly SwitchUnited StatesPeter Bogdanovich1999National Football League quarterback and his wife.Kids cast voodoo spell[21]
Alison’s BirthdayAustraliaIan Coughlan1981Young girl and old crone.Demonic ritual[22]
All of MeUnited StatesCarl Reiner1984An attorney and his female client.Mystic with soul transfer ability. Souls can also share bodies.[3][5][12]
All Screwed UpUnited StatesNeil Stephens2009Jock guy and a science nerd girl.Science experiment on ancient African beetle goes wrong.[23]
The Change-UpUnited StatesDavid Dobkin2011A lawyer and family man switches with his best friend who is an adult video actor.Urinating at a magic fountain[12][24]
Dame tu cuerpo (Give Me Your Body)MexicoRafael Montero2003A guy's fiancee and best friend, which is a soccer coach.Wish during planetary alignment[25][26]
Dating the EnemyAustraliaMegan Simpson Huberman1996Boyfriend and girlfriendWish during full moon[27][28]
DogmaticCanadaNeill Fearnley1996A man and his dog[29][30]
Dream a Little DreamUnited StatesMarc Rocco1989Teenager and older manMeditation experiment and collision[12][31]
Eine wie keinerGermanyMarco Petry2008Boyfriend and girlfriend[32]
Every Dog Has His DateHong Kong, ChinaJames Yuan2001A man and his employer's dogLightning[33]
Freaky FridayUnited StatesGary Nelson1976Mother and daughter.Wish[34]
Freaky FridayUnited StatesMelanie Joy Mayron1995Mother and daughterMagical amulets
Freaky FridayUnited StatesMark Stephen Waters2003Mother and daughter.fortune cookies[5][12]
Ghost GraduationSpainJavier Ruiz Caldera2012[35]
Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge (Help, I'm a boy!)GermanyOliver Dommenget2002Boy and girl.Magic spellbook[36]
Holiday WishesCanadaDavid Weaver2006Teenagers Britney (rich girl) and Rachel (foster kid)Christmas wish[37]
The Hot ChickUnited StatesTom Brady2002A popular high school cheerleader finds herself in a man's body.Earrings[5][12]
Identity TheftUnited StatesJames A. Ward2009A male lottery winner ends up swapping bodies with a beautiful female model who is in deep debt and is wanted by the police.Spirit[38]
It's a Boy Girl ThingUnited Kingdom,
United States
Nick Hurran2006Teenage boy and girlStatue casts a spell[12]
Just Follow LawSingaporeJack Neo2007Supervisor and subordinateCar accident[39]
Like Father Like SonUnited StatesRod Daniel1987Father and sondrank a potion[5][12][20]
Pon un hombre en tu vida (Put a man in your life)SpainEva Lesmes1996Male sports coach and female singer.[6]
Mighty Mouse in the Great Space ChaseUnited StatesGwen Wetzler1982Harry the Heartless and Queen Pearlheart.Harry the Heartless's Thought Transfer Machine (Swifty accidental pressed the foot peddle to cause brain transfer)
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the SeaJapanKunihiko Yuyama2006Jessie, James and Meowth. Ash and Jackie.Manaphy's Heart Swap attack
Préstame tu cuerpoMexicoTulio Demicheli1958Leonor and ReginaThe "accidental" death of Leonor due to a mistake made by her guardian angel, Simplicia.
Prelude to a KissUnited StatesNorman René1992Mysterious old man and a brideKiss[12]
Scooby-DooUnited StatesRaja Gosnell2002Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and VelmaDemons[40]
The SecretFranceVincent Perez2007Mother and daughterCar accident[41]
Se Eu Fosse Você (If I Were You)BrazilDaniel Filho2006Husband and wife.Arguing under stars[42]
Se Eu Fosse Você 2 (If I Were You 2)BrazilDaniel Filho2009Husband and wife.Arguing under stars[43]
Si j’étais lui (If I Were Him)FrancePhilip Triboit2002
Si j’étais elle (If I Were Her)Belgium,
Stephen Clavier2004
Shrek the ThirdUnited StatesChris Miller, Raman Hui2007Donkey and Puss In Bootsside-effect of teleportation spell[12]
Sister SwitchUnited StatesTorrance Colvin200911-year-old student with 18-year-old sister music pop starpotion[44]
The Skeleton KeyUnited StatesIain Softley2005Caroline body swaps with Mama Cecile and later finds herself in Violet's body.Spirit power[45][46]
SoowitchCanadaJean-François Rivard2001Man and womanOne-night stand[47]
TransformedUnited StatesPamela Sutch[note 3]2005Hilda (female mad scientist) and Allen (guy), Vanessa (another swapper)mind-swapping device[48]
TurnaboutUnited StatesMarion Withers1940Husband and wifeIndian idol[49]
Vice VersaUnited StatesBrian Gilbert1988Father and sonTouched weird artifact[5][12][20]
Wish Upon a StarUnited StatesBlair Treu1996A cool popular sister and a smart geeky sister change places on the most important day of their teenage lives.Wish on falling star
XchangeCanadaAllan Moyle2000agent and terrorist leadertechnology that lets people travel by swapping minds[50]
Farligt venskab (Body Switch)DenmarkJorn Faurschou1995Old scientist and teenage boy.
L’anima gemella (Soul Mate)ItalySergio Rubini2002
Щастье / Shaste (Happiness)RussiaTatyana Lvovna Detkina,
Yevgeniy Nicolaevich Zvezdakov
Zwei vom Blitz getroffen (Two Struck by Lightning)GermanyKaspar Heidelbach2000Mother and daughter.
Любовь-морковь / Lubov-morkov (Lovey-Dovey)RussiaAlexander Olegovich Strizhenov2007Married couple.
Любовь-морковь 2 / Lubov-morkov 2 (Lovey-Dovey 2)RussiaMaxim Gelievich Pezhemskiy2008Married couple and their children.
Любовь-морковь 3 / Lubov-morkov 3 (Lovey-Dovey 3)RussiaSergey Vladimirovich Ginzburg2011Married couple and their parents.
Мечтать не вредно / Mechtat ne vredno (To Dream Harmlessly)RussiaYevgeniy Alexandrovich Lavrentiev2005
32 декабря / 32 dekabrya (32 December)RussiaAlexander Alexandrovich Muratov2004
Сказка о потерянном времени / Skazka o poteryannom vremeni (A Tale of Lost Times)Soviet UnionAlexander Lukich Ptushko1964
Rendez-moi ma peau… (Give Me My Skin)FrancePatrick Schulmann1980
Eine verflixte Begegnung im Mondschein (A Darn Encounter in the Moonlight)GermanyDror Zahavi2004
Ile wazy kon trojanski? (How much does the trojan horse weigh?)PolandJuliusz Machulski2008[51]
Настя / NastyaRussiaGeorgiy Nikolayevich Daneliya1993
Шанс / Shans (Chance)Soviet UnionAleksander Vasilievich Mayorov1984
Леся+Рома. Не наїжджай на Діда Мороза! / Lesya+Roma. Ne nayizhdzhay na Deda Moroza! (Lesya+Roma - do not ride on Ded Moroz)UkraineAleksander Bogdanyenko,
Aleksander Daruga


Shows with body swaps[edit]

The following shows have a body swap as a major storyline or feature a character who has swapped bodies over multiple episodes.

TitleCharacterMethod / NotesReference
American DadKlaus Heissler and a goldfishCIA experiment[52]
Boy Meets GirlDanny Reed and Veronica BurtonStruck by lightning[53]
Secret GardenA rich CEO and a stuntwomansharing magic liquor bottle[54]
TurnaboutHusband and wifeMagic statue / 1979 TV series based on 1931 novel by Thorne Smith

Episodes with body swaps[edit]

TV episodes where characters swap bodies.

TitleEpisodeCharactersMethod / NotesRefs
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"Trading Faces"Jimmy and CindyLightning strikes mind-reading device[55]
Adventure Time"Sons of Mars"Jake and Magic ManSpell[56]
The Amazing World of Gumball"Halloween"Gumball in Darwin's body, Darwin in Anais's body, Anais in Gumball's bodyPotion lets characters escape their bodies / Mix-up in retrieving bodies causes switch
American Dragon: Jake Long"Switcheroo"Jake and HaleyMagic mirror
American Dad"Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth"Stan and his new horseDevice: CIA technology
American Dad"Da Flippity Flop"Stan and KlausDevice: CIA technology
Angel"Carpe Noctem"Angel with an old man called MarcusSpell[57]
Animal Yokochō"Doki☆Doki Volume: Ami And Iyo's Big Misunderstanding"Ami and Iyo
The Annoying Orange"The Deviled-Egg"Pear and Marshmallow; Midget Apple and GrapefruitSpecial ability[note 4][58]
A.N.T. Farm"MutANT Farm"Paisley and a duckOlive's machine
A.N.T. Farm"idANTity crisis"Chyna gets in Violet's body, Violet in Fletcher's body, Fletcher in Olive's body, and Olive in Chyna's bodyYogurt machine [note 1]
Ape Escape"Suddenly bodies switch?!"Spike and NatalieBadly programmed dimensional light machine that Professor activates by accident
Austin & Ally"Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction"Austin in Dez's body, Trish in Ally's body, Ally in Trish's body and Dez in Austin's body. Later, Ally and Dez switch bodiesMagic typewriter [note 1]
The Avengers"Who's Who"Enemy agents swap bodies with Steed and Mrs. PeelMachine
Avengers Assemble"The Avengers Protocol Part 1"Captain America and Red SkullBodyswitching machine
Batman: The Brave and the Bold"The Criss Cross Conspiracy!"Batman with Katrina MoldoffSpell by Felix Faust
Beast Wars Neo"Break is a Predacon?"Break and Saberback
Ben 10"A Change of Face"Gwen with Charmcaster and later with Ben
Ben 10: Omniverse"Ben Again"11-year-old Ben with 16-year-old BenEon's cross-time brain switch
Big Bad Beetleborgs"The Good, the Bad, and the Scary"Drew and Noxic; Roland and Typhus; Jo and Jara
bonkers"freaky freakend"bonkers and Mirandaboo,s toy laser
Buffy the Vampire Slayer"This Year's Girl" / "Who Are You"Faith and BuffyMystical ring [57]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer"Witch"Amy Madison and her mother CatherineSpell
Captain Planet and the Planeteers"The Unbearable Blightness of Being"Gaia and Dr. BlightDr. Blight's body-switching device
Cardcaptor Sakura"Sakura, Kero, and Syaoran"Syaoran and KeroThe Change card[59]
ChalkZone"Bullsnap"Snap and a bull.
Charmed"Enter the Demon"Phoebe and Paige, Piper and the Zen Masteraccidental spell and Paige's potion[60]
Charmed"Freaky Phoebe"Phoebe and AmaraSpell cast by Amara
Charmed"The Lost Picture Show"Piper and LeoSpell cast by magical marriage counsellor
Chikyu Sentai Fiveman"Super Twin Strategy"Fumiya and Remi
Chowder"A Little Bit of Pizzaz"Mung, Truffles, Schnitzel and ChowderMind-swapping ingredient Pizzazz and explosion[61]
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers"A Fly in the Ointment"Zipper and Professor Nimnul, Chip and Monterey, Dale and Gadget swap bodies and attributes, but retain their headsTeleportation device (Phonomatic Modemizer)
Code Lyoko"A Fine Mess"Yumi Ishiyama and Odd Della RobbiaComputer malfunction
Community"Basic Human Anatomy"Troy and AbedWish[62]
Danger Mouse"There's a Penfold in my Suit"Danger Mouse and Penfold, Baron Greenback and StilettoMystic Swapping Stone
Danny Phantom"Splitting Images"Danny and Sidney Poindexter
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue"Heaven Can Wait For Maia Mizuki"Mizuki and Gloria
Darkwing Duck"Trading Faces"Darkwing and Gosalyn, Launchpad and HonkerComputer malfunction
Dexter's Laboratory"Mom and Jerry"Dexter and a mouseBrain-transplant machine[63]
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears"If I Were You"Duke Igthorn and Tummi GummiMagic Wand
Dog With a Blog"Freaky Fido"Stan and Tyler, Ellen and BennettLightning[note 1]
Donkey Kong Country"The Big Switcheroo"Donkey Kong and a robot, Candy Kong and General KlumpMind-swapping helmets
Eerie, Indiana"No Brain, No Pain"Simon, Chappy, Marshall, wifeDevice (Brainalyzer)
8 Simple Rules"Freaky Friday"Grandpa and C.J., Bridget and her mother, Rory and his hamsterCate's dream after watching Freaky Friday[64]
Engine Sentai Go-onger"GP 12: Sosuke Banki!?"Sosuke and Hatsuden Banki
Excel Saga"Going Too Far"Excel and Hyatt
Eureka"Jack of All Trades"Carter, Fargo, Zane, AllisonMind-mining program
The Fairly OddParents"Dog's Day Afternoon"Timmy and Vicky's dogWish
The Fairly OddParents"Presto Change-O"Timmy, A.J., Francis, Mr. Crocker, Timmy's parents, Vicky, Vicky's dogWish for mind-swapping device
The Fairly OddParents"Manic Mom-Day"Timmy and his momWish
Fairy Tail"Changeling"Natsu and Loke, Lucy and Gray, Erza and HappySpell on a paper
Family Guy"Lois Kills Stewie"Peter and LoisDevice (Stewie's invention)
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes"Doomed"Reed and Dr. DoomInjection
Farscape"Out of Their Minds""Moya" crewalien weapon
The Flintstones"Monster Fred"Various charactersDevice (mad scientist)
Friday the 13th: The Series"The Long Road Home"Samsara charm[65]
Friday the 13th: The Series"My Wife as a Dog"Firefighter's wife and his dogAboriginal Leash of Dreams
Futurama: Benders Game--The Professor and a monkeyDevice
Futurama"The Prisoner of Benda"Various charactersMind-swapping machine[note 5]
Gadget and the Gadgetinis"Swap Team"Gadget, Miss Mithit and an ogreSwap Control Centre
Garfield and Friends"The Idol of ID"Garfield and Odie; Jon and a gypsy
The Garfield Show"Freaky Monday"Garfield and OdieSpell by alien
Genie in the House"Out of Our Minds"Philip and Emma Norton
Gilligan's Island"The Friendly Physician"The castawaysMind-swapping Machine
Girls Bravo"Bravo at the Pool!"Fukuyama and Yukinari; Kirie and MiharuSpell by Lisa[66]
Glee"Props"Various charactersBump to the head[note 6][67]
Gravity Falls"Carpet Diem"Dipper and Mabel, various charactersMagic carpet[note 1]
Highway To Heaven"Change of Life"Mark Gordon and actress Linda BlackwellWish
Intergalactic Kitchen"Take Me to Your Larder"Various charactersMachine malfunction
Jackie Chan Adventures"Sheep in Sheep Out"Jackie and Jade
Jennifer Slept Here"Changing Faces"
Jessie (TV series)"To Be Me, or Not to Be Me"Jessie and Zuri, Ravi and Bertram, Emma and LukeMagic bell[note 1][68]
Jimmy Two-Shoes"Monster Mutt"Beezie and Cerby; Jimmy and Heloise.
Johnny Test"Papa Johnny"Johnny and Hugh, Susan and her momMind-swapping machine
Johnny Test"Johnny Susan, Susan Johnny"Susan and JohnnyMind-swapping machine
Jumanji"Who am I?"Various charactersBall of light
Justice League Unlimited"The Great Brain Robbery"Flash and Lex LuthorCombination of spell (Doctor Fate) and brain scan (Luthor on Gorilla Grodd)
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"A Change More Gokai Than Usual"Doc and Luka
Kappa Mikey"Manic Monday"Lily and MitsukiMagic bracelets[69]
Sgt. FrogEpisode 85, "Keroro, Turn Once and Switch Bodies"Keroro and NatsumiRandom Capsule Toys Machine
Sgt. FrogEpisode 276, "Keroro, the admiral attacks/Giroro, it's this zipper"Kururu and Akina; Keroro's mother and NatsumiRandom Capsule Toys Machine
Sgt. FrogEpisode 316, "Momoka, I'm the sergeant?"Momoka and Keroro, Tamama and FuyukiRandom Capsule Toys Machine
Kid vs. Kat"BoardKat"Coop and Kat; Dennis and KatDevice (Kat' invention)
Kim Possible"Mind Games"Kim and RonMind-swapping machine
Kochikame"I'm Reiko and I'm Ryuou-chan?!"Ryotsu and Reiko
Krypto the Superdog"Dog-Gone Kevin"Krypto and Kevin WhitneyRed Kryptonite
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness"Shifu's Ex"Shifu and Mei LingZhou Deng Soul Gem
Lilo & Stitch: The Series"Swapper"Various charactersExperiment
Lizzie McGuire"Those Freaky McGuires"Matt and LizzieArguing
Lloyd in Space"Lloyd Changes His Mind"Lloyd and Francine
Lost Girl"Original Skin"Various charactersIngesting Gorgon's blood[70]
Lunar Jim"The Big Switcheroo"Rover and TEDTeleporting machine
The New Archies"Change of Minds"Eugene and Moose; Archie and JugheadEugene's Invention
Mahou Sentai Magiranger"Contrary Brother and Sister", "The Gorgon's Garden"Kai Ozu and his sister Houka OzuAlien weapon
Mamotte! Lollipop"Nina is Zero and Zero is Nina!"Nina and Zero
Martha Speaks"Dog for a Day"Martha and TD
3-2-1 Penguins!"Invasion of the Body Swappers"Zidgel and KevinGaleezle mishap??[jargon]
Medium"Bring your daughter to work day"Allison Dubois and her daughter Bridgettehomeless person
Mega Man"Bot Transfer"Mega Man and Snake Man.
The Mighty B!"Hen And Bappy"Ben and Happy; Bessie and HippieMagic taquitos
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers"Switching Places"Billy and KimberlyMachine malfunction
Mr. Young"Mr. Switch"Various charactersMachine malfunction
My Friends Tigger and Pooh"The Tiglet and Pigger Switcher-Roo"Tigger and Piglet
My Hero"Brain Drain"Piers, Tyler, and JanetMind-loading machine loads wrong data
Night Gallery"The Housekeeper"Housekeeper and WifeSpell
Noonbory and the Super Seven"The Great Switcheroo"Cozybory and WangurySpell[71]
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan(パパと娘の七日間)??Kawahara father and daughterEating peach
The Penguins of Madagascar"Roger Dodger"Rico and Roger the GatorKowalski's Device
The Penguins of Madagascar"King Me"Various charactersKowalski's Device
The Penguins of Madagascar"High Moltage"Maurice and Julien' bootyKowalski's Device
Phil of the Future"Neander Phil"Phil and CurtisMachine malfunction
Phil of the Future"Versa Day"Phil and Pim
Phineas and Ferb"Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?"Candace and PerryPhineas and Ferb invention
Phineas and Ferb"Mind Share"Various charactersAlien weapon[note 1]
The Pirates of Dark Water"The Soul Stealer"Ren and Bloth; Niddler and Konk
Power Rangers S.P.D."Recognition"Sky and WootoxWootox's special ability / activated by head-butt[72][73]
Power Rangers Samurai"Trading Places"Jayden and a garden gnome, othersSwitchbeast's special ability / person assumes the pose of its statue.[74]
The Powerpuff Girls"Criss Cross Crisis"Various charactersMachine malfunction
Powerpuff Girls Z"Trading Faces"The girls
The Prisoner"Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling"Number Six and another prisoner
Random! Cartoons"Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm"Lulu and Bossy LeCow
Red Dwarf"Bodyswap"Rimmer and Lister; Rimmer and the Cat[75]
The Replacements"A Buzzwork Orange"Agent K and Dick Daring.Agent K Device
Robocop: Alpha Commando"The ERG and I"Agent Nancy Miner and The Erg
Robotboy"RoboGus and the G-Machine"Robotboy and GusAI chip[76]
Robotboy"The Old Switcharobot"Robotboy and ProtoboySwitching of AI chips[76]
Rolie Polie Olie"Big Babies"Olie and Spot; Babies and Parents
Sabrina: The Animated Series"Generation Zap"Sabrina and EnchantraWish on Salem's wish crystal[77]
The Secret Show"And That's For Helsinki"Victor and AnitaFlashback; Brain chunks switched
The Secret World Of Alex Mack"The Switch"Alex and Barbara.
Shake It Up (TV series)"Switch It Up"CeCe and FlynnSpell (Tinka's grandma's curse)[note 1]
The SimpsonsHolidays of Future PassedCarl and LennyUnknown
Smallville"Transference"Clark and LionelKryptonian artifact
Smile PreCure!"Miyuki and Candy swa~pped places!?"Miyuki and CandyMagic rings[78]
The Smurfs"Turncoat Smurf"Grouchy and Smurfette, Gargamel and AzraelMagic potion
Stargate: SG-1"Holiday"Ma'chello and Daniel Jackson, plus othersMind-swapping machine
Star Trek"Turnabout Intruder"Kirk and Dr. Janice LesterMind-swapping machine
Star Trek: Voyager"Vis à Vis"Alien with Tom Paris, then Captain JanewayAlien ability
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"Brainwaves"Lucas and Vaughn
Sugar Sugar Rune"The Contrary Macaroon Pandemonium!?"Chocolat and VanillaMagic biscuits
Super Gals"Ran-pyon♥Dizzy→Becomes Sayo!?"Ran and SayoSoccer ball from fortune bag [79]
Supernatural"Swap Meat"Sam and a teenagerSpell[80]
TaleSpin"A Baloo Switcheroo"Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker; Rebecca Cunningham and Don KarnageMagical idol
The Sarah Silverman Program"A Fairly Attractive Mind"Brian and SteveMagic dragon phone
Teen Titans"Switched"Starfire and RavenSpell by Puppet King
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"The Old Switcheroo"Shredder and SplinterLab accident
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Raphael Drives 'em Wild"Raphael and a taxi driverMind-swapping machine
3rd Rock from the Sun"Two-faced Dick"Sally and Dick
The Haunted Hathaways"Haunted Camping"Louie and RayPossession ability, applied simultaneously on an object.[81]
The Tick"Tick vs Science"Tick and Arthur, various charactersMind-swapping machine
The Troop"Taming of The Cube"Jake and HaleyMagic gelatin cube
Thundarr The Barbarian"Island of the Body Snatchers"Ariel and a witch
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger"Fake Blue"Houji and WojonianWojonian's special ability / activated by head-butt [note 7]
T.U.F.F. Puppy"Freaky Spy-Day"Dudley and Kitty; Kitty and Snaptrap; Dudley and Jack RabbitKeswick's Mind Swapper
Ultimate Spider-Man"Freaky"Spider-Man and WolverineSpell by Mesmero
Ultimate Spider-Man"The Incredible Spider-Hulk"Spider-Man and HulkSpell by Mesmero
Warehouse 13"Merge with Caution"Pete and MykaArtifact
Wild Grinders"Preston Change-O"Lil' Rob and MeatySpell by magician
Wizards of Waverly Place"Quinceañera"Alex and her mom; various charactersSpells
Wizards of Waverly Place"Family Game Night"Alex and HarperSpells
The New Woody Woodpecker Show"Frankenwoody"Wally Walrus and WoodyMind-swapping machine
Xena: Warrior Princess"Intimate Stranger"Callisto and XenaSpell by Ares
The X-files"Lazarus"FBI Agent and Criminalpsychic transference[3][82]
The X-Files"Dreamland"Mulder and Morris FletcherAlien weapon[82]
Yogi's Treasure Hunt"Beswitched Buddha'd and Bewildered"Yogi Bear and Boo Boo; Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw; Snooper and Blabber; Ranger Smith and Snagglepuss; Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy; later Dick Dastardly and MuttleyMind-swapping machine
Yin Yang Yo"Yin Yang Carl"Carl and Master YoMagic ability[83]
Yvon of the Yukon"The Siamese Twits"Tommy and YvonWish during Aurora Borealis
Zevo-3"Mootant"Matt and a mutant cowMachine malfunction[84]
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger"Brave 37: Revenge! The Ghost Deboth Army"Daigo, Ian, Nobuharu, Souji, Amy and Utsusemimaru; Torin and Debo KibishydesuSpell by Debo Akkumoon

Video games[edit]

TitleDeveloper / PublisherYearCharactersMethod / NotesReference
Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time BustersArtificial Mind and Movement / Infogrames2000Taz and a Frankenstein monsterMind-swapping device
Chrono CrossSquare1999Serge and LynxDragon Tear
Dragon Ball Z gamesvariousvariousCaptain GinyuGinyu's ability
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year DoorIntelligent Systems / Nintendo2004Mario and Creepy Steeple Boss
Pitfall: The Lost Expeditionvarious / Activision2004Harry and a monkey[85]
Ragnarok (roguelike game)Norsehelm1992-1995Main characterscroll of "switch bodies"
Super Smash Bros. BrawlNintendo2008Playable characterrandom Poké Ball ability by Manaphy
Tales of RebirthNamco2004AgarteForce of Moon ability
Whacked!Presto / Microsoft2002Main characterspecial power (red button)
Digimon Rumble Arena 2Bandai Games2004Playable characterspecial power

Graphic novels and manga[edit]

Some graphic novels and manga series feature stories that center around a body swap, while others have a story arc or a character that body swaps. These include anime and live-action adaptations if the original storyline was in the manga or comic.

TitleAuthorYear[note 8]CharactersMethod / NotesReference
Angel SanctuaryKaori Yuki1997-1998Setsuna and Alexielvolumes 8-11[86]
Change GuySon Eun-ho and Choi Myung-su1998-2006Kang Too-jee and Woo Soo-choiMind-swapping / teleportation deviceseries
Dragon Ball ZAkira Toriyama1990-1991Captain GinyuCaptain Ginyu's special abilityvolumes 7-9
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