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A Bobby Vee discography

"The Very Best of Bobby Vee" (12 May 2008) has been certified silver in the UK.

Chart singles[edit]

Year of releaseTitleLabelChart Positions
U.S. Billboard Pop ChartU.S. Billboard ACUK Singles Chart[1]U.S. Billboard R&B ChartCashbox Singles ChartsCanadian RPM Charts
1959"Suzie Baby"
B-side: "Flyin' High"
Soma 1110
Liberty 55208
1960"What Do You Want"
B-side: "My Love Loves Me"
Liberty 5523493----------
"One Last Kiss"
B-side: "Laurie"
Liberty 55251112------91--
"Devil or Angel" /Liberty 552706----224--
"Since I Met You Baby"81----------
"Rubber Ball"
B-side: "Everyday"
Liberty 552876--4--6--
1961"Stayin' In" /Liberty 5529633--flip--32--
"More Than I Can Say"61--4--48--
"How Many Tears" /Liberty 5532563--10--43--
"Baby Face"119------97--
"Take Good Care of My Baby"[2]
B-side: "Bashful Bob"
Liberty 553541--3--1--
"Run to Him" /Liberty 553882--6--4--
"Walkin' With My Angel"53------89--
1962"Please Don't Ask About Barbara" /Liberty 5541915--29--18--
"I Can't Say Goodbye"92------90--
"Sharing You"
B-side: "In My Baby's Eyes"
Liberty 5545115--10--20--
"Punish Her" /Liberty 5547920------32--
"Someday (When I'm Gone From You)"99----------
"A Forever Kind of Love"Liberty 55654----13------
"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" /Liberty 5552132384--
1963"Anonymous Phone Call"110----------
"Charms"/Liberty 55530135----15--
"Bobby Tomorrow"----21------
"Be True To Yourself" /Liberty 5558134------36--
"A Letter From Betty"85------100--
"Never Love a Robin" /Liberty 5563699----------
"Yesterday and You"55------53--
1964"Stranger In Your Arms"
B-side: "1963"
Liberty 5565483------90--
"I'll Make You Mine"
B-side: "She's Sorry"
Liberty 5567052------54--
"Hickory, Dick And Doc"
B-side: "I Wish You Were Mine Again"
Liberty 5570052------8118
"Where Is She"
B-side: "How To Make A Farewell"
Liberty 55726120----------
1965"Every Little Bit Hurts" /Liberty 5575184------89--
"Pretend You Don't See Her"97------80--
"Cross My Heart"
B-side: "This Is The End"
Liberty 5576199----------
"Keep On Trying"
B-side: "You Won't Forget Me"
Liberty 5579085------84--
"Run Like The Devil"
B-side: "Take A Look Around Me"
Liberty 55828124----------
1966"A Girl I Used To Know"
B-side: "Gone"
Liberty 55854133----------
"Look at Me Girl"
B-side: "Save a Love"
Liberty 5587752------6753
1967"Come Back When You Grow Up"
Original B-side: "That's All In The Past"
B-side on later pressings: "Swahili Serenade"
Liberty 559643------3--
"Beautiful People"
B-side: "I May Be Gone"
Liberty 5600937------27--
1968"Maybe Just Today"
B-side: "You're A Big Girl Now"
Liberty 5601446------38--
"Medley: My Girl/Hey Girl"
B-side: "Just Keep It Up (And See What Happens)"
Liberty 5603335------1732
"Do What You Gotta Do"
B-side: "Thank You"
Liberty 5605783------6562
"(I'm Into Lookin' For) Someone To Love Me"
B-side: "Thank You"
Liberty 5608098------9284
1969"Let's Call It A Day Girl"
B-side: "I'm Gonna Make It Up To You"
Liberty 5612492------9779
1970"In And Out Of Love"
B-side: "Electric Trains And You"
Liberty 56149111----------
"Sweet Sweetheart"
B-side: "Rock and Roll Music and You"
Liberty 5620888------94--


Note: Cashbox featured separate charts for stereo and mono albums until 1965 when both charts were merged into one

Release dateAlbum w/featured charted hits indicated
Note: Greatest hits albums and compilations only show album debut hits
LabelChart Positions
BillboardCashbox MonoCashbox Stereo
1960Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites
"Devil Or Angel", "Since I Met You Baby"
Liberty LRP-3165 (Mono)/LST-7165 (Stereo)------
3/61Bobby Vee
"One Last Kiss", "Rubber Ball", "Stayin' In",
"More Than I Can Say"
Liberty LRP-3181/LST-71811846--
1961Bobby Vee with Strings and Things
"How Many Tears", "Baby Face"
Liberty LRP-3186/LST-7186--47--
10/61Hits of the Rockin' 50'sLiberty LRP-3205/LST-720585----
2/62Take Good Care Of My Baby
"Take Good Care Of My Baby", "Run to Him"
"Walkin' With My Angel"
Liberty LRP-3211/LST-7211912929
7/62Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets
"Someday (When I'm Gone From You)"
Liberty LRP-3228/LST-722842----
7/62A Bobby Vee Recording Session
"Please Don't Ask About Barbara", "I Can't Say Goodbye",
"Sharing You"
Liberty LRP-3232/LST-7232121----
11/62Bobby Vee's Golden Greats
"Suzie Baby", "Punish Her"
Liberty LRP-3245/LST-72452422--
12/62Merry Christmas From Bobby VeeLiberty LRP-3267/LST-7267136----
4/63The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes",
"Anonymous Phone Call"
Liberty LRP-3285/LST-728510251--
6/63Bobby Vee Meets The VenturesLiberty LRP-3289/LST-728991----
1963I Remember Buddy HollyLiberty LRP-3336/LST-7336--54--
6/64Bobby Vee Sings The New Sound From England
"I'll Make You Mine"
Liberty LRP-3352/LST-7352146----
196430 Big Hits Of The 60'sLiberty LRP-3385/LST-7385--95--
1965Live! On TourLiberty LRP-3393/LST-7393----
196630 Big Hits Of The 60's, Volume 2Liberty LRP-3448/LST-7448----
1966Golden Greats, Volume 2
"Charms", "Be True To Yourself, "Never Love A Robin"
"Yesterday and You", "Hickory, Dick and Doc",
"Every Little Bit Hurts","Pretend You Don't See Her",
"Cross My Heart", "Keep On Trying"
"A Girl I Used To Know"
Liberty LRP-3464/LST-7464----
1966Look At Me Girl
"Look At Me Girl"
Liberty LRP-3480/LST-7480----
10/67Come Back When You Grow Up
"Come Back When You Grow Up"
Liberty LRP-3534/LST-75346637
4/68Just Today
"Beautiful People", "Maybe Just Today",
"My Girl/Hey Girl"
Liberty LRP-3554/LST-7554187--
1968Do What You Gotta Do
"Run Like The Devil", "Do What You Gotta Do"
Liberty LST-7592----
1969Gates, Grills and Railings
"(I'm Into Lookin' For) Someone To Love Me"
Liberty LST-7612----
1972Nothin' Like A Sunny DayUnited Artists UAS 5656----
1973Legendary Masters Series
"A Letter From Betty"
United Artists UA-LA025-G2----
1975The Very Best Of Bobby VeeUnited Artists UA-LA 332E----


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