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Bobby Doyle (né Robert Glen Doyle; 14 August 1939 Houston — 30 July 2006 Austin) was an American jazz singer, bassist and pianist.[1] He is known internationally for having performed with Blood, Sweat & Tears in 1972. Doyle recorded two tracks on Blood, Sweat & Tears’ 1972 album, New Blood. Doyle was blind.

Doyle is known by Austin music fans of the late 1950s and 1960s for The Bobby Doyle Trio (aka "The Bobby Doyle Three"), which he started after graduating from McCallum High School in the late 1950s. The other musicians in the trio were Don Russell and standup bass player Kenny Rogers, then a student at the University of Texas. Rogers soon dropped out of college to join Doyle full-time, singing high harmony and playing bass on the 1962 album "In a Most Unusual Way." The trio disbanded in 1965, and Rogers went on to become a country-pop sensation.

Selected discography[edit]

The Slades aka The Spades

Don Windell Burch (born 1938), John Goeke, Thomas Nolan (Tommy) Kaspar (born 1939), Bobby Doyle (bass), Joyce Webb (Myrtle Joyce Webb, born 1940; widow of David Kent Tate; 1938–2007)
OR 200: "Baby," music by Don Windell Burch (born 1938)
OR 100: "You Mean Everything To Me," music by Tommy Kaspar
Don Windell Burch (born 1938), John Goeke, Tommy Kaspar, Bobby Doyle (bass), Joyce Webb
45–LB–806: "Baby," music by Don Burch (born 1938)
45–LB–807: "You Mean Everything To Me," music by Tommy Kaspar

Voices of Walter Schumann

The Bobby Doyle Three

  1. "I Got Rhythm"
  2. "People Will Say We're in Love"
  3. "It's a Most Unusual Day"
  4. "It's a Good Day"
  5. "Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)"
  6. "My Mammy"
  7. "Come Rain or Come Shine"
  8. "Old Folks"
  9. "Over and Over"
  10. "And the Angels Sing"
  11. "In the Still of the Night"
  12. "When the Feeling Hits You"

Bobby Doyle as soloist

Recorded September 14, 1959
Side A: "Pauline," music by Jimmy Duncan
Side B: "Someone Else, Not Me," music by Jimmy Duncan
Side A: "Unloved," music by Jimmy Duncan
Side B (FR 6067): "Hot Seat," music by Doyle, Lion Publishing Company (BMI)
  1. "Touch Me"
  2. "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?"
  3. "Hey Buddy"
  4. "One More River to Cross"
  5. "Sail Away"
  6. "Remedies"
  7. "I'm Just a Country Boy"
  8. "Brownsville"
  9. "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today"
Bobby Doyle, Al Capps, Harold Battiste (arranger), Mike Post
  1. "Back on The Road"
  2. "Don't Look Back"
  3. "Nobody There at All"
  4. "Poor Boy"
  5. "Just One More Time"
  6. "So Much Love"
  7. "Baby, I'd Be Lost"
  8. "So Long Good Times"
  9. "Right On Time"
  10. "We're All Born Free"



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