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This article is about the symbol. For other uses, see Blue ribbon (disambiguation).
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The blue ribbon is a symbol of high quality. The association comes from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger liners and, prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn by a particular order of knights. The spelling blue riband is still encountered in most English-speaking countries, but in the United States, the term was altered to blue ribbon, and ribbons of this color came to be awarded for first place in certain athletic or other competitive endeavours (such as county and state fairs). It also may be applied to distinguished members of a group or commission who have convened to address a situation or problem; the usual usage is "blue ribbon commission" or "blue-ribbon panel".

Fair competitions[edit]

A blue ribbon won at a convention.

In some fair competitions in the U.S., particularly 4-H and FFA livestock and horticultural events, blue ribbons may be awarded to any project or exhibit which meets or exceeds all of a competition's judging criteria. In Canada blue ribbons are awarded to second place, with red ribbons awarded to first.

The project may not necessarily be the first place finisher, however. In such cases, a purple ribbon may given to the champion and second-place (or reserve) champion.

Awards are generally given according to the following scale

USAFirst placeblue ribbon
Second placered ribbon
Third placeyellow ribbon
Fourth placewhite ribbon
Fifth placepink ribbon
Sixth placegreen ribbon
Seventh placepurple ribbon
Eighth placebrown ribbon
CanadaFirst placered ribbon
Second placeblue ribbon
Third placewhite ribbon
Fourth placeyellow ribbon
Fifth placegreen ribbon
Sixth placepink ribbon
Seventh placepurple ribbon
Eighth placebrown ribbon

Usage as an awareness or activism ribbon[edit]

Blue ribbons have been used as awareness ribbons for numerous different causes. Notable examples:

Other uses[edit]

Companies and products[edit]

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