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The Blue Letter Bible Project is an initiative of Sowing Circle—a non-denominational Christian ministry—to create a Study Bible in both CD format and for the internet. It was founded in November 1995. The Project supports 12 English Bible translations, Hebrew and the Septuagint for the Old Testament, and the Greek Textus Receptus and Westcott-Hort versions for the New Testament. Integrated study tools include Gesenius' Lexicon for the Old Testament, and Thayer's Lexicon for the New Testament, as well as English and Strong's Concordances for the entire Bible. Over 2000 Bible Commentaries are also present.

A series of free instructional videos entitled "Introducing the Blue Letter Bible" is available on YouTube.[1]

There is a Blue Letter Bible iPhone app.[2][3]

The BLB Project is administered by the Sowing Circle ministry, which is a California 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation.


The Blue Letter Bible is so called because of the blue color of the hyperlinks. The name "Blue Letter Bible" also contrasts with the term red letter Bible which is a common form of printed Bible.

BLB content[edit]

The Blue Letter Bible (BLB) Project has three ongoing initiatives as of November 2006:

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