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Blindfold is an American movie from 1965, by Universal Pictures, starring Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale that was based on Lucille Fletcher's 1960 novel of the same name.

This was the last film directed by Philip Dunne, who was a successful Hollywood screenwriter of pictures such as How Green Was My Valley and The Robe. Sequences were filmed in Silver Springs, Florida.


A patient being psychoanalyzed by Dr. Bartholomew Snow is a government scientist who evidently has had a mental breakdown. General Pratt, a national security chief, hides the patient, Arthur Vicenti, in a remote place known only as "Base X," forcing Dr. Snow to wear a blindfold whenever he is taken there.

Enemy agents want to know what Vicenti knows, so he is in danger. The patient's sister, beautiful Vicky Vicenti, mistakenly believes that Dr. Snow is the one who abducted him. When she has the doctor arrested, Snow tells both the authorities and the press that he and Vicky are actually having a lovers' quarrel and are engaged to be married.

A man named Fitzpatrick turns up and claims to Dr. Snow that it is actually General Pratt himself who is the enemy agent. Unable to find the general, Dr. Snow tries to recreate sounds he heard while blindfolded to trace his way back to Base X.

He does so, only to find that Fitzpatrick has taken both Vicenti and Pratt captive. But soldiers arrive in airboats and place Fitzpatrick under arrest, leaving Vicky to consider whether she would like her make-believe engagement to Dr. Snow to be real.


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