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Bill Siddons (*1949) is best known for managing The Doors from 1968 to 1972.[1]

After the death of The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison he managed the remaining three members for two records.[1] He was the one person in the United States Pamela Courson contacted from Paris after Morrison had died. He arranged the funeral and burial with Pamela, but never saw Jim's body due to the closed casket and his aversion to seeing his friend dead. “We buried Jim correctly,” says Siddons, “and that perhaps was my greatest achievement: making sure we kept it quiet until it was done the right way. Nothing to hide, but we knew what was going to happen because we’d just been through it with Jimi and Janis."[2]

Siddons began his career as a teenage roadie with the Doors while still attending high school in Redondo Beach, where he would also meet and get together with later Manson follower Lynette Fromme.[3] Soon he was road manager, and six months later was the manager of the band. He and the band parted ways when the band dissolved after Jim's death and re-formed into "the Butts Band", and he suggested moving to a standard 15 per cent commission arrangement. They re-united around the release and marketing of the Jim Morrison poetry record, An American Prayer which re-launched awareness of The Doors' historical significance and sextupled their royalties. His character appears in the Oliver Stone movie on The Doors.

Siddons had this to say about his initial meeting with Jim Morrison: "So what was my first impression of Jim? He scared me to death."[4]

Post-Doors, Bill Siddons continued his career as a manager in the music industry. He managed or co-managed such groups as Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Poco, America, Van Morrison, Pat Benatar, Jerry Cantrell, Robert Palmer (singer), John Klemmer, and, in more recent times, was a co-founder of Core Entertainment, a professional management firm representing Alice in Chains, another band which dealt with the death of its frontman, and others.[1]

He is married to comedian Elayne Boosler.