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William Glover (born November 22, 1952) is an American Christian drummer and musician.

Glover moved to Fort Wayne in the 1960s when he was still a kid. When he was 13, he had taken up drumming. While in high school he began playing in several bands, and upon finishing school he toured with Tommy Roe and The Romans, and also Gene Cotton.

He returned to Fort Wayne in the early 1970s and started playing with one of Christian rock pioneer bands, Loth Lorin. However, in 1972 he joined Bob Hartman, Greg Hough, and John DeGroff, to form the legendary Christian rock band Petra. Glover played drums in the first two albums of the band.

After leaving the band in 1979, Glover did some session work in Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. He returned to Fort Wayne in the early 1990s and began working with Greg Hough again.

In 2003, they formed a band called GHD. Later, John DeGroff would join them in the project and the band changed its name to GHF (God Has Forgiven).

On June 12, 2004, a reunion of all the founding members of Petra was planned, but Glover didn't attend.[1]

Glover has also worked with the country gospel band, Simon Peter as a drummer, vocalist, and songwriter. He is involved in prison ministry and also writes devotional materials.


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