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William "Bill" Dorich is an American journalist and writer whose name is upon the class action suit against the Vatican Bank and others, a US federal lawsuit in California against the Vatican and Franciscan Order. The lawsuit involves the laundering of Axis loot from former Yugoslavia by the defendants.

Dorich claims that the Roman Catholic Church was involved "up to its eyeballs". That priests were directly involved in mass murders committed in the Jasenovac concentration camp. According to Dorich, the victims in Jasenovac number between 600-700,000 people.

Bill Dorich claims, following documentation in the book Unholy Trinity by Aarons and Loftus that the murderers, including Roman Catholic priests and Franciscan monks, were supplied with false passports from inside the Vatican ratline. That fleeing after the war they were re-settled predominantly in South America (especially Peronist Argentina), Spain, and Canada.

Bill Dorich has invited relatives and descendants of the victims of the war crimes to contact the lawyers handling this suit.[citation needed]

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