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Bigg Boss
The logo for Bigg Boss 5
Sony TV2006-2007
Current presenters
Salman Khan2010–present
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Bigg Boss
The logo for Bigg Boss 5
Sony TV2006-2007
Current presenters
Salman Khan2010–present

Bigg Boss is a reality TV programme broadcast in India. It follows the Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands.



Bigg Boss is a reality show where celebrity contestants stay in a single house for about three months, with no connection to the outside world. They are overseen by a mysterious person known as 'Bigg Boss', whose only presence in the house is through his voice.[1]

The house

A Bigg Boss House is built for every season. The house was earlier located in the tourist place of Lonavala, Pune district of Maharashtra, however the house for the fifth season is located in Karjat. The house is well-furnished and decorated. It has all kinds of modern amenities, but just one or two bedrooms and four toilet bath rooms. There is a garden, pool, activity area and gym in the House. There is also a Confession Room, where the housemates may be called in by Bigg Boss for any kind of conversation, and for the nomination process.[2]

The House has no TV connection, no phones, no Internet connection, clocks, pen or paper.[1]


While all the rules have never been told to the audience, the most prominent ones are clearly seen. The inmates are not permitted to talk in any other language than Hindi. They are not supposed to tamper with any of the electronic equipment or any other thing in the House. They cannot leave the House premises at any time except when permitted to. They cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone.[3]

Nomination and eviction

Every week, each contestant is called into the 'Confession Room' by Bigg Boss, and are asked to nominate two of the other contestants. Bigg Boss selects two, and sometimes three (though the number goes higher at times) people with the highest votes, who are put up for a public vote via phone and text message. The one with the least votes is evicted on Friday. Occasionally, more than one person may be evicted at a time, like in the final episode.[4]

Sometimes, the housemates may be nominated for other reasons, such as nomination by a person who has achieved special privileges (via tasks or other things), for breaking rules or something else. If something is very serious, a contestant may be evicted directly.[5]


The main television coverage takes the form of a daily highlights programme and the weekly eviction show on Fridays that are aired on Colors TV, while the first season was aired on Sony TV.[6] Everyday's episodes contain the main happenings of the previous day. Every Saturday episode mainly focuses on an interview of the evicted contestant by the host. The episode on Sunday, named differently across seasons, contains extra footage of the week, which was not included in any episode.

Series details

SeasonNetworkHostLaunch dateFinale dateDaysHousematesWinner
1Sony IndiaArshad Warsi3 November 200626 January 20078615Rahul Roy
2ColorsShilpa Shetty17 August 200822 November 200898Ashutosh Kaushik
3Amitabh Bachchan4 October 200926 December 200984Vindu Dara Singh
4Salman Khan3 October 20108 January 20119616Shweta Tiwari
5Sanjay Dutt2 October 20117 January 20129818Juhi Parmar
6Salman KhanTo be announced


2007Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Anchor Game/Quiz ShowArshad Warsi
Best Reality ShowBigg Boss 1
Best Art DirectorNitin Desai
Indian Telly AwardsBest Reality ShowBigg Boss 1
2008Indian Telly AwardsBest Reality ShowBigg Boss 2
2009New Talent AwardsBest New Host (Female)Shilpa Shetty
2010Indian Televison Academy AwardsBest Anchor Talk/Chat ShowAmitabh Bachchan
Best Art DirectorSamir Chanda
Indian Telly AwardsScriptwriter (Non Fiction)RD Tailang
2011The Global Indian Film and TV HonoursBest Non Fiction SeriesBigg Boss 4
2011The Global Indian Film And Tv HonoursBest Host TelevisonSalman Khan
Golden Petal AwardsMost Chahita PersonalitySalman Khan
Most Lokpriya Reality ShowBigg Boss 4
Best Debutante PersonalitySanjay Dutt
2012Indian Telly AwardsBest Reality ShowBigg Boss 5
Art Director (Non-Fiction)Shyam Bhatia


Most Nominations received

HousematePooja M.AshutoshRoopali,
Vindu, VeenaAshmitCarol,
SamirRahul M.,
SeemaSambhavna ,
Total votes35292827262524232220

Most Nominations received by male housemates

HousemateAshutoshRajaVinduAshmitSamirRahul M.KamaalBhakhtiyaarAmarZulfi,
Total votes29282726242320191816

Most Nominations received by female housemates

HousematePooja M.RoopaliVeenaCarol,
Total votes35282725232220171514

Series Winners by age

Oldest      U+21E8.gif     Youngest
HousemateVindu Dara SinghRahul RoyJuhi ParmarShweta TiwariAshutosh Kaushik

^1 Age at the time of the win.

Housemate pattern

CliqueSeason 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5
Politically acclaimedNoneSanjay NirupamNoneSeema PariharNone
Reality show AlumniAshutosh KaushikSakshi PradhanSiddharth Bhardwaj
Pooja Misrra
LGBTBobby DarlingNoneRohit VermaAli SaleemLaxmi Tripathi
Pageant winnerAryan VaidDiana HaydenAditi GovitrikarNoneShonali Nagrani
Vida Samadzai
Criminally involvedSalil AnkolaMonica BediNoneDevenderNone
Rahul MahajanAbbas Kazmi
Item girlRakhi SawantSambhavna SethSherlyn ChopraNoneMahek Chahal
International starNoneJade GoodyClaudia CieslaVeena MalikSunny Leone
Ali Saleem
Aspiring modelAnupama VermaZulfi SyedNoneAanchal KumarShraddha Sharma
Carol GraciasPayal RohatgiHrishant Goswami
Soap actorAmit SadhKetaki DaveBakhtiyaar IraniShweta TiwariJuhi Parmar
Roopali GangulyRakhee TandonTanaaz IraniSara KhanAmar Upadhyay
SingerBaba SehgalDebojit SahaIsmail DarbarManoj TiwariRaageshwari
SportspersonNoneVinod KambliThe Great KhaliSonika Kaliraman
Film starRavi KishanPayal RohatgiShamita ShettyAshmit PatelAkashdeep Saighal
Deepak TijoriRaja ChoudharyPoonam DhillonSamir SoniShakti Kapoor
Kashmira ShahSambhavana SethVindu Dara SinghDolly BindraPooja Bedi
ComedianNoneAhsaan QureshiRaju SrivastavVeena MalikNone
Non-celebrityRagini ShettyAlina WadiwalaPravesh RanaNoneNihita Biswas

Prominent Housemates


Rigged Evictions and Pre-scripted Conduct of Housemates

In the fifth season Audiences figured out that with every weekly eviction, a specific trend followed, the least controversial housemate who has had the negligible interaction in fights gets evicted after getting nominated for that week. It became widely believed that contestant are getting evicted from the show as a result of not making headlines for the reality show.[7] Zee news expressed dislike towards the show saying, "Barring a few educated and well-mannered celebrities, most of the Bigg Boss contestants have utterly failed to exercise self-restraint. As, the format of the show is such that they often fail to maintain their composure and mostly reveal a fake personality. Abuses fly thick and fast in the house, whereas morality, ethos and ethics take a backseat. The fear of eviction makes them selfish and diplomatic, compels them to switch sides for personal gains, and indulge in propaganda".[7] Shakti Kapoor who was evicted earlier in the show after surviving four week inside the house claimed, "People have a wrong notion that I am a bad guy. Bigg Boss people got me with 13 females because they also thought I will sneak into girls room at night and do something fishy. I respect women a lot," the actor said. "But since I was not getting into anything like this or any fight or controversy I got evicted. I think there is something planned about my eviction. Everyone in the audience feels there is something wrong. I thought I would win the show and so did the people," he claimed. Pooja Bedi who was evicted weeks later also stated in an interview that housemates are merely evicted on the basis of their controversial backgrounds and that the show is pre-scripted.[8] After Pooja Misrra's unexpected exit more than half of the viewers stopped watching the show claiming that the house was getting boring by the week.[9] Contrary to these outcomes, Pooja Misrra was soon sent back in as Andrew Symonds' translator.[10] Evicted housemate Bedi said about her re-entry, "Why else will they bring her in as a translator, she was fined for talking in English herself! She’s been brought back just for TRPs," Singer Raageshwari who left the show in October also claimed, "I am sure the channel decided to bring her back for entertainment value! It will certainly be interesting to see her act as Andrew’s interpreter," Another ex-inmate Shraddha Sharma stated, "There’s no one in the house now who’s giving masala to the show, that is why they found a new way to bring her back,".[10] In previous seasons of Bigg Boss a similar tactic was used to attract TRPs, Dolly Bindra and Kamaal R Khan were also asked to leave the show. However, to encash on their controversial image, Bigg Boss brought them back.[11].

Partiality towards specific Housemates

Season 3

In the third season, housemate Vindu Dara Singh was often credited as Akshay Kumar's favourite housemate after playing Kumar’s sidekick in “Kambakkht Ishq[12] and becoming good friends with him. With being hated by fellow inmates inside the house for his conduct accompanied by the resentment against him from the audiences Vindu survived seven evictions after consecutively getting nominated from eighth week onwards. Vindu went on to win the season and was also announced the most stylish and bold contestant consequently winning a Chevrolet Cruze and Rs. 1 crore.

Season 4

During the fourth season, TV actress Sara Khan, openly objected to the Bigg Boss' behaviour towards fellow-housemate Dolly Bindra. Ever since Dolly Bindra re-entered the house, there had been quite a bit of a change in her stance and attitude towards the inmates of the house. Dolly became quite polite and got some benefits like she was made the queen immediately after she re-entered, thereby enabling her to get certain benefits that the others couldn't even dream of. Thus, with almost everyone quite flabbergasted, Sara protested against partiality towards Dolly. Sara kept on complaining that 'Bigg Boss' was not fair at which Samir Soni, who too, had re-entered agreed with what Sara had to say. Sara was later strictly warned by the Bigg Boss and host Salman Khan regarding these vague accusations.[13]

Season 5

The fifth season saw a change in the selection of contestants. The launch night featured 14 housemates - 12 of which were girls, one transgender and one man. The weekly selection of House Captain is usually dependent on the votes of the fellow housemates however on Day 1 Shakti Kapoor, who was the only male entrant on the show, was chosen by the Bigg Boss himself as captain for two week making him immune from two consecutive nominations and, hence, prolonging his stay inside the house. Three additional male entries were witnessed in the second, third and the fourth week. Akashdeep Saighal was very often seen abusing Mahek Chahal on her personal backgrounds but was not warned of his conduct.Siddharth Bhardwaj almost kicked Pooja M. while she was walking. Again, no action was taken against him leaving the impact that Bigg Boss does indeed favors some participants on the show to extend their stay inside the house. Moreover, the male participants were also witnessed threatening Bigg Boss that they would exit the house and were often seen exhibiting irrational traits like throwing off their mics and speaking absolutely in English language which are against the rules of the house. On Day 58, Shraddha Sharma abused Akashdeep by calling him a swear word. Akashdeep was later called in the confession room and consoled to calm with Shraddha Sharma scolded for the act.[14] An ex-inmate Pooja Bedi accused Salman Khan of favouring Mahek Chahal claiming that he is the reason for her survival in every eviction. Talking to a tabloid, Pooja said, "No one can object to her behaviour because then he or she gets portrayed negatively. Everyone in the house thinks Salman is calling the shots. They`re unnerved." Reportedly, Salman even rebuked Siddharth Bhardwaj for having a tiff with Mahek. So the other contestants have no choice but to remain submissive. “I like Salman! I`d be very distressed if he was protecting and helping Mehak to get to the finals,” added Pooja.[8] Another evicted housemate Pooja Misrra confirmed favouritism towards Mahek Chahal alleging, "My eviction from the house on the grounds of me being violent was wrong and my second entry in Bigg Boss just proved that. Moreover, the wild card entry of Mahek into the house again is proof enough that there is favouritism happening in the house," On the Mahek-Salman connection, Pooja said, "Mahek is definitely after him, I don't know whether Salman is or not. Every conversation of her would have Salman's name and because of this everyone in the house used to be scared of her. It was like everyone has to be good to her to survive the game." Pooja feels the footage where Mahek is seen excessively talking about Salman have been done away with. "She hasn't been shown using his name persistently so I guess it is correct that the footage was edited," she said.[15] Just two week before the finale evicted housemate Mahek Chahal was deliberately made win a wild card entry poll, merely fourteen days after her initial eviction, further confirming all the allegations against her being Salman Khan's favorite candidate.[16] This stint not only disappointed fans of the inmates inside the house who have been surviving evictions for many week but also certified partial judgments made towards specific housemates by the Bigg Boss.[17]

Manipulation and Interference by Hosts

Unlike the international versions of Big Brother, in Bigg Boss, the hosts are seen to be intimidating contestants on the show for their conduct and are often witnessed interfering in almost everything exhibiting a partial stance towards few. On the Opening of the season five Salman and Sanjay ridiculed Shakti Kapoor after he entered the house saying, “Bigg Boss ko maanna padega! Shakti Kapoor jaise logon ko apne ghar bulaya, hum toh kabhi na bulayen! (It is quite surprising that Shakti Kapoor got the invitation to enter the Bigg Boss’ house, I wouldn’t have invited him, ever.)”.[18] Shakti was hurt by these remarks and demanded an apology from Salman, however, was never reached by either Khan or Dutt.[19] Later, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt also lashed out at Siddharth Bhardwaj for being too unmannerly with Mahek Chahal and Pooja Misrra and the same continued with other housemates few weeks later when Salman Khan went inside the house on 17 December 2011 and severely scolded contestants for their behaviour. Such traits showed by the hosts have yet been never witnessed on any international series of Big Brother.

On 24 December 2011, Sanjay Dutt displayed infurious attitude towards Juhi Parmar, Akashdeep Saigal and Sunny Leone for bringing out a problem that concerned them regarding Amar Upadhyay's indecent moves on female housemates. Evicted housemate Pooja Bedi after watching the episode, in fury, claimed,“It's clear Salman went in there to demoralise, confuse, hurt and lie to Sky. Any guesses as to why he would misuse his position to do so? Salman previously had threatened Sid, and said, he would kick his arse. Hosts cannot intimidate contestants! Wrong. if contestants are bad, they get nominated and if public dislikes them, they get eliminated. That's reality TV, not hosts threatening, if Salman can get aggressive with contestants, why is he upset they do so with each other?”[20]

From altering the results to controlling appearances of celebrities, all was witnessed to be formatted by co-host Salman Khan. Due to the remarks made by Pooja Bedi on Salman's interference with the results and favoritism towards Mahek Chahal, Pooja was banned from attending the season finale to be held on 7 January 2012. The actress was humiliated on this last minute change and expressed, "So what if I disagree with a host and don't like a contestant! Is that reason for Channel not to have me at finale?” Pooja Bedi further stressed, “Have asked channel to state reason I cannot be there at finale to cheer my friends on! Also, till yesterday I was to do a medley! What changed?”[21][22] Bollywood Actor Hrithik Roshan was also refused entry in the finale. Hrithik was supposed to promote his upcoming release Agneepath on the grand finale of the TV show. Sanjay Dutt, the main villain of the film, being a part of the show should have helped the marketing initiative. However, Salman put his foot down and asked Imran Khan to promote Karan Johar's next production Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu on the grand finale.[23] Soon, Pooja Misrra and Shakti Kapoor also fell targets. They also were banned from attending the finale for speaking against Khan in the media.[19] Few days prior to the finale, a re-invitation was sent to Shakti and Pooja Misrra, however, Pooja Bedi was not invited in retialitaion to which Pooja B. contemplated sending a legal notice to Colors channel for chucking her out of Bigg Boss finale.[24]

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