Big Brother (TV series)

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Big Brother
International Logo of Big Brother.png
International logo for Big Brother
Producer(s)John De Mol
Running timeVarious
Production company(s)Endemol
Original channelVeronica
Original run16 September 1999 (1999-09-16) – present
Related showsCelebrity Big Brother / Big Brother VIP
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Big Brother
International Logo of Big Brother.png
International logo for Big Brother
Producer(s)John De Mol
Running timeVarious
Production company(s)Endemol
Original channelVeronica
Original run16 September 1999 (1999-09-16) – present
Related showsCelebrity Big Brother / Big Brother VIP
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Production website

Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol. The premise of the show is that there is a group of people that are housemates or houseguests living together in a large, usually specially constructed house. During their time in the house they are isolated from the outside world and are not commonly aware of outside events. Contestants are continuously monitored by in-house television cameras as well as personal audio microphones during their stay. Each series lasts for about three months, with 10–20 contestants entering the house. To win the final cash prize, a contestant must survive periodic (usually weekly) evictions and be the last housemate or houseguest remaining in the compound by the series' conclusion.


The idea for Big Brother is said to have come during a brainstorming session at the Dutch-based international Italian television production firm Endemol on March 10, 1997. The first version of Big Brother was broadcast in 1999 on Veronica in the Netherlands. Since then the format has become a worldwide TV franchise, airing in many countries in a number of versions.

Although each country has made its own adaptations of the format, the contestants are confined to a specially-designed house where their every action is recorded by cameras and microphones and they are not permitted contact with the outside world. In most countries that have produced Big Brother, the contestants have been known as "housemates"; however in the American and Canadian version they are referred to as "houseguests". The term Big Brother originates from George Orwell's novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Besides living together under continuous observation (which is the chief attraction of the contest), the program relies on four basic props: the stripped-bare back-to-basics environment in which they live, the evictions, the weekly tasks and competitions set by Big Brother and the "Diary/Confession Room" (in which the housemates convey their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations, and reveal their nominees for eviction). Contestants are required to evict one of their own on a regular basis; in the earlier series of Big Brother, contestants were evicted every two weeks. However, the UK version introduced weekly evictions; all versions of Big Brother now follow this format.

At regular intervals, the housemates privately nominate a number of fellow housemates whom they wish evicted from the house. The housemates with the most nominations are then announced, and viewers are given the opportunity to vote via telephone for whom they wish to see evicted. The exceptions to this process are in the American and Canadian versions, in which the housemates vote to evict each other. After the votes are tallied, the "evictee" leaves the house and is interviewed by the host of the show (usually in the presence of a studio audience). In some cases, two housemates may be evicted simultaneously (a "double eviction"); rarely, no housemates will be removed that week. At the end of the game, the last remaining housemate is declared the winner for the particular series and receives prizes (often including a large amount of money, a car, a vacation and—in some editions—a house).

In the first season of most series of Big Brother, the house was very basic. Although essential amenities such as running water, furniture and a limited ration of food were provided, luxury items were often forbidden. This added a survivalist element to the show, increasing the potential for social tension. Nearly all later series provide a modern house for the contest with a jacuzzi, sauna, VIP suite, loft and other luxuries.

The contestants are required to do housework, and are assigned tasks by the producers of the show (who communicate with the housemates via the omnipresent authority figure known to them only as "Big Brother"). The tasks are designed to test their teamwork abilities and community spirit; in some countries, the housemates' shopping budget or weekly allowance depends on the outcome of assigned tasks. The housemates have a weekly allowance, with which they can buy food and other essentials.

Most international versions of the show remain quite similar to each other; their main format remains true to the original fly on the wall observational style with the emphasis on human relationships, to the extent that contestants are forbidden from discussing nominations or voting strategy. Since 2001 the US version adopted a different format from the others during its second season, with an emphasis on strategy, competition and voting (the public does not choose who to evict). In 2011, the UK version controversially adapted the discussion of nominations before reverting this rule back after a poll by Big Brother broadcaster Channel 5, which showed that 90 percent of voters believed that housemates should not discuss nominations.[citation needed]


From a sociological and demographic perspective, Big Brother allows an analysis of how people react when forced into close confinement with people outside their comfort zone (with different opinions or ideals, or from a different socioeconomic group). The viewer has the opportunity to see how a person reacts from the outside (through the constant recording of their actions) and the inside (in the Diary or Confession Room). The Diary Room (known as the DR) is where contestants can privately express their feelings about the game, strategy and the other contestants. The results range from violent or angry confrontations to genuine and tender connections (often including romantic interludes).

The show is notable for involving the Internet.[according to whom?] Although the show typically broadcasts daily updates during the evening (sometimes criticized for their heavy editing), viewers can also watch a continuous feed from multiple cameras on the Web. These websites were successful, even after some national series began charging for access to the video stream. In some countries, Internet broadcasting was supplemented by updates via email, WAP and SMS. The house is shown live on satellite television, although in some countries there is a 10–15 minute delay to allow libelous or unacceptable content (such as references to people not participating in the program who have not consented to have personal information broadcast) to be removed.

Contestants occasionally develop sexual relationships; the level of sexual explicitness allowed to be shown in broadcast and Internet-feed versions varies by country.


Big Brother contestants are isolated in the house, without access to television, radio or the Internet; they are not permitted routine communication with the outside world. This was an important issue for most earlier series of the show. In more-recent series, contestants are occasionally allowed to view televised events (usually as a reward for winning at a task). In most versions of the program books and writing materials are also forbidden, although exceptions are sometimes made for religious materials such as the Bible, Torah or the Qur'an. Some versions ban all writing implements, even items that can be used to write (such as lipstick or eyeliner). Despite the housemates' isolation, some contestants are occasionally allowed to leave the house as part of tasks. Contestants are permitted to leave the house in an emergency.

Contestants have regularly-scheduled interactions with the show's host on eviction nights. Throughout each day the program's producer, in the "Big Brother" voice, issues directives and commands to contestants. Some versions of the show allow private counseling sessions with a psychologist. These are allowed at any time, and are often conducted by telephone from the Diary Room.

Regional versions[edit]

Due to the intelligibility of certain languages across several nations, it has been possible to make regional versions of Big Brother. All these follow the normal Big Brother rules, except that contestants must come from each of the countries in the region where it airs:

Format changes[edit]

World map, with different shading for "Big Brother" versions
Locations of Big Brother versions

In the third UK series, Big Brother set live tasks for the housemates on a Saturday night to win treats; this was used until series 5 of the program. The format was used in Australia as Friday Night Live from series 5 to series 8. The fifth UK edition introduced an "evil" touch; Big Brother became villainous with punishments, difficult tasks and secret tricks. This was also seen in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Pacific, Scandinavia, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Philippines and Mexico. The sixth UK series introduced secret missions, where housemates could win luxuries if they completed a secret task set by Big Brother. The eighth UK series saw an all-female house. However, two days later one male housemate arrived. The same twist was used in Big Brother 4 Bulgaria. Big Brother Africa 4 used a similar twist, with an all-male premiere.

Since Big Brother 2, the UK series opens with a twist. This has included the public choosing the final housemate from three possibilities (Big Brother 2); public voting for a housemate to leave during the first week and the housemates choosing between two housemates with the least number of votes (Big Brother 3); first-night nominations (Big Brother 4); suitcase nominations (Big Brother 5); Unlucky Housemate 13 (Big Brother 6); Big Brother Hood (Big Brother 7); an all-female house and a set of twins as contestants (Big Brother 8); a couple entering as housemates, who must hide their relationship (Big Brother 9); housemates having to earn housemate status (Big Brother 10); a mole entering the house with an impossible task (Big Brother 11); Jackie Stallone entering a house containing her son's ex-wife (Celebrity Big Brother 3); a non-celebrity in a celebrity edition (Celebrity Big Brother 4) and a visit from Jade Goody's family (Celebrity Big Brother 5). During Celebrity Big Brother 6 La Toya Jackson entered first, walked straight into a private bedroom (the bedrooms are usually locked until everyone has arrived) and put her bag on the bed to claim it as her own.[1] Terry Christian became head of the house which was used at the end of the previous non-celebrity series and had to nominate three housemates for the first eviction; the others voted to save one of the nominees, Ben Adams, leaving Lucy Pinder and eventual winner Ulrika Jonsson to face the first eviction. In the summer series of 2009 the house was empty at first, with only crates to sit on. The new arrivals had to earn housemate status by completing tasks; Noirin Kelly was required to shave off her hair and draw a mustache and glasses on her face. Freddie Fisher and eventual winner Sophie Reade had to change their names by deed poll to Halfwit and Dogface. On day four, the six people who had not received housemate status were nominated for a public vote. The person with the fewest votes (Beinazir Lasharie) left, and the house was transformed into a "Big Brother" house. Other countries, such as Bulgaria, the United States and (previously) Australia, have also begun using opening-night twists.

The fifth UK edition introduced fake evictions, where one or two housemates are "evicted". In the eighth UK Series one housemate was evicted, interviewed and sent back into the house. In France and Canada, the format uses couples; twelve single people stay in the house, until only the winning couple is left. Big Brother U.S. uses a different set of rules which began for the second season. Nominations are made by one houseguest, the Head of Household (HoH), and the houseguests vote for which nominee to evict (not the viewers). The third season introduced the Power of Veto, where a houseguest can veto a nominee on the block for eviction. This has been adapted in Brazil and Africa, and other countries have modified their nomination rules. The eighth American season introduced "America's Player", a houseguest given assignments by votes from viewers. Included in the public voting is which houseguest that America's Player should vote off and campaign to be evicted.

The third Dutch edition introduced "the battle", in which the house is separated into a luxurious half and a poor half and two teams of housemates fight for time in the luxurious half. Separated houses have also been used in:

In Germany, a new sixth-season version of the show was Big Brother - Das Dorf (Big Brother - The Village). The season ended after 363 days in February 2006 because of low ratings. For season seven, RTL II switched back to a traditional version. The fourth Greek season introduced a mother. During the tenth week of the seventh UK season, the housemates were paired with their "best friend" in the house and had to nominate and face eviction as couples. The ninth American season added a romantic aspect by pairing up the housemates up and having them compete as couples.

The ninth Brazilian season featured the "Bubble": a glass house in a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro where four potential housemates lived for a week. Later in the season a bubble was built inside the Big Brother house, with another two housemates living in it for a week until they were voted in and the glass house dismantled.

Introduced in the fifth season of the American series, several countries have included twins (or triplets) in their shows:

A variation of the above twist occurred in the second celebrity edition of the Philippine version, where two housemates related by profession or family played as onee. In Celebrity Hijack UK evicted housemates were given the opportunity to choose if a "ninja" delivered good or bad gifts to the house. Later that year Big Brother Australia 2008 introduced the Housemate Hand Grenade, where an evicted housemate decided which housemate received a penalty. Big Brother 5 Bulgaria, which began in early 2010, introduced a new family format (Big Brother Family). Whole families entered the house with their spouses, children and relatives. They received a salary for their stay and the winning family received a cash prize, a car and an apartment. The eleventh American season featured Pandora's Box, in which the winning head of household was tempted (with money, a celebrity visit or time alone with a loved one) to open a box. If an HoH chooses to open Pandora's Box, however, there may be unintended consequences.

The twelfth American season featured a saboteur, who entered the house to wreak havoc with tasks suggested by viewers. Big Brother Africa 6 in 2011 was the first season of Big Brother to have two winners, each getting $200,000. The thirteenth American season introduced Dynamic Duos, where eight new houseguests would enter the house with three duos from past seasons. The fourth Philippine season features Unli-Day and Unli-Night, where two separate groups of housemates were covered in two separate programs. It also introduced reserved housemates, shortlisted auditioners who were given a chance to be a housemate by completing tasks assigned by Big Brother (this was also done in Argentina's seventh season). The Philippine version introduced the 100-second session, in which housemates are given a chance to be with their loved ones for only 100 seconds in the Confession Room.[2] The fourteenth American season had four houseguests from past seasons returning to the house to coach twelve new houseguests. The four returning houseguests played their own game for a separate prize of $100,000 until they joined the normal game later after a reset twist. The fifteenth American season Introduced the Big Brother M.V.P twist where every week, the viewers would vote one of the houseguests who the viewers thought was playing the best game, also introduced three nominations in the US version where the HOH would nominate the first two houseguests for eviction (like in previous seasons) while the 3rd nomination is made by the M.V.P of that week in a further twist for the M.V.P, the viewers decided who the 3rd nominee would be for the week, half way into the season the M.V.P twist ended and the show continued on with just 2 nominees a week as in previous seasons.

Special editions[edit]

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother VIP[edit]

The Big Brother format has been adapted in some countries; the housemates are local celebrities, and the shows are called Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother VIP. In some countries, the prize money normally awarded to the winning housemate is donated to a charity, and all celebrities are paid to appear in the show as long as they do not voluntarily leave before their eviction or the end of the series. The rest of the rules are nearly the same as those of the original version. The celebrity version has become particularly popular in the UK, with two series broadcast in 2012 and 2013 (the first in January and the second after the main series in summer 2012 and 2013).


The 2006 Netherlands series was entitled Hotel Big Brother. This variation introduced a group of celebrity hoteliers and a Big Boss, who run a hotel and collect money for charity without nominations, evictions or a winner.

Another variation appeared in the UK in early 2008, entitled Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack. This temporarily replaced the 2007 Celebrity Big Brother in the wake of a racial-abuse incident. Instead of celebrities playing housemates the celebrities became Big Brother himself, creating tasks and holding nominations with the help of Big Brother. The housemates were considered by the producers "Britain's most exceptional and extraordinary" 18- to 21-year-olds. The prize for the winner of the series was £50,000.[3]

In 2009 VIP Brother 3 Bulgaria introduced the concept of celebrities competing for charitable causes, sometimes allowed to leave the house to raise money for the charity (which changed each week).

Other editions[edit]

The Big Brother format has been otherwise modified in some countries:

There are also "test runs", with a group of celebrities (or journalists) living in the house for several days to test it. There are occasions where people who have auditioned for the show are also put in the house, most notably in the British edition, where many housemates claim to have met before. These series have been televised in Argentina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, the Pacific, the Philippines and Spain. In some cases, it is not broadcast, but in others, such as the U.S. edition, it is used as a promotional tool.

The series[edit]

There are currently 315 winners of the show; the most recent winner is Érica Silva from Portugal.

International versions[edit]

Region/countryLocal titleNetworkWinnersMain presenters
AfricaBig Brother AfricaM-Net
DStv (live)
E4 (season 1)
The Africa Channel (season 1 in 2008)

Season 1, 2003: Zambia Cherise Makubale
Season 2, 2007: Tanzania Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout
Season 3, 2008: Angola Ricardo Venancio
Season 4, 2009: Nigeria Kevin Chuwang
Season 6, 2011: Nigeria Karen Igho & Zimbabwe Wendall Parsons
Season 7, 2012: South Africa Keagan Petersen
Season 8, 2013: Namibia Dillish Matthews

Mark Pilgrim (season 1)
Kabelo Ngakane (season 2–3)
Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa (season 4–)
Big Brother Africa: All-Stars

Season 5, 2010: Nigeria Uti Nwachukwu

Big BrotherTop Channel
Digit-Alb (live)

Season 1, 2008: Albania Arbër Çepani
Season 2, 2009: Albania Qetsor Ferunaj
Season 3, 2010: Albania Jetmir Salaj
Season 4, 2010–2011: Albania Ermela Mezuraj
Season 5, 2012: Republic of Kosovo Arbër Zeka
Season 6, 2013: Albania Anaid Kaloti
Season 7, 2014: Upcoming season

Arbana Osmani
 Arab Worldالرئيس بيغ براذر
Al-Rais Big Brother

Season 1, 2004: Discontinued[4]

Razan Moughrabi
 ArgentinaGran HermanoTelefe
Canal 4
DirecTV (live – season 1–3, 6–7)
Cablevisión (live – season 4–5)

Season 1, 2001: Marcelo Corazza
Season 2, 2001: Roberto Parra
Season 3, 2002–2003: Viviana Colmenero
Season 4, 2007: Marianela Mirra
Season 5, 2007: Esteban Morais
Season 6, 2010–2011: Cristian Urrizaga
Season 7, 2011–2012: Rodrigo Fernández

Soledad Silveyra (season 1–3)
Jorge Rial (season 4–7)
Mariano Peluffo (season 7)
Gran Hermano FamososTelefe
Cablevisión (live)

Season 1, 2007: Diego Leonardi

Jorge Rial
 AustraliaBig Brother AustraliaNetwork Ten (season 1–8)
Nine Network (season 9–)
TV 2 (season 1–3, 5)
Prime (season 4)
TV3 (Season 10 -)

Season 1, 2001: Ben Williams
Season 2, 2002: Peter Corbett
Season 3, 2003: Regina Bird
Season 4, 2004: Trevor Butler
Season 5, 2005: Greg and David Matthew (Logan)
Season 6, 2006: Jamie Brooksby
Season 7, 2007: Aleisha Cowcher
Season 8, 2008: Terri Munro
Season 9, 2012: Benjamin Norris
Season 10, 2013: Tim Dormer
Season 11, 2014: Upcoming season

Gretel Killeen (season 1–7)
Kyle Sandilands (season 8)
Jackie O (season 8)
Sonia Kruger (season 9–)
Celebrity Big BrotherNetwork Ten

Season 1, 2002: Dylan Lewis

Gretel Killeen
 BelgiumBig BrotherKanaal Twee

Season 1, 2000: Steven Spillebeen
Season 2, 2001: Ellen Dufour
Season 3, 2002: Kelly Vandevenne
Season 4, 2003: Kristof van Camp
Season 5, 2006: Kirsten Janssens
Season 6, 2007: Diana Ferrante

Walter Grootaers
Big Brother VIPsvtm
Kanaal Twee

Season 1, 2001: Sam Gooris
Season 2, 2006: Pim Symoens

No Presenters
Big Brother All-StarsKanaal Twee

Season 1, 2003: Heidi Zutterman

Walter Grootaers
 BrazilBig Brother BrasilRede Globo
Canal BBB (live on PPV)

Season 1, 2002: Kleber de Paula
Season 2, 2002: Rodrigo Leonel
Season 3, 2003: Dhomini Ferreira
Season 4, 2004: Cida dos Santos
Season 5, 2005: Jean Wyllys
Season 6, 2006: Mara Viana
Season 7, 2007: Diego Gasques
Season 8, 2008: Rafinha Ribeiro
Season 9, 2009: Max Porto
Season 10, 2010: Marcelo Dourado
Season 11, 2011: Maria Melillo
Season 12, 2012: Fael Cordeiro
Season 13, 2013: Fernanda Keulla
Season 14, 2014: Current season

Pedro Bial
Marisa Orth (season 1)
 BulgariaBig BrotherNova Television
Nova+ (live) (season 1–4)
Diema Family (live) (season 5)

Season 1, 2004–2005: Zdravko Vasilev
Season 2, 2005: Miroslav Atanasov
Season 3, 2006: Lyubov Stancheva
Season 4, 2008: Georgi Alurkov

Niki Kunchev (season 1–3, 5)
Milen Tsvetkov (season 4)
Big Brother Family

Season 5, 2010: Eli & Veselin Kuzmovi

VIP BrotherNova Television
Nova+ (live) (season 1–2)
Diema 2 (live) (season 3)
Diema Family (live) (season 4–5)

Season 1, 2006: Konstantin Slavov
Season 2, 2007: Hristina Stefanova
Season 3, 2009: Deyan Slavchev
Season 4, 2012: Orlin Pavlov
Season 5, 2013: Stanka Zlateva

Niki Kunchev (season 1–5)
Big Brother All StarsNova Television
Diema Family (live) (season 1–2)

Season 1, 2012: Nikola Nasteski (Lester)
Season 2, 2013: Zlatka Dimitrova

Niki Kunchev (season 1–2)
Big Brother CanadaSlice

Season 1, 2013: Jillian MacLaughlin
Season 2, 2014: Upcoming season

Arisa Cox
Loft StoryTQS[5]

Season 1, 2003: Julie Lemay & Samuel Tissot
Season 2, 2006: Mathieu Baron & Stéphanie Bélanger
Season 3, 2006: Jean-Philippe Anwar & Kim Rusk
Season 4, 2007: Mathieu Surprenant
Season 5, 2008: Charles-Éric Boncoeur

Renée-Claude Brazeau (season 1)
Isabelle Maréchal (season 2)
Marie Plourde (seasons 3–5)
Pierre-Yves Lord (season 6)
Loft Story: La Revanche
(All-Stars format)

Season 6, 2009: Sébastien Tremblay

Big BrotherV

Season 1, 2010: Vincent Durand Dubé

Chéli Sauvé-Castonguay
 ColombiaGran HermanoCaracol TV (season 1)
Citytv Bogotá (season 2)[6]

Season 1, 2003: Mónica Patricia Tejón
Season 2, 2012: Diana Hernández

Adriana Arango (season 1)
Agmeth Escaf (season 2)
 CroatiaBig BrotherRTL Televizija

Season 1, 2004: Saša Tkalčević
Season 2, 2005: Hamdija Seferović
Season 3, 2006: Danijel Rimanić
Season 4, 2007: Vedran Lovrenčić
Season 5, 2008: Krešimir Duvančić

Daria Knez (season 1)
Antonija Blaće (season 2–6)
Marijana Mićić (season 6)

Big Brother - Veliki BratRTL Televizija
RTV Pink
Pink M
Pink BH

Season 6, 2011: Marijana Čvrljak
Season 7, 2014: Upcoming season

Celebrity Big BrotherRTL TelevizijaSeason 1, 2008: Danijela Dvornik

Antonija Blaće

 Czech RepublicBig BrotherTV NOVA

Season 1, 2005: David Šín

Eva Aichmajerová (season 1)
Lejla Abbasová (season 1)
Leoš Mareš (season 1)
 DenmarkBig BrotherTV Danmark (season 1–3)
Kanal 5 (season 4–6)

Season 1, 2001: Jill Liv Nielsen
Season 2, 2001: Carsten B. Berthelsen
Season 3, 2003: Johnni Johansen
Season 4, 2012: Amanda Heisel
Season 5, 2013: Bjørn Clausen
Season 6, 2014: Current season

Lisbeth Janniche (season 1–3)
Marie Egede (season 4)
Anne Kejser (season 5)
Big Brother VIPTV Danmark

Season 1, 2003: Thomas Bickham

Lisbeth Janniche (season 1)
Big Brother Reality All-StarsTV Danmark

Season 1, 2004: Jill Liv Nielsen (Big Brother)

Lisbeth Janniche (season 1)
 EcuadorGran HermanoEcuavisa

Season 1, 2003: David Burbano

Toty Rodríguez (season 1)
 FinlandBig BrotherSub

Season 1, 2005: Perttu Sirviö
Season 2, 2006: Sari Nygren
Season 3, 2007: Sauli Koskinen
Season 4, 2008: Anniina Mustajärvi
Season 5, 2009: Aso Alanso
Season 6, 2010: Niko Nousiainen
Season 7, 2011: Janica Kortman
Season 8, 2012: Teija Kurvinen

Mari Sainio (Kakko) (season 1–2)
Vappu Pimiä (season 3–5)
Susanna Laine (season 6–7)
Elina Viitanen (season 6–8)

Julkkis Big Brother (Celebrity Big Brother)

Season 1, 2013: Jori Kopponen

Mari Sainio (season 1)

 FranceLoft StoryM6

Season 1, 2001: Christophe Mercy & Loana Petrucciani
Season 2, 2002: Karine Delgado & Thomas Saillofest

Benjamin Castaldi (season 1–2)

Secret Story

CanalSat (live)
Season 1, 2007: Marjorie, Cyrielle & Johanna Bluteau ("Les Triplées")

Season 2, 2008:Belgium Matthias Pohl
Season 3, 2009: Emilie Nefnaf
Season 4, 2010: Benoit Dubois
Season 5, 2011: Marie Garet
Season 6, 2012: SwitzerlandNadège Jones
Season 7, 2013: Anaïs Camizuli

Benjamin Castaldi (season 1–7)

Big Brother[7]

RTL (season 2–3)
Single TV (season 2)
Tele 5 (season 4–6)
MTV2 Pop (season 4–5)
VIVA (season 5, 9)
Premiere (live) (season 5–9)
Sky (live) (season 10–11)
9Live (season 8)

Season 1, 2000: John Milz
Season 2, 2000: Alida Nadine Kurras
Season 3, 2001: Karina Schreiber
Season 4, 2003: Jan Geilhufe
Season 5, 2004–2005: Sascha Sirtl
Season 6, 2005–2006: Michael Knopf
Season 7, 2007: Michael Carstensen
Season 8, 2008: Silke Kaufmann, "Isi"
Season 9, 2008–2009: Daniel Schöller
Season 10, 2010: Timo Grätsch
Season 11, 2011: Marc Sonnen, "Rayo di Sole"[7]

Percy Hoven (season 1)
Oliver Geissen (season 2–3)
Ruth Moschner (season 5–6)
Oliver Petszokat (season 6)
Charlotte Karlinder (season 7–8)
Miriam Pielhau (season 8–9)
Aleksandra Bechtel (season 4, 10–11)
Sonja Zietlow (season 11 opening show)

Promi Big Brother


Season 1, 2013: Jenny Elvers[8]

Cindy aus Marzahn
Oliver Pocher[9]


Big Brother

ANT1 (season 1–4)
Alpha TV[10] (season 5)
Sigma TV (season 5)

Season 1, 2001: Giorgos Triantafyllidis
Season 2, 2002: Alexandros Moskhos
Season 5, 2010–2011: Giannis Foukakis

Andreas Mikroutsikos (season 1–3)
Tatiana Stefanidou (season 4)
Roula Koromila (season 5)
The Wall
(Battle format)

Season 3, 2003: Thodores Jspógloy

Big Mother
(Family format)

Season 4, 2005: Nikos Papadopoulos

 HungaryBig Brother Nagy TestvérTV2 (season 1–2)
Super TV2 (season 3)

Season 1, 2002: Éva Párkányi
Season 2, 2003: Zsófi Tóth

Claudia Liptai (season 1–2)
Attila Till (season 1–2)
Big Brother VIPTV2

Season 1 (Day 1–5), 2003: Gábor Bochkor
Season 1 (Day 6–10), 2003: Lajos Boros
Season 1 (Day 11–15), 2003: Zolee Ganxsta

Claudia Liptai (season 1–3)
Attila Till (season 1–3)
Bigg Boss
(Celebrity format)
SET (season 1)
Colors TV (season 2-7)

Season 1, 2006–2007: Rahul Roy
Season 2, 2008: Ashutosh Kaushik
Season 3, 2009: Vindu Dara Singh
Season 4, 2010–2011: Shweta Tiwari
Season 5, 2011–2012: Juhi Parmar
Season 6, 2012–2013: Urvashi Dholakia
Season 7, 2013: Gauhar Khan

Arshad Warsi (season 1)
Shilpa Shetty (season 2)
Amitabh Bachchan (season 3)
Salman Khan (season 4–7)
Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan (season 5)
Bigg Boss BanglaETV BanglaSeason 1, 2013: Aneek DharMithun Chakraborty (season 1)
Bigg Boss KannadaETV KannadaSeason 1, 2013: Vijay RaghavendraSudeep (season 1)
 IndonesiaBig Brother IndonesiaTrans TV

Season 1, 2011: Alan Wangsa

Ferdi Hassan
Indra Herlambang
Sarah Sechan
Shara Aryo
 Israelהאח הגדול
HaAh HaGadol
Channel 2 - Keshet
HOT (live)
Yes (live)

Season 1, 2008: Shifra Cornfeld
Season 2, 2009–2010: Eliraz Sadeh
Season 3, 2010–2011: Yaakov Menahem, "Jackie"
Season 4, 2012: Yekutiel Sebbag, "Kuti"
Season 5, 2013: Tahounia Rubel
Season 6, 2014: May 2014

Erez Tal (season 1–5)
Assi Azar (season 1–5)
VIP האח הגדול
HaAh HaGadol VIP

Season 1, 2009: Dudi Melitz

Erez Tal (season 1)
Assi Azar (season 1)
 ItalyGrande Fratello

Canale 5
Stream TV (live) (season 1–3)
SKY (live) (season 4–5, 8–9)
Mediaset Premium (live) (season 6–12)

Season 1, 2000: Cristina Plevani
Season 2, 2001: Flavio Montrucchio
Season 3, 2003: Floriana Secondi
Season 4, 2004: Serena Garitta
Season 5, 2004: Jonathan Kashanian
Season 6, 2006: Augusto De Megni
Season 7, 2007: Milo Coretti
Season 8, 2008: Mario Ferretti
Season 9, 2009: Ferdi Berisa
Season 10, 2009–2010: Mauro Marin
Season 11, 2010–2011: Andrea Cocco
Season 12, 2011–2012: Sabrina Mbarek
Season 13, 2014: February 2014

Daria Bignardi (season 1–2)
Barbara D'Urso (season 3–5)
Alessia Marcuzzi (season 6–13)

 LithuaniaPaslapčių namai
(Secret Story format)

TV3 Lithuania

Season 1, 2013: Gintautas Katulis

Agnė Grigaliūnienė
Marijus Mikutavičius


Big Brother México

SKY (live)

Season 1, 2002: Rocío Cárdenas
Season 2, 2003: Silvia Irabien
Season 3, 2005: Evelyn Nieto

Adela Micha (seasons 1–2)
Verónica Castro (season 3)

Big Brother VIP

Season 1, 2002: Galilea Montijo
Season 2, 2003: Omar Chaparro
Season 3 (Part 1), 2004: Eduardo Videgaray
Season 3 (Part 2), 2004: Roxanna Castellanos
Season 4, 2005: Sasha Sökol

Víctor Trujillo (season 1)
Verónica Castro (season 2–4)


Big Brother

Veronica (season 1–2)
Yorin (season 3–4)
Talpa (season 5–6)

Season 1, 1999: Bart Spring in 't Veld
Season 2, 2000: Bianca Hagenbeek
Season 3, 2001: Sandy Boots
Season 4, 2002: Jeanette Godefroy
Season 5, 2005: Joost Hoebink
Season 6, 2006: Jeroen Visser

Rolf Wouters (season 1)
Daphne Deckers (season 1)
Esther Duller (season 2)
Beau Van Erven Dorens (season 2)
Patty Brard (season 3)
Martijn Krabbé (season 4)
Ruud de Wild (season 5)
Bridget Maasland (season 5–6)

Big Brother VIPsVeronica (season 1)
Talpa (season 2)

Season 1, 2000: No winner
Season 2, 2006: No winner

Caroline Tensen (season 2)

Secret StoryNET 5

Season 1, 2011: Sharon Hooijkaas

Renate Verbaan
Bart Boonstra

Big Brother Nigeria

DStv (live)
Season 1, 2006: Katung AduwakOlisa Adibua
Michelle Dede
 NorwayBig Brother NorgeTVN (season 1–3)
TV 2 Bliss (season 4)

Season 1, 2001: Lars Joakim Ringom
Season 2, 2002: Veronica Agnes Roso
Season 3, 2003: Eva Lill Baukhol
Season 4, 2011: Tine Barstad

Arve Juritzen (season 1–2)
Trygve Rønningen (season 3)
Petter Pilgaard (season 4)
Sarah Natasha Melbye (season 4)
Big Brother Norge - Tilbake I Huset
(Selection contestants/All-Stars format) (1 week)

Season 1, 2001: Leena Brekke

Arve Juritzen
Pacific Region

Gran Hermano del Pacífico

Season 1, 2005: Ecuador Juan Sebastián LópezLorena Meritano (season 1)

Regional Main Presenters
Álvaro Ballera & Álvaro García
Janine Leal
Juan Francisco Escobar


La Casa de Los Secretos
(Secret Story format)

Frecuencia Latina

Season 1, 2012: Álvaro de la Torre

Carla García (season 1)
Jason Day (season 1)

 PhilippinesPinoy Big BrotherABS-CBN
Studio 23
TFC (Worldwide)
SkyCable (live)

Season 1, 2005: Nene Tamayo
Season 2, 2007: Beatriz Saw
Season 3, 2009–2010: Melisa Cantiveros
Season 4, 2011–2012: Slater Young
Season 5, 2014: Upcoming Season

Toni Gonzaga (season 1–4)
Bianca Gonzalez (season 2–4)
Robi Domingo (season 4)
Willie Revillame (season 1)

Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

Season 1, 2006: Keanna Reeves
Season 2, 2007–2008: Ruben Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga (season 1–2)
Mariel Rodriguez (season 1–2)
Luis Manzano (season 1)

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition

Season 1, 2006: Kim Chiu
Season 2, 2008: Ejay Falcon
Season 3, 2010: James Reid
Season 4, 2012: Myrtle Sarrosa
Season 5, 2015: Upcoming Season

Toni Gonzaga (season 1–4)
Bianca Gonzalez (season 1–4)
Robi Domingo (season 4)
John Prats (season 4)
Mariel Rodriguez (season 1–3)
Luis Manzano (season 2)

 PolandBig BrotherTVN (season 1–3)
TV4 (season 4–5)

Season 1, 2001: Janusz Dzięcioł
Season 2, 2001: Marzena Wieczorek
Season 3, 2002: Piotr Borucki
Season 4, 2007: Jolanta Rutowicz
Season 5 (Part 2), 2008: Janusz Strączek

Martyna Wojciechowska (season 1–3)
Grzegorz Miecugow (season 1)
Andrzej Sołtysik (season 2–3)
Karina Kunkiewicz (season 4)
Kuba Klawiter (seasons 4–5)
Małgorzata Kosik (season 5)

Big Brother: Ty Wybierasz
(Selection Contestants format)

Season 1, 2001: Małgorzata Maier & Sebastian Florek
Season 2, 2001: Barbara Knap & Jakub Jankowski

Big Brother VIPSeason 5 (part 1), 2008: Jarek Jakimowicz
 PortugalBig BrotherTVI
TVI Eventos(live) (season 1)
TVI Direct(live) (VIP)

Season 1, 2000: Zé Maria Seleiro
Season 2, 2001: Henrique Guimarães
Season 3, 2001: Catarina Cabral
Season 4, 2003: Fernando Geraldes, "Nando"

Teresa Guilherme (season 1–4)
Big Brother Famosos (season 1–2)
Big Brother VIP (season 3)

Season 1, 2002: Ricardo Vieira, "Ricky"
Season 2, 2002: Vítor Norte
Season 3, 2013: Pedro Guedes

Teresa Guilherme (season 1–3)
Secret Story - Casa dos SegredosTVI
TVI Direct(live)

Season 1, 2010: António Queirós
Season 2, 2011: João Mota
Season 3, 2012: Rúben Boa Nova
Season 4, 2013: Luís Nascimento

Júlia Pinheiro (season 1)
Teresa Guilherme (season 2–4)
Secret Story - Casa dos Segredos:
Desafio Final

(All-Stars format)

Season 1, 2013: Cátia Palhinha
Season 2, 2014: Érica Silva

Teresa Guilherme (season 1–2)
 RomaniaBig BrotherPrima TV

Season 1, 2003: Sorin Pavel Fisteag, Soso
Season 2, 2004: Iustin Popovici

Andreea Raicu (season 1–2)
Virgil Ianțu (season 1–2)

 Russiaбольшой брат
Bol'shoy Brat
TET (season 1 in 2008)
Season 1, 2005: Anastasia YagaylovaIngeborga Dapkunaite (season 1)


Big Brother


Season 1, 2005: Norway Britt Goodwin
Season 2, 2006: Sweden Jessica Lindgren

Brita Møystad Engseth (seasons 1–2)
Adam Alsing (season 1)
Hannah Rosander (season 2)

Second LifeBig Brother Second LifeWorld Wide WebSeason 1, 2006: Madlen FlintNone
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Veliki bratB92 (season 1–3)
Pink M (season 1-3)
Pink BH (season 1–3)
A1 (season 3)

Season 1, 2006: Serbia Ivan Ljuba
Season 2, 2007: Discontinued[12]
Season 3, 2009: Serbia Vladimir Arsić

Marijana Mićić (season 1, 3–4)
Ana Grubin (season 2)
Antonija Blaće (season 4)

Big Brother - Veliki BratRTV Pink
RTL Televizija
Pink M
Pink BH

Season 4, 2011: Croatia Marijana Čvrljak
Season 5, 2014: Upcoming season

Veliki brat VIPB92 (season 1–2; 5)
RTV Pink (season 1-4)
Pink M (season 1–4)
Pink BH (season 1–4)
A1 (season 4)
Prva TV (season 5)
Televizija OBN (season 5)
RTV BN (season 5)
Sitel (season 5)

Season 1, 2007: Serbia Saša Ćurčić
Season 2, 2008: Montenegro Mimi Đurović
Season 3, 2009: Serbia Miki Đuričić
Season 4, 2010: Serbia Milan Marić
Season 5, 2013: Serbia France Žarko Stojanović

Ana Grubin (season 1–2)
Milan Kalinić (season 2–3)
Marijana Mićić (season 3–5)

Veliki Brat: Generalna ProbaB92 (Serbia only)

Season 1, 2006: Jelena Provči & Marko Miljković

Marijana Mićić (season 1)

 SlovakiaBig Brother SúbojTV MarkízaSeason 1, 2005: Richard TkáčZuzana Belohorcová (season 1)
 SloveniaBig BrotherKanal A

Season 1, 2007: Andrej Novak
Season 2, 2008: Naske Mehić

Nina Osenar (season 1–2)
Big Brother Slavnih
(Celebrity format)
POP TVSeason 1, 2010: Jože ČinčNina Osenar (season 1)
 South AfricaBig Brother South AfricaM-Net
DStv (live)

Season 1, 2001: Ferdinand Rabie
Season 2, 2002: Richard Cawood
Season 3, 2014: Current season

Mark Pilgrim (season 1–2)
Gerry Rantseli (season 1–2)
Celebrity Big Brother

Season 1, 2002: Bill Flynn

Mark Pilgrim (season 1)
Gerry Rantseli (season 1)

Gran Hermano

La Siete (season 9–14)
Nueve (season 14)
GH 24 Horas (live) (season 12–14)
Digital+ (live) (season 6–11)
Vía Digital (live) (season 4–5)
Quiero TV (live) (season 1–3)

Season 1, 2000: Ismael Beiro
Season 2, 2001: Sabrina Mahí
Season 3, 2002: Javito García
Season 4, 2002–2003: Pedro Oliva
Season 5, 2003–2004: Nuria Yáñez
Season 6, 2004: Juanjo Mateo
Season 7, 2005–2006: Pepe Herrero
Season 8, 2006: Naiala Melo
Season 9, 2007: Judit Iglesias
Season 10, 2008–2009: Iván Madrazo
Season 11, 2009–2010: Ángel Muñoz
Season 12, 2010–2011: Laura Campos
Season 13, 2012: Pepe Flores
Season 14, 2013: Susana Molina
Season 15, 2014: Upcoming season

Mercedes Milá (season 1–2, 4–15)
Pepe Navarro (season 3)

Gran Hermano VIP


Season 1, 2004: Marlene Mourreau
Season 2, 2005: Ivonne Armand

Jesús Vázquez (season 1–2)

Gran Hermano: El Reencuentro
(All-Stars format, season 1)
(Reality All-Stars, season 2)

La Siete
Digital+ (live) (season 1)

Season 1, 2010: Pepe Herrero & Raquel López
Season 2, 2011: Juan Miguel Martínez & Yola Berrocal

Mercedes Milá (season 1)
Jordi González (season 2)

Gran Hermano: La Revuelta

La Siete
GH 24 Horas (live)

Season 1, 2012: Alessandro Livi

Mercedes Milá (season 1)

 SwedenBig Brother SverigeKanal5 (season 1–4)
TV11 (season 5–6)

Season 1, 2000: Angelica Freij
Season 2, 2002: Ulrica Andersson
Season 3, 2003: Danne Sörensen
Season 4, 2004: Carolina Gynning
Season 5, 2011: Simon Danielsson
Season 6, 2012: Hanna Johansson[13]

Adam Alsing (season 1–4)
Gry Forssell (season 5–6)
Big Brother Stjärnveckan
(Reality all-star format)

Season 1, 2002: Anki Lundberg (Baren)

Adam Alsing (season 1)
  SwitzerlandBig Brother SwitzerlandTV3 Switzerland

Season 1, 2000: Daniela Kanton
Season 2, 2001: Christian Ponleitner

Daniel Fohrler (season 1)
Eva Wannemacher (season 2)
 ThailandBig Brother ThailandiTV

Season 1, 2005: Nipon Perktim, "Tui"
Season 2, 2006: Arisa Sonthirod, "Tik"

Saranyu Vonkarjun
Nana Raibeena (season 2)

Big Brother Україна
Big Brother Ukraine


Season 1, 2011: Kristina Kotvickaja

Olga Gorbacheva
Oleksey Kurban

 United Kingdom

Big Brother

Channel 4 (series 1–11)
Channel 5 (series 12–)
S4C (Wales) (series 1–10)
M-Net (series 4)
TVN Lingua[14]

Series 1, 2000: England Craig Phillips
Series 2, 2001: Republic of Ireland Brian Dowling
Series 3, 2002: England Kate Lawler
Series 4, 2003: Scotland Cameron Stout
Series 5, 2004: Portugal Nadia Almada
Series 6, 2005: England Anthony Hutton
Series 7, 2006: England Pete Bennett
Series 8, 2007: Nigeria Brian Belo
Series 9, 2008: Wales Rachel Rice
Series 10, 2009: England Sophie Reade
Series 11, 2010: England Josie Gibson
Series 12, 2011: England Aaron Allard-Morgan
Series 13, 2012: South Africa Luke Anderson
Series 14, 2013: Wales Sam Evans
Series 15, 2014: 2014

Davina McCall (series 1–11)
Brian Dowling (series 12–13)
Emma Willis (series 14–)
Celebrity Big BrotherBBC One (series 1)
Channel 4 (series 1–7)
Channel 5 (series 8–)
S4C (Wales) (series 2–7)

Series 1, 2001: England Jack Dee
Series 2, 2002: England Mark Owen
Series 3, 2005: England Bez Berry
Series 4, 2006: England Chantelle Houghton
Series 5, 2007: India Shilpa Shetty
Series 6, 2009: Sweden Ulrika Jonsson
Series 7, 2010: England Alex Reid
Series 8, 2011: Republic of Ireland Paddy Doherty
Series 9, 2012: England Denise Welch
Series 10, 2012: England Julian Clary
Series 11, 2013: England Rylan Clark
Series 12, 2013: England Charlotte Crosby
Series 13, 2014: England Jim Davidson

Davina McCall (series 1–7)
Brian Dowling (series 8–11)
Emma Willis (series 12–)
Teen Big BrotherChannel 4/E4
S4C (Wales)
Series 1, 2003: Northern Ireland Paul BrennanDermot O'Leary
Big Brother Panto
(all-star special Christmas series)
Channel 4/E4
S4C (Wales)
Series 1, 2004–2005: No winnerJeff Brazier
Celebrity Hijack
(Housemates: Teen / Big Brother: Celebrities)
Channel 4/E4
S4C (Wales)
Series 1, 2008: Scotland John LoughtonDermot O'Leary
Ultimate Big Brother
(all-star format)
Channel 4/E4Series 1, 2010: Republic of Ireland Brian DowlingDavina McCall
 United StatesBig BrotherCBS
Showtime 2(seasons 8–14)
TVGN (season 15–)

Global Reality Channel[15]
E4 (season 4, 9)

Season 1, 2000: Eddie McGee
Season 2, 2001: Will Kirby
Season 3, 2002: Lisa Donahue
Season 4, 2003: Jun Song
Season 5, 2004: Drew Daniel
Season 6, 2005: Maggie Ausburn
Season 8, 2007: Dick Donato
Season 9, 2008: Adam Jasinski
Season 10, 2008: Dan Gheesling
Season 11, 2009: Jordan Lloyd
Season 12, 2010: Hayden Moss
Season 13, 2011: Rachel Reilly
Season 14, 2012: Ian Terry
Season 15, 2013: Andy Herren
Season 16, 2014: 2014

Julie Chen
Big Brother: All-Stars

Season 7, 2006: Mike Malin

 VietnamNgười Giấu Mặt - Big Brother VietnamVTV6Season 1, 2013–2014: Hoàng Sơn ViệtHuy Khánh

Current series[edit]

     Current season
CountrySeason nameLaunch dateFinale dateDaysHousematesGrand prize
 AlbaniaBig Brother 72014
 AustraliaBig Brother 112014$250,000
 BrazilBig Brother Brasil 1414 January 20141 April 20147820R$1,500,000
 CanadaBig Brother Canada 25 March 2014$100,000
 DenmarkBig Brother 20141 January 201415
 IsraelHaAh HaGadol 6May 2014
 ItalyGrande Fratello 1325 February 20148 May 2014106
 PhilippinesPinoy Big Brother 52014
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 52015
Ex-YugoslaviaVeliki Brat 5/Big Brother 72014
 South AfricaBig Brother Mzansi 32 February 2014
 SpainGran Hermano 15September 2014300,000
 United KingdomBig Brother 152014
Celebrity Big Brother 142014
 United StatesBig Brother 162014

Housemate exchanges[edit]

When two seasons in different countries are running simultaneously, housemates are sometimes temporarily exchanged between them.

Big Brother seriesHousemates involvedYearDuration
Mexico BB1 Mexico

swapped with
Spain GH3 Spain

Eduardo Orozco, "El Doc"

swapped with
Andrés Barreiro, "Ness"

20027 days
Argentina GH3 Argentina

swapped with
Spain GH4 Spain

Eduardo Carrera

swapped with
Inmaculada González

20037 days
Ecuador GH1 Ecuador

swapped with
Mexico BB2 Mexico

Álvaro Montalván

swapped with
Eduardo Enríque

20037 days
BB1 Africa

swapped with
United Kingdom BB4 UK

Gaetano Juko Kagwa

swapped with
Cameron Stout

20034 Days
NorwaySweden BB2 Scandinavia

swapped with
Thailand BB2 Thailand

Anton Granlund

swapped with
Kirt Tirat, "Boo"

20067 Days
Philippines PBB2 Philippines

swapped with
Slovenia BB1 Slovenia

Bruce Quebral
swapped with
Tina Semolič

20075 days
Argentina GH5 Argentina

swapped with
Spain GH9 Spain

Soledad Melli

swapped with
Eneko Van Horenbeke

20077 days
BB3 Africa

swapped with
Finland BB4 Finland

Munya Chidzonga

swapped with
Johan Grahn

20087 days
Finland BB5 Finland

swapped with
Philippines PBB3 Philippines

Kätlin Laas

swapped with
Catherine Remperas

20096 days
Spain GH11 Spain

swapped with
Italy GF10 Italy

Gerardo Prager and
Saray Pereira

swapped with
Carmela Gualtieri and
Massimo Scattarella

20107 days
Finland BB6 Finland

swapped with
Slovenia BBS1 Slovenia

Niko Nousiainen

swapped with
Sandra Auer

20106 days
Spain GH12 Spain

swapped with
Israel HH3 Israel

Lydia Navarro

swapped with
Yaakov "Jackie" Menahem

2010–20116 days
Finland BB7 Finland

swapped with
Norway BB4 Norway

Janica Kortman

swapped with
Siv Anita Austad

201110 days
Argentina GH7 Argentina

swapped with
Israel HH4 Israel

Victoria Irouleguy

swapped with
Sophie Karwacki

201212 days

7 days

Task visits[edit]

SeriesHousemates involvedYearDuration
Denmark BB4 Denmark

Sweden BB6 Sweden

Cathrine Petersen
Henrik Andreassen
Patricia Andersen
Umar Nyonyintono
20127 days


SeriesHousemates involvedYearDuration
Denmark BB4 Denmark

Sweden BB6 Sweden

Annica Englund20127 days

Current-evicted housemate exchange[edit]

SeriesHousemates involvedYearDuration
Brazil BB12 Brazil

swapped with
Spain GH13 Spain

Laisa Portella (evicted housemate)

swapped with
Noemí Merino (current housemate)

20127 days

5 days

Ex-Big Brother exchange[edit]

SeriesHousemates involvedYearDuration
Mexico VIP2 Mexico

swapped with
Spain GH5 Spain

Isabel Madow

swapped with
Aída Nízar

20037 days
Russia BR1 Russia

Housemate visited
GH1 Pacific

Ivan Timoshenko

swapped with
Gianmarco Retis

20057 days
Argentina GH4 Argentina

swapped with
Brazil BB7 Brazil

Pablo Espósito

swapped with
Iris Stefanelli

20075 days

Ex-Big Brother visit[edit]

SeriesHousemates involvedYear
United Kingdom BB4 UK

Housemate visited
Australia BB3 Australia

Anouska Golebiewski
United Kingdom BB5 UK

Housemate visited
Australia BB5 Australia

Nadia Almada
United Kingdom CBB4 UK

Housemate visited
Germany BB6 Germany

Chantelle Houghton
BB3 Africa

Housemate visited
Brazil BB9 Brazil

Ricardo Ferreira, "Ricco"
Germany BB9 Germany

Housemate visited
Philippines BB3 Philippines

Annina Ucatis
Sascha Schwan
Italy GF10 Italy

Housemates visited
Albania BB3 Albania

George Leonard
Veronica Ciardi
Sweden BB5 Sweden

Housemates visited
Norway BB4 Norway

Martin Granetoft
Peter Orrmyr
Sara Jonsson
Brazil BB12 Brazil

Housemate visited
Spain GH13 Spain

Rafael Cordeiro, "Fael"2012
Argentina GH4 Argentina

Housemate visited
Colombia GH2 Colombia

Agustín Belforte2012
United States BB10/14 US

Housemate visited
Canada BB1 Canada

Dan Gheesling2013
United States BB2/7 US

Housemate visited
United States BB15 US (Jury)

Will Kirby2013

Casting selection Big Brother exchange[edit]

SeriesHousemates involvedYear
Italy GF9 Italy

Housemate visited
Spain GH10 Spain

Doroti Polito
Leonia Coccia

Housemates competing in another country[edit]

HousematesOriginal seriesSecond series
Daniela MartinsFrance Secret Story 3 (France)Portugal Secret Story 1 (Portugal)
Daniel MkongoFrance Secret Story 5 (France)Italy Grande Fratello 12 (Italy)
Brigitte NielsenDenmark Big Brother VIP (Denmark)United Kingdom Celebrity Big Brother 3 (UK)
Jade GoodyUnited Kingdom Big Brother 3
Big Brother Panto
Celebrity Big Brother 5 (UK)
India Bigg Boss 2 (India)
Sava RadovićGermany Big Brother 4 (Germany)Veliki Brat 1 (Ex-Yugoslavia)
Nikola Nasteski ("Lester")Veliki Brat 4 (Ex-Yugoslavia)Bulgaria Big Brother All-Stars 1 (Bulgaria)
Žarko StojanovićFrance Secret Story 5 (France)Veliki Brat VIP 5 (Ex-Yugoslavia)
Željko StojanovićFrance Secret Story 5 (France)Veliki Brat VIP 5 (Ex-Yugoslavia)
Kelly BaronBrazil Big Brother 13 (Brazil)Portugal Big Brother VIP (Portugal)
Lucy DiakovskaBulgaria VIP Brother 4 (Bulgaria)Germany Promi Big Brother (Germany)


Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

Series participantsSeries juryPointsWinnerDate
Spain GH12 Spain – "A-Ba-Ni-Bi"
Israel HH3 Israel – "Bandido"
Italy GF11 Italy
Greece BB5 Greece
Argentina GH6 Argentina
Spain: 12 (Italy) + 12 (Greece) + 12 (Argentina) = 36
Israel: 10 (Italy) + 10 (Greece) + 10 (Argentina) = 30
SpainTests: 30-12-10 to 4-1-11
Israel performance: 5-1-2011
Spain performance: 6-1-2011
Ratings: 7-1-2011
Closed: 8-1-2011

FIFA World Cup[edit]

Series participantsPrizePointsWinnerDate
Germany BB10 Germany
United Kingdom BB11 UK
Tickets to 2010 FIFA World Cup (Round of 16) Germany vs. England gameAfter five penalties, the score was 1–1 and the game went to sudden death. After 36 penalties, German housemate Robert shot the ball wide and UK housemate Ife scored, winning 2–1.United Kingdom26 June 2010

Series subtitles[edit]

These are subtitles of Big Brother shows around the world (not local titles).

Region or countrySeasonSubtitle
8The Chase
Argentina Argentina
3Vive Y Sobrevive (Live And Survive)
5La Nueva Generación (The New Generation)
6La Nueva Era (The New Era)
7El Nuevo Gran Hermano (The New Big Brother)
Australia Australia9Secrets
10Big Twist
Belgium Belgium3Big Brother Anders
5Zero Privacy
Bulgaria Bulgaria1Биг Брадър вижда всичко! (Big Brother Sees Everything!)
3Очаквайте неочакваното! (Expect the Unexpected!)
VIP 2Нов! (New!)
4Епизод 4 (Episode 4)
VIP 3Звездите имат сърца! (Celebrities Have Hearts!)
Canada Canada1Big Brother Phone
2Til' Death Do You Part
Croatia Croatia1Vidi sve (Sees Everything)
2Gola istina (Naked Truth)
3Do kraja (To The End)
4Bez milosti! (No Mercy!)
5Avantura te zove! (Adventure Calls You!)
Denmark Denmark4TV Web Mobil Radio
5Alt kan ske (Anything Can Happen)
Finland Finland1Aidoin voittaa (The Most Genuine Wins)
2Toinen tuleminen (Second Coming)
3Käytä valtaasi (Use Your Power)
4Kuka oikeasti olet? (Who Are You Really?)
5Kaikki on toisin (Everything Is Different)
6Kulissit kaatuvat (True Colours Revealed)
7Enemmän salaisuuksia kuin milloinkaan ennen (More Secrets Than Ever Before)
8Fanita rohkeasti (Be a Brave Fan)
Celebrity 1Kamalampi kuin koskaan (More Horrible Than Ever)
Germany Germany2Back to Basics
4The Battle
5365 Tage - 1 Million Euro (365 Days - 1 Million Euro)
6Das Dorf (The Village)
7Wer bist du wirklich? (Who Are You Really?)
10Everyone Has a Secret
11The Secret
Greece Greece3The Wall
4Big Mother
Netherlands Netherlands3The Battle
VIP 2Big Brother Hotel
Norway Norway3Next Generation
Philippines PhilippinesTeen 2Plus
3Double Up
Teen 3Clash of 2010
Poland Poland1, 2, 4.1, 5 (Part 2)Wielki Brat (Big Brother)
3Bitwa (The Battle)
5 (Part 1)VIP
Portugal Portugal1O Grande Irmão (Big Brother)
VIP 3Toda a gente vê (Everyone sees)
Secret Story 1Casa dos Segredos (House of Secrets)
Secret Story 2
Secret Story 3
Secret Story 4
Secret Story: Desafio Final 1Casa dos Segredos – Desafio Final (House of Secrets – Final Challenge)
Secret Story: Desafio Final 2
Romania Romania2Fratele Cel Mare (Big Brother)
Serbia Serbia
Montenegro Montenegro
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
2Očekuj neočekivano (Expect the Unexpected)
3Veliki Brat je dvoličan (Two-Faced Big Brother)
VIP 4Bitka počinje (The Battle Starts)
4Ljubi bližnjeg svog (Love Thy Neighbor)
Spain Spain1-7La vida en directo (Life, Live)
VIP 1El Desafío (The Challenge)
8Lo verás todo (You Will See Everything)
9Nada es lo que parece (Nothing Is What It Seems)
10Es otra historia (It's Another Story)
11La Nueva Era (The New Age)
GH: El reencuentro (The Reunion)Cuentas pendientes (Unfinished Business)
12La cuarta dimensión (The Fourth Dimension)
GH: El reencuentro 2 (The Reunion)10 años después (10 Years Later)
13 (12+1)Dale la vuelta (Turn It Over)
GH: El reencuentro 3 (The Reunion)La Re-vuelta (The Rebellion)
14Asómate y siente el vértigo (Lean Out and Feel Dizzy)
Slovenia Slovenia1Big Brother vas gleda! (Big Brother Is Watching You!)
Celebrity 1Big Brother Slavnih (Celebrity Big Brother)
United Kingdom UKCelebrity 1In Aid of Comic Relief
2View, Vote, Control
Teen 1The Experiment
5Big Brother Gets Evil
Celebrity 3
6Unlucky 13
7Big Brother Gets Twisted
9Zero Tolerance
Celebrity 7Hell Lies in Others
11The Big Send-Off
Welcome to the Mad House
Ultimate 1The Final Send-Off
13Let the Fun and Games Begin!
Celebrity 11Big Brother's Winter of Discontent
14Secrets and Lies
Celebrity 12Celebs and Fame
United States US3Expect The Unexpected
4The X-Factor
5Project DNA - Do Not Assume
6Summer Of Secrets
8America's Player

9'Til Death Do You Part
10Back to Basics
11High School Cliques
12Summer of Sabotage
13The Summer of Double Trouble
14Big Brother Coaches
15Go Big!

Similar programmes[edit]

A number of programmes worldwide use rules similar to those on Big Brother:

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