Big Bend (Florida)

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This map shows the counties that are included in the second definition of the Big Bend region of Florida.

The Big Bend of Florida, U.S.A., is an informal region of the state with no official surveyed boundary. It includes part of the counties of the Florida Panhandle. Geologists prefer to characterize Florida’s Big Bend as the drowned karst section of the coast that occurs between the mouth of the Apalachicola River and Southwest Florida’s Central Barrier Coast.[1][2][3] Perhaps the most culturally relevant definition of the Big Bend region is the section of west peninsular Florida’s coast without barrier islands—the section from Anclote Key (or the Anclote River), near Tarpon Springs to Ochlockonee Bay, near Alligator Point. The straight line distance between these two geographic features is about 150 miles apart. Generally following the arc of the coast offshore, it is closer to 200 miles in distance.

An alternative definition more prevalent in Florida's panhandle includes the area around Apalachee Bay, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. It runs from Franklin County on the west end through Jefferson, Taylor and Dixie on the southeast end.[4] Common usage may also include Franklin, Gadsden, Leon, Liberty and Madison counties in the region.[5][6] The principal city in the region is Tallahassee.



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