Bible Broadcasting Network

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Bible Broadcasting Network
FoundedOctober 2, 1971
FoundersLowell Davey
HeadquartersCharlotte, NC, United States
Area servedNorth and South America
Servicesreligious radio
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Bible Broadcasting Network
FoundedOctober 2, 1971
FoundersLowell Davey
HeadquartersCharlotte, NC, United States
Area servedNorth and South America
Servicesreligious radio

The Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) is a listener-supported global Christian radio network staffed and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The programming consists of 50% outside ministries, 30% music and 20% BBN-produced programs.[citation needed] The network was founded in 1968 by its president, Lowell Davey, who also hosts a BBN program called Perspective. Network non-music content includes prayer times, children's programs, Bible teaching, teen programs, and family guidance programs. The network was born out of Davey's failed offer to buy a radio station in Norfolk, Virginia. The company was incorporated and on March 28, 1969, bought bankrupt WYFI and began broadcasting on Oct. 2, 1971, at 5 p.m.[1]

The station plays all-traditional Christian music, including vocalists, choirs, and instrumentalists. BBN's mission statement is "to get the Word of God into the hearts and minds of as many people as possible using the most efficient means." Doctrinally, the programming is conservative evangelical in approach. BBN also avoids programming geared towards "signs and wonders", "charismatic" theology, and "prosperity theology".[who?]


BBN owns and operates 44 full-power stations and 87 low-power translators in 31 states.[2] They also operate AM and FM radio stations in 14 countries of North and South America.[citation needed] BBN also broadcasts around the world full-time via streaming on the internet in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, and Russian.[citation needed] It is estimated that these stations reach over 200 million people.[who?]

Call signFrequency
City of licenseERP
m (ft)
ClassFCC info
WYFD91.7Decatur, Alabama9,000240 m (790 ft)C2WYFD FCC
WGTF89.5Dothan, Alabama19,00064 m (210 ft)C3WGTF FCC
WYBP90.3Fort Lauderdale, Florida3,00085 m (279 ft)AWYBP FCC
WYFB90.5Gainesville, Florida97,000207 m (679 ft)C1WYFB FCC
WYFO91.9Lakeland, Florida25,000100 m (330 ft)C3WYFO FCC
WYBX88.3Key West, Florida2,00031 m (102 ft)AWYBX FCC
WYBW88.7Key Colony Beach, Florida25028 m (92 ft)AFCC
WYFZ91.3Belleview, Florida90097 m (318 ft)AWYFZ FCC
WDBW-LP97.3Port St. Joe, Florida9430.6 m (100 ft)L1WDBW-LP FCC
WYFE88.9Tarpon Springs, Florida60,000137 m (449 ft)C1WYFE FCC
WYFK89.5Columbus, Georgia50,000134 m (440 ft)C2WYFK FCC
WYFS89.5Savannah, Georgia100,000183 m (600 ft)C1FCC
WYFA107.1Waynesboro, Georgia25,00090 m (300 ft)C3WYFA FCC
WYFW89.5Winder, Georgia6,00061 m (200 ft)AFCC
WYBV89.9Wakarusa, Indiana1,750100 m (330 ft)AFCC
KYFW88.3Wichita, Kansas17,00043 m (141 ft)C3FCC
KYFL89.5Monroe, Louisiana25,000115 m (377 ft)C2FCC
WYFP91.9Harpswell, Maine6,00044 m (144 ft)AFCC
WYBA90.1Coldwater, Michigan32,00077 m (253 ft)BFCC
KYFI630St. Louis, Missouri5,0000 m (0 ft)BKYFI FCC
KYFG88.9Omaha, Nebraska1,500147 m (482 ft)AKYFG FCC
WYBY920Cortland, New York1,000 day
500 night
0 m (0 ft)BWYBY FCC
WYFQ93.5Wadesboro, North Carolina8,700169 m (554 ft)C3WYFQ FCC
WYFQ930Charlotte, North Carolina5,000 day
1,000 night
0 m (0 ft)BWYFQ FCC
WYBH91.1Fayetteville, North Carolina255195 m (640 ft)AFCC
WYFL92.5Henderson, North Carolina100,000311 m (1,020 ft)C0WYFL FCC
WHPE-FM95.5High Point, North Carolina100,000159 m (522 ft)C1WHPE-FM FCC
WCVV89.5Belpre, Ohio4,400117 m (384 ft)AWCVV FCC
WYFY88.1Cambridge, Ohio1,50044 m (144 ft)AFCC
WYBQ88.3Leesport, Pennsylvania67084 m (276 ft)AFCC
Call signFrequency
City of licenseERP
m (ft)
ClassFCC info
WYFU88.5Masontown, Pennsylvania16,000106 m (348 ft)B1WYFU FCC
WYFV88.5Cayce, South Carolina50,00052 m (171 ft)C2WYFV FCC
WYFG91.1Gaffney, South Carolina100,000204 m (669 ft)C1WYFG FCC
WYFH90.7North Charleston, South Carolina50,000150 m (490 ft)C2WYFH FCC
WYBK89.7Chattanooga, Tennessee100,000250 m (820 ft)C1WYBK FCC
WYFC95.3Clinton, Tennessee1,450204 m (669 ft)AWYFC FCC
WYFN980Nashville, Tennessee5,0000 m (0 ft)BFCC
KYFB91.5Denison, Texas4,50067 m (220 ft)AKYFB FCC
KYFP89.1Palestine, Texas100,000148 m (486 ft)C1FCC
KYFS90.9San Antonio, Texas100,000145 m (476 ft)C1KYFS FCC
KYFO95.5Ogden, Utah100,000219 m (719 ft)C1FCC
WYFJ99.9Ashland, Virginia6,000100 m (330 ft)AWYFJ FCC
WYFT103.9Luray, Virginia6,00092 m (302 ft)AWYFT FCC
WYFI99.7Norfolk, Virginia50,000139 m (456 ft)BWYFI FCC
KWFJ89.7Roy, Washington1,00030 m (98 ft)AKWFJ FCC

Low powered translators[edit]

In addition to its full-power stations, BBN is relayed by 87 translators to widen its broadcast area.

Call signFrequency
City of licenseERP
ClassFCC info
W269AX101.7Anniston, Alabama10DFCC
W280DA103.9Florence, Alabama55DFCC
W230AV93.9Gadsden, Alabama10DFCC
K218CV91.5Springerville, Arizona75DFCC
K286AQ105.1El Dorado, Arkansas250DFCC
K203CE88.5Springdale, Arkansas15DFCC
W219BZ91.7Lewes, Delaware170DFCC
W265BJ100.9Crystal River, Florida55DFCC
W209AY96.1Kissimmee, Florida19DFCC
W257BF99.3Leesburg, Florida55DFCC
W249CH97.7Palm Coast, Florida80DFCC
W247AF97.3Sarasota, Florida80DFCC
W260CA99.9Sebring, Florida55DFCC
W228BK93.5Union Park, Florida38DFCC
W273AE102.5Albany, Georgia55DFCC
W290AG105.9Griffin, Georgia27DFCC
W282AE104.3Macon, Georgia13DFCC
W208AW89.5Pontiac, Illinois55DFCC
W209AY89.7Jasper, Indiana19DFCC
W209CL89.7Washington, Indiana120DFCC
K207EX89.3Marshalltown, Iowa250DFCC
K258AE99.5Hutchinson, Kansas250DFCC
K204CR88.7McPherson, Kansas250DFCC
K228DY93.5Newton, Kansas250DFCC
W202AZ88.3Frankfort, Kentucky19DFCC
K267AN101.3Alexandria, Louisiana250DFCC
K290AL105.9Minden, Louisiana250DFCC
K217FD91.3Pineville, Louisiana250DFCC
W277AM103.3Biddeford, Maine13DFCC
Call signFrequency
City of licenseERP
ClassFCC info
W218AY91.5Laurel, Mississippi19DFCC
W220BN91.9Natchez, Mississippi13DFCC
K204CS88.7Poplar Bluff, Missouri250DFCC
K212GG90.3Grand Island, Nebraska250DFCC
K209CF89.7Kearney, Nebraska140DFCC
K276FB103.1Schuyler, Nebraska250DFCC
K208CK89.5Scottsbluff, Nebraska170DFCC
K210EB89.9Clovis, New Mexico150DFCC
W203BV88.5Jamestown, New York9DFCC
W216CG91.1Pottersville, New York250DFCC
W255BE98.9Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina55DFCC
W287AI105.3Goldsboro, North Carolina80DFCC
W287AH105.3Greenville, North Carolina55DFCC
W240AW95.9Kinston, North Carolina55DFCC
W219BO91.7Manteo, North Carolina55DFCC
W220DL91.9Statesville, North Carolina38DFCC
K204FG88.7Bismarck, North Dakota250DFCC
W210BG89.9Ashland, Ohio20DFCC
W207CC89.3New Philadelphia, Ohio27DFCC
W202AW88.3Sandusky, Ohio120DFCC
W218BL91.5Willard, Ohio55DFCC
W218CP91.5Wooster, Ohio38DFCC
K278AF103.5Ponca City, Oklahoma250DFCC
W219DB91.7Johnstown, Pennsylvania22DFCC
W260AK99.9Georgetown, South Carolina55DFCC
W274AE102.7Greenwood, South Carolina27DFCC
W290AE105.9Laurens, South Carolina80DFCC
W223BG92.5Lugoff, South Carolina27DFCC
W241BI96.1Orangeburg, South Carolina120DFCC
W242AH96.3Sumter, South Carolina170DFCC
Call signFrequency
City of licenseERP
ClassFCC info
W220EE91.9Columbia, Tennessee38DFCC
W202BG88.3Dyersburg, Tennessee19DFCC
W229AK93.7Lafollette, Tennessee19DFCC
W286AG105.1Morristown, Tennessee10DFCC
W210BO89.9Tullahoma, Tennessee27DFCC
W239AE95.7Winchester, Tennessee10DFCC
K218EB91.5Greenville, Texas250DFCC
K203EQ88.5Lufkin, Texas200DFCC
K217CP91.3Paris, Texas250DFCC
K217FQ91.3Centerville, Utah215DFCC
W296AM107.1Bassett, Virginia10DFCC
W261AN100.1Blacksburg, Virginia23DFCC
W240AF95.9Charlottesville, Virginia50DFCC
W261AM100.1Christiansburg, Virginia23DFCC
W224AF92.7Danville, Virginia23DFCC
W261AI100.1Fairlawn, Pulaski County, Virginia6DFCC
W204CH88.7Fredericksburg, Virginia27DFCC
W293BQ106.5Harrisonburg, Virginia10DFCC
W249AL97.7Pulaski, Virginia23DFCC
W261AH100.1Radford, Virginia9DFCC
W253BE98.5Salem, Virginia10DFCC
W268AC101.5Waynesboro, Virginia13DFCC
W267AK101.3Winchester, Virginia250DFCC
W224AE92.7Wytheville, Virginia10DFCC
W209AX89.7Fairmont, West Virginia6DFCC
W244BB96.7Princeton, West Virginia10DFCC
K217EY91.3Laramie, Wyoming13DFCC


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