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Beur is a colloquial term to designate French-born people whose parents are immigrants from North Africa.[1] It is also frequently applied to other western Europeans with a North African origin, such as those in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. The word was coined by reversing the syllables of the word arabe, which means Arabic or Arab in French. For example, "arabe" becomes "a-ra-beu" then "beu-ra-a" and "beur" by contraction. The term is slightly familiar and not advised in formal speech with respect to etiquette. The term Beur is used to refer to all the Arabs from either Maghreb or Mashreq areas of the Arab world born in France.

Since the late 1990s, a lot of young people have used the twice-verlanised term rebeu as a synonym. A female beur can be called a beurette. The word beurgeois is derived from a combination of the words beur and bourgeois.

Since 1992, the BEUR.FM[2] radio station has been broadcasting nationwide (106.7 FM in Paris). It specializes in North African Arab music and other genres (Funk, Rap,...) discussion, and news.

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