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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis is an internet comedy series that appears on the video website Funny or Die. As the show's title suggests, host Zach Galifianakis conducts celebrity interviews sitting with his guests between two potted ferns:[1] the set intentionally resembles a low-budget amateur production for public-access television.[1] Galifianakis maintains an awkward and often antagonistic demeanor with his guests, asking them bizarre and inappropriate questions mixed with offhand non-sequiturs. Episodes often include a segment in which Galifianakis awkwardly interrupts his guests to promote a sponsor's product—examples include bananas, Need for Speed: Shift videogame, and (most frequently) Speed Stick deodorant. The series' theme music is Dave Blume's arrangement of Bernard Herrmann's Theme from Taxi Driver, which is on the original Taxi Driver soundtrack album but was not included in the film.


The show originated as a short film on Scott Aukerman & B.J. Porter's Fox sketch pilot "The Right Now! Show," a spin-off of their Comedy Death-Ray live show. After the network declined to pick up the show, the duo put the short up on the website Funny Or Die, where it made a successful transition to an internet series.

Discussing the show on ABC News Now, Galifianakis said "The sycophantic way that Hollywood machine runs – it's fun to make fun of it. That's how 'Between Two Ferns' started." Guests aren't told what will happen in advance, according to Galifianakis, "They agree to come. There is no discussion beforehand...It just happens, no real prep, no organization whatsoever." He said "inappropriateness is really fun to me...That is kind of the take on 'Between Two Ferns' – inappropriate humor."[2]


The Chicago Tribune described it as "surreal improv...a talk show that's more of a charming critique of the faked intimacy of celebrity interviews than a talk show."[3]


No.GuestsOriginal air dateViews
1Michael CeraJanuary 4, 20089.79[4]
2Jimmy KimmelApril 17, 20084.47[5]
3Jon HammDecember 12, 20085.08[6]
4Natalie PortmanMay 6, 200912.24[7]
5Bradley Cooper and Carrot TopMay 26, 20097.44[8]
6Charlize TheronSeptember 4, 20096.57[9]
7Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter and Andy DickNovember 11, 20096.27[10]
8Ben StillerMarch 16, 20106.19[11]
9Steve CarellJuly 29, 20109.91[12]
10Sean PennAugust 31, 20105.65[13]
11Bruce WillisOctober 12, 20105.87[14]
12Tila Tequila and Jennifer AnistonFebruary 9, 20116.11[15]
13Will Ferrell and Jon HammMay 23, 20116.19[16]
SpecialTina Fey, Jon Stewart, and Richard BransonMay 6, 2012TBA
14Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Watts and Amy AdamsFebruary 11, 2013TBA[17]
15Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain, Sally Field and Emmanuel LewisFebruary 12, 2013TBA[18]
16James Franco, The Lonely IslandMay 8, 2013TBA[19]
17Justin BieberSeptember 26, 2013TBA
18Tobey Maguire and Samuel L. JacksonDecember 18, 2013TBA


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