Betty Catroux

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Betty Catroux (born Betty Saint) is a former Chanel model[1] and fashion icon who has been cited as a muse by both Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford.

Modeling career

Saint Laurent has called her his twin sister[2] and referred to her as his female incarnation.[3] Tom Ford was so inspired by her that he dedicated his debut YSL Rive Gauche collection to her.[2] When asked about her fashion sense, Catroux said that she has “dressed the same way practically since I was born. I don’t dress as a woman. I’m not interested in fashion at all."[4]

Catroux is famed for her long white-blond hair, lanky body, gaunt features, and androgynous appearance.[5] Catroux and Saint Laurent met, according to her, in a "very, very gay" nightclub in Paris, Regine's, in the 1960s and had a friendly relationship until his death. Reminiscing on their friendship, Catroux said: "I had a fairytale life with him."[4]

Personal life

She is the only child of Carmen Saint, a Brazil-born French socialite,[6][7] and Elim O'Shaughnessy, an American diplomat.

In 1968, Betty Saint married French interior decorator François Catroux, a grandson of General Georges Catroux. The couple has two daughters: Maxime, a book editor at Flammarion,[8] and Daphné, who is married to Count Charles-Antoine Morand.[9]