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IndustryProperty Restoration
Disaster Recovery
Headquarters185 Oakland Ave., Ste. 150, Birmingham, Michigan 48009, USA[2]
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleChief Executive Officer - Sheldon Yellen
Chief Operating Officer - Mike Yellen
Chief Financial Officer - Joe Ciolino
RevenueNot Available
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IndustryProperty Restoration
Disaster Recovery
Headquarters185 Oakland Ave., Ste. 150, Birmingham, Michigan 48009, USA[2]
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleChief Executive Officer - Sheldon Yellen
Chief Operating Officer - Mike Yellen
Chief Financial Officer - Joe Ciolino
RevenueNot Available

BELFOR is a global disaster recovery and property restoration company. With over 6,000 employees worldwide and more than 250 offices in 28 countries, BELFOR has a network of resources, personnel and equipment geographically positioned to respond to any natural or man-made disaster throughout the world.

The company offers a comprehensive range of water, fire and storm damage emergency recovery and restoration services for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential customers. These services include emergency response, water extraction, structural drying and dehumidification, structural cleaning and decontamination, mold remediation, contents restoration, vital records recovery, magnetic media and data recovery, book and document recovery, electronics restoration, equipment and machinery refurbishment, semiconductor decontamination services, environmental services, consulting services and, reconstruction.

Company Profile[edit]

BELFOR Holdings Inc. is a privately owned holding company headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan, USA; and operates many subsidiary companies.

BELFOR USA Group is the significant subsidiary and operates under the name of BELFOR Property Restoration. BELFOR operates more than 100 offices across the U.S. (2012).

BELFOR (Canada) Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, operates 34 offices coast to coast under the BELFOR Property Restoration trade name.

BELFOR Holdings Inc.
Other BELFOR subsidiaries include BELFOR Environmental, a leading provider of environmental services in the United States; DUCTZ, a leader in air duct and HVAC restoration in the United States; HOODZ, a leader in kitchen exhaust cleaning and compliance in the United States; BELFOR DeHaDe GmbH, a European-based company specializing in machinery and equipment restoration; Amiral Clean, Belgium-based company specializing in residential fire and water damage restoration; Recontect B.V., a Netherlands-based company specializing in electronics and machinery reconditioning and restoration; BC Brandchemie, a German-based company specializing in fire protection systems and restoration chemical manufacturing; Greenblendz Inc., a manufacturer of eco-friendly commercial, residential and personal cleaning products; ecoSTORE USA, a retailer of non-toxic plant and mineral based cleaning products; and The Professional Group, which includes under its umbrella the following companies: Professional Grounds Services and Professional Plantscaping Services, providers of internal and external grounds services and maintenance; Coleman-Wolf Supply Co., a janitorial supplies distributor; and, Preferred Building Services LLC and Professional Building Maintenance LLC, providers of janitorial maintenance services.

Worldwide coverage[edit]

In 2013 the following countries were covered: Austria, China, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Latin America, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Thailand and the USA.


BELFOR's roots can be traced back to a family-owned and operated grocery trading company conducting business in 1756. The central figure in the company’s history was businessman and industrialist Franz Haniel (1779-1868). Under his management, the trading company grew into a business empire with interests in the grocery trade, shipping and mining.

After World War II, the Haniel organization withdrew from the capital-intensive mining industries and the coal fuel trade and entered into building materials, grocery and pharmaceutical wholesale, washroom services and stainless steel recycling. In the late 1960s, environmental protection services was added as a growth market.

In the 1980s, Haniel restructured its operations to individual corporate divisions.

The Haniel Umweltschutz (Environmental Services) Division began to perform fire damage restoration and preventive fire protection through acquisitions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Italy.

Restoration activity was expanded with the acquisition of COUTELLAS S.A. in France.

Haniel Umweltschutz was organized into two divisions: Haniel Industrie-Service - providing pipe and sewer cleaning services, special transportation services, plant maintenance and transport safety; and, Haniel Envirotec - performing machinery and facility overhauls, electronics restoration, preventive fire protection and asbestos remediation.

Structure drying services was added to the range of restoration activities. The two environmental divisions including restoration services were reunited under the name of Haniel EnviroService. Fire and water restoration services were expanded to the United Kingdom.

All Haniel EnviroService companies began to operate under the BELFOR umbrella brand.

BELFOR entered the U.S. market through a merger with Enterprise International, parent company of Recovery Solutions International of Cleburne, Rocky Mountain Catastrophe (RM CAT), USA Drying, Stimack Construction Co., Pacific Catastrophe (PAC CAT), and RMCAT Environmental Services Inc. That same year, BELFOR acquired Disaster Recovery Services Inc. (DRS).

BELFOR acquired Relectronic-Remech, a leading European competitor, and entered the Asian market. At the same time, BELFOR divested of its pipe and sewer services and industrial services. At the end of the year, the Division was renamed BELFOR International, with a core business of fire and water damage restoration. BELFOR USA acquired Bridgeway Construction, and BELFOR (Netherland) acquired Bonnet in Weesp. In 2000, the BELFOR Group employed 1,800 employees in 100 offices in 21 countries.

BELFOR USA acquired INRECON LLC. (Insurance Reconstruction), a significant competitor in the USA and parent company of Cromwell Restoration Ltd., the largest restoration company in Canada. BELFOR USA also acquired Remodeling Contractors & Cleaning Service, Inc. (RCCS).

BELFOR USA acquired S-K Contracting Inc.

BELFOR opened new branch offices in Germany and Austria, and expanded its East European business to Poland and Czech Republic. The Asian operations expanded into Japan while the Canadian operations acquired two competitors, Babayan's Construction Ltd. of Toronto and CR Associates of Ottawa.

BELFOR Belgium acquired the restoration company Amiral Clean. The Haniel Group sold 75% of its BELFOR-shares to the senior management of the newly established BELFOR Holdings Inc.

BELFOR Holdings Inc. acquired DUCTZ International, LLC, a professional air duct cleaning and HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) restoration company with offices in 22 states. BELFOR Holdings Inc. acquired the remaining 25% of the shares from Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. The company became wholly owned by its senior management.

BELFOR expanded into Shanghai, China, and into Bratislava, Slovakia. BELFOR USA acquired the Alexander Wall Corporation (AWC) of Long Island, New York.

BELFOR USA acquired Hawaii Restorative Services of Honolulu.

BELFOR Chile SA is established in Santiago.
BELFOR acquired PowerVac Services, a Residential, Commercial and Marine/Offshore Duct Cleaning, Asbestos / Heavy Metal Abatement / Microbial Remediation, Emergency Response and Full Service Restoration. Based in North America.

Awards and Recognition[edit]


BELFOR's CEO Sheldon Yellen was featured 2011 in CBS's primetime show Undercover Boss. More than 13 million viewers watched as Yellen took an emotional journey through the everyday lives of four BELFOR employees. As he worked side by side disguised as an unemployed insurance salesman, Yellen witnessed firsthand on-the-job trials and personal struggles that each employee faced on a daily basis. During his own struggle with physically demanding challenges in difficult jobsite situations, he revealed his true identity in an emotional moment to reassure a dedicated employee that her work with the company was appreciated, Yellen was reminded of the many contributions that BELFOR employees make for the company on a daily basis. He now reminds his management team that they must be in touch with the needs of all employees, and he has vowed to become more involved beyond the corporate office.

Yellen was also featured on Epic Bosses, a special episode of UNDERCOVER BOSS that provided fans of the show with updated information on some of the most compelling episodes.

Sheldon’s expressive demeanor, as well his concern for his employees, was so powerful that the episode received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Reality Program in 2011.

Recovery Role In Notable Natural Disasters[edit]

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