Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women

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Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, the only maximum security prison for women in the State of New York.

Address: 247 Harris Rd Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women is a prison for women in Bedford Hills in the Town of Bedford, Westchester County, New York, USA.[1] Bedford Hills, the only New York State Department of Correctional Services women's maximum security prison,[2] is the largest women's prison in New York state and has hosted many infamous prisoners. The prison previously opened under the name Westfield State Farm in 1901.

Bedford Hills is one of several New York facilities exclusively for women, the others being Albion Correctional Facility, Bayview Correctional Facility, Beacon Correctional Facility, and Taconic Correctional Facility.[3] Its family-centered program, founded by Sister Elaine Roulet, has served as a model for other prison programs in the United States and is considered the standard for innovative family-centered programs.[4]

Mothers of Bedford[edit]

Filmmaker Jenifer McShane produced a documentary film about the mothers in the family center of Bedford Hills. She spent four years doing research at Bedford Hills and following the experiences of the women and their families. The film examines the experiences of five women as they deal with being prisoners and mothers. Eighty percent of women in US prisons today are mothers of school-age children. The Fledgling Fund says of the film, “Mothers of Bedford is a beautiful film. It provides audiences with unprecedented access to this community of women and will move our national conversation about incarceration to a new level.”[5][6]

Notable inmates[edit]


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