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Bartholomew Gill was the pen name of Mark C. McGarrity (22 July 1943 – 4 July 2002),[1] an Irish-American crime fiction and mystery novelist and newspaper features writer and columnist writing on nature and outdoor recreation for The Star-Ledger. He was the author of 22 mystery novels, set in Ireland, and featuring a "resourceful police detective named Peter McGarr."[2] For a pen name, McGarrity used the name of his grandfather, Bartholomew Gill, who "was a great storyteller."[2] He also wrote five novels and a work of nonfiction under his real name, and his writings for the Star-Ledger were published under his own name.[2]


McGarrity's tombstone with his pen name in Newton Cemetery in Newton, New Jersey

Mark C. McGarrity was born on 22 July 1943 in Holyoke, Massachusetts,[2] McGarrity received a bachelor's degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and a master's degree from Trinity College, Dublin.[2]

McGarrity died at the age of 58 on 4 July 2002 from injuries sustained in a fall at his Morristown, New Jersey home. He had forgotten his keys and attempted to enter his home by climbing through a window.[2][3] McGarrity was buried in Newton Cemetery, in Newton, New Jersey, where his gravestone identifies him by both his real name and pen name, and as "author, outdoorsman, Maddie's father."[1]


Under the name "Mark C. McGarrity"
Under the name "Bartholomew Gill"

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