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BARBRI is a company in the United States that offers a widely used bar exam preparation course. American recipients of a Juris Doctor degree can attend a six-week BARBRI course,[citation needed] which features lectures by law professors on the six major areas covered on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) – torts, contracts, real property, evidence, criminal law, and constitutional law – along with additional lectures on the specific law of the state. Most of the lectures are presented in person, remotely on DVD, or online through the BARBRI website. BARBRI also supplies participants with outlines of the topic areas tested on each state's bar exam, practice essay questions, and multiple-choice questions.


Four of the company's predecessors were founded in the 1950s by William A. Rutter, who died in 2012, and in 1967 by two Chicago attorneys – Lewis Collens and Beardsley Ruml. In 1974, the unsuccessful San Francisco-based "Bay Area Review" (BAR) and Chicago-based "Bar Review Inc." (BRI) were bought by publisher Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich for $5 million, and promptly combined. The new subsidiary was officially known as "Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Legal and Professional Publications," but was marketed under the brand name BAR/BRI. William Rutter became key Chairman and CEO. Stan Chess was President of BAR/BRI from 1980 until 1995, and the President of BARBRI is currently Mike Sims.

The company was formerly owned by Thomson Reuters, the owner of the Westlaw legal research system. In April 2011 BARBRI was sold to Leeds Equity Partners.

Courses and faculty[edit]

BARBRI offers preparation courses in every state and the District of Columbia for both the summer and winter administration of the bar exam. In most larger states, live presentations are available in one or more locations during the summer course. The course is also offered remotely in additional locations, often on or near the campus of various law schools. BARBRI also provides a "home study" version of the course, in which students listen to lectures on an iPod or students can access or make-up lectures through the BARBRI website. The course consists of lectures on substantive law, multiple choice question review, a practice administration of the multistate bar exam, and practice essay questions. Most lectures last from three to four hours. BARBRI also provides numerous course books which include summaries of the substantive law, note-taking outlines, and practice questions. Most BARBRI lecturers are full-time tenured law professors, and some have lectured for the company for many years. Among long-time BARBRI lecturers are Erwin Chemerinsky (UC Irvine); John Diamond (UC Hastings); Stanley Johanson (Texas); Faust Rossi (Cornell); Michael D. Sabbath (Mercer); Roger Schechter (George Washington); John "Kip" Cornwell (Seton Hall Law School); Michael Spak (Chicago-Kent College of Law), Louis Collins (Chicago-Kent College of Law), David G. Epstein (University of Richmond School of Law), and Irving Younger (Minnesota College of Law).

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