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Backpackers is a mixed genre travel-reality television program created by and starring friends Mick Middleton, James Grech (JAG) and Lee Mahoney from Colac, Victoria.

The show was shot on three cameras over a year as Middleton, Grech and Mahoney left everything behind and backpacked on a shoestring budget around Europe.

It began airing in Australia on 13 November 2006 on Foxtel's Channel V, but had already been picked up and aired in other countries throughout the world, including OLN Canada, C4 New Zealand, Extreme sports channel Extreme Sports Channelin England, in Turkey, Dream TV Turkey and Channel V in Malaysia.[citation needed]

The program has received mixed reviews and cult recognition due to the nature in which the three backpackers went about making the show on small cameras and traveling on their own funds, interviewing, partying and recording all the random moments that occurred throughout the trip.

Backpackers has been both criticized and praised[citation needed] for its honest portrayal of a year of budget travel and has received a small cult base. Backpackers has also been criticized[by whom?] for not being easy to find on the Internet.

The backpackers[edit]

Mick Middleton[edit]

James Grech (JAG)[edit]

Lee Mahoney[edit]

Episode list[edit]

Episode #Aus air dateEpisode nameDescription
113/11/2006Three Men & a Pilot- (London In the first episode Mick, Jag and Lee are introduced; three mates from Melbourne, Australia. They are about to say their goodbyes and get on a plane for a year trip around Europe. Once in England the fun begins as Lee gets a girl)
213/12/2006We're in London Still- (London Tooth troubles)
313/01/2007To be Sure!- (Ireland, St Patrick's Day The guys travel through the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland talking about clock building and visiting the site where the Titanic was built, and as always having problems with Van Damme. But with money getting low the boys decide to head to Scotland to work, and pimp out Van Damme.)
413/02/2007Belfast Burryman or Bust- Ireland to Scotland (The boys go in search of the Lock ness monster, cook haggis, make kilts and learn to dance.)
513/03/2007Double Creamery Poltergeist- Scotland (Cheese Roll) As the guys say their goodbyes to their jobs and friends in Scotland they head over to France where they get beer at Maccas and get in trouble with the police. Oh and there are more problems with Van Damme.
613/04/2007That's no' how you make Haggis!- Scottish Experience (The group are now in Spain, which means drinks, bulls and good times to be had.)
713/05/2007Adios Sctoland- (Scotland to France The Guys and girls Of Van Damme drive from Spain into Portugal, but not before stopping and checking out the little city of Cuntis & plenty of beaches)
813/06/2007Pooing our Pants in Pamploma- Spain, Running of the Bulls
913/07/2007Spain, Portugal, Spain, Portugal!( Spain - Portugal, Island Getaway)
1013/08/2007Those Damn Sirens!(Portugal, Lagos Party Life!)
1113/09/2007Food Fight!(Portugal - Spain, La Tomatina)
1213/10/2007Where?(Spain to Andorra)
1313/11/2007Hello my Rag-Time Gal!(After dropping the girls off at the airport to do their own thing, the guys head to a little town and have a look around, also eat frogs legs, snails and find a little town called Condom)
1413/12/2007Them Dry Bones!(Paris, Catacombs)
1513/01/2008Stolen Memories(France to Germany, Oktoberfest)
1613/02/2008Fook you!(Germany to Austria)
1713/03/2008Don't fear the reaper!(Austria to Czech, Bone Church)
1813/04/2008Trick or Treat!(Czech to Hungary/Romania/Austria)
1913/05/2008Backpacker Pis(Belgium, Chocolatier!)
2013/06/2008High Times!(Amsterdam)
2113/07/2008Dora the Explora!(London, selling the van)
2213/08/2008Buon anno!(Italy NYE Rome)
2313/09/2008The boot continued(Italy to Cicily, Mt Etna)
2413/10/2008How do you make a Maltese Cross?(Malta Family reunion)
2513/11/2008Backpackers Boat Bonanza(Malta - Denmark, Sweden!)
2613/12/2008Three Men and a Season finale(The Return home)


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