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"Baba Jukwa" (Shona: "father of Jukwa") is a self-given nickname for a Zimbabwean political online blogger.[1] He is believed to be part of the Vapanduki crew (a Shona word, translated as "rebels" or "defectors"), a group which includes disgruntled ZANU-PF insiders, service chiefs and other civil servants in Zimbabwe. Most of his writings are brought out via his Facebook page, which boasts of a following of over 300,000.

According to information in the mainstream media and Baba Jukwa's page, the main purpose of the blog is to protect the public by pre-empting some secretive operations by the ruling party which include murder, assassination and corruption plots, and intended intimidation and vote-rigging ahead of upcoming elections scheduled for the end of July.[when?]

The faceless Baba Jukwa has successfully exposed a lot of corrupt ZANU-PF officials and assassination plots.[citation needed] The politician Edward Chininga had criticized the diamond industry in Zimbabwe. After Chininga's death in a roadside accident,[1] which occurred on 19 June 2013,[citation needed] "Baba Jukwa" stated "I told you there will be body bags coming this year... The war has begun."[1] Nomatter Khumalo, a United States-based Zimbabwean quoted in The Daily Telegraph, argued that "Baba Jukwa" is likely a mole who lives outside of Zimbabwe and uses a network of informants who are likely unknowing of each others' presences, since it would be too unsafe for the "Baba Jukwa" to be residing in Zimbabwe.[1] It was initially believed Baba Jukwa was one individual. However, a close analysis of the writing style reveals that there could be many editors around the world and contributors who gather secret information from within Zanu PF top meetings and security meetings and share it on the blog, using one account collaboratively as "Baba Jukwa".[citation needed]

This was reported in June 2013 that Mugabe's ZANU-PF is incensed by the site and is making desperate efforts to establish his identity and has put a US$300,000 bounty on him or them being unmasked. Up to date all the efforts have been futile. However, Chininga's death was believed to have been orchestrated by individuals within ZANU-PF who believed he was feeding information to Baba Jukwa.[2]


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