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Awards and decorations of the United States government are civilian awards of the U.S. federal government which are typically issued for sustained meritorious service, in a civilian capacity, while serving in the U.S. federal government. Certain U.S. government awards may also be issued to military personnel of the United States Armed Forces and be worn in conjunction with awards and decorations of the United States military. In order of precedence, those U.S. non-military awards and decorations authorized for wear, are worn after U.S. military personal decorations and unit awards and before U.S. military campaign and service awards.

The following is a selection of civilian awards which are presently issued by the U.S. government.


Office of the President of the United States[edit]

Senior Executive Service[edit]

United States Congress[edit]

United States Intelligence Community[edit]

The National Intelligence Awards (NIA) Program is administered by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for the United States Intelligence Community (IC).[5]

National Intelligence Community Awards[edit]

Significant contribution awards[6]
National Intelligence Public Service Awards[6]
Special eligibility awards[6]
Former award prior to establishment of the NIA Program

Central Intelligence Agency[edit]

CIA Awards[7]

Department of Agriculture[edit]

Foreign Agricultural Service[edit]

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service[edit]

Department of Commerce[edit]

National Institute of Standards and Technology[edit]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration[edit]

Non-government decorations[edit]

Non-governmental organizations[8]
NOAA ACO Award.JPG Junior Officer of the Year=NOAA ACO Award Medal (without attachments)
USA - NOAA ACO Award With S.png Science Award=NOAA ACO Award Medal (with bronze "S" device)
ACO2.JPG Engineering Award=NOAA ACO Award Medal (with bronze "E" device)
SAME-Colbert Medal Ribbon.png Society of American Military Engineers' Colbert Medal
SAME-Karo Award Ribbon.png Society of American Military Engineers Karo Award

Campaign and service awards[edit]

Incentive awards (without medal or ribbon)[edit]

Department of Defense[edit]

DOD-level awards for civilian service[edit]

DOD-level awards for private citizens[edit]

Office of the Secretary of Defense[edit]

OSD-level awards for civilian service[edit]

OSD-level awards for civilian service or private citizens[edit]

Joint Chiefs of Staff[edit]


DOD Office of the Inspector General (OIG)[edit]

Defense Investigative Service[edit]

Department of the Army[edit]

Department of the Army awards for civilian service[edit]


Department of the Army awards for public service[edit]

Department of the Air Force[edit]

Department of the Navy[edit]

Military Sealift Command[edit]

Defense Commissary Agency[edit]

Defense Contract Audit Agency[edit]

Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)[edit]

Defense Information Systems Agency[edit]

Defense Intelligence Agency[edit]

Defense Logistics Agency[edit]

Defense Supply Agency[edit]

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)[edit]

Formerly the Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA) Awards
Image of NGA's Meritorious Civilian Service Medal as awarded to honorees

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency[edit]

Formerly known as the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) awards the following medals to honor its DoD civilian employees for outstanding service:

National Reconnaissance Office[edit]

National Security Agency[edit]

Department of Education[edit]

Employee awards[edit]

Public awards[edit]

Insignia that designates a Blue Ribbon School

Department of Energy[edit]

In June 2007, Secretary Samuel Bodman introduced a new awards program[15] for non-monetary recognition of its employees and contractors.

Secretary's Honor Awards
Honor awards that are presented annually and replaces the previous Secretary's Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.
  1. The James R. Schlesinger Award – recipient receives a polished brass and mahogany clock along with a shadow box framed calligraphy certificate signed by the Secretary of Energy and a commemorative medal honoring former Secretary of Energy James R. Schlesinger.
  2. Secretary of Energy's Excellence Award – recipient receives a crystal medallion award and leather-encased certificate
  3. Secretary of Energy's Achievement Award – recipient receives a crystal statue award and leather-encased certificate
Secretary's Appreciation Award
Appreciation awards that are presented at any time
Departure Awards
Departure awards may be presented upon retirement or departure from the agency
  1. Secretary of Energy's Exceptional Service Award
  2. Secretary of Energy's Distinguished Service Award
  3. Secretary of Energy's Meritorious Service Award

Department of Health and Human Services[edit]

National Institutes of Health[edit]

United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps[edit]

Other Public Health Service Association Ribbons

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)[edit]

President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition[edit]

Department of Homeland Security[edit]

U.S. Customs and Border Protection[edit]

Federal Emergency Management Agency[edit]

U.S. Coast Guard[edit]

U.S. Secret Service[edit]

Department of the Interior[edit]

Honor Awards

Heroic Act Honor Awards

Other Honor Awards

Department of Justice[edit]

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives[edit]

Drug Enforcement Administration[edit]

Federal Bureau of Investigation[edit]

Main article: FBI Honorary Medals

Federal Bureau of Prisons[edit]

Department of State[edit]

Honor Awards[edit]

Service Awards[edit]

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency[edit]

Department of Transportation[edit]

Federal Aviation Administration[edit]

Maritime Administration[edit]

United States Merchant Marine

Department of the Treasury[edit]

Internal Revenue Service[edit]

Office of Thrift Supervision[edit]

United States Agency for International Development[edit]

United States Information Agency/Broadcasting Board of Governors[edit]

Environmental Protection Agency[edit]

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)[edit]

See also: NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s most prestigious honor awards are approved by the NASA administrator and presented to carefully selected individuals or groups of individuals, either government and non-government, who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the agency’s mission.[16]

Early NASA references to award criteria grouped many awards into equal positions in the order of precedence. Beginning in 1965, references to the order of precedence were dropped from regulations regarding specific awards. The current order of precedence for NASA medals is:[17][18]

National Science Foundation (NSF)[edit]

Office of Personnel Management[edit]

Selective Service System[edit]

President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion[edit]


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