Auction Hunters

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Auction Hunters
Title card of the show, showing Allen Haff (left), and Clinton "Ton" Jones (right).
StarringAllen Lee Haff,
Clinton 'Ton' Jones
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes60 + 2 specials (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Scott Gurney,
Deirdre Gurney
Producer(s)Philip Lott
Location(s)Southern California
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Gurney Productions
Original channelSpike
Original runNovember 9, 2010 (2010-11-09) – present
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Auction Hunters
Title card of the show, showing Allen Haff (left), and Clinton "Ton" Jones (right).
StarringAllen Lee Haff,
Clinton 'Ton' Jones
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes60 + 2 specials (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Scott Gurney,
Deirdre Gurney
Producer(s)Philip Lott
Location(s)Southern California
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Gurney Productions
Original channelSpike
Original runNovember 9, 2010 (2010-11-09) – present
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Auction Hunters is an American reality television series that premiered on November 9, 2010, on Spike and is produced by Gurney Productions Inc.

In June 2011, Spike announced that it had ordered a third season of 26 episodes.[1] In August 2012, Spike announced that is has ordered a fourth season of 26 episodes.[2]



The show follows actors Allen Haff, and Clinton "Ton" Jones, who have experience in a variety of fields including guns and mystery safes, as they participate in storage unit auctions throughout Southern California and occasionally other locations around the United States. Each episode leads viewers through the pair's activities of bidding on and winning abandoned storage units, appraising the items found within, and selling the most lucrative and interesting pieces to experts or collectors.

Each episode begins with a text disclaimer stating that Haff and Jones purchase hundreds of units each year, and that only their rarest and most valuable finds are presented on the show. They claim that most of their units end up making little to no money, and that in fact they follow the 80%/20% rule in that they make 80% of their profit from 20% of the units they buy.


Season One

#TitleLocationOriginal air date
1"The Wild West"San BernardinoNovember 9, 2010

Ton and Allen head to auctions in the desert town of San Bernardino. Ton scores a deadly 19th century British Pepper-box handgun and tests it at the gun range. Allen wins a unit for $1 and finds a fully functional pre-WWI train set.

2"The Big Score"Downtown Los AngelesNovember 9, 2010

Ton and Allen bid on units in downtown LA and uncover a ‘70s German H&K P7 pistol and a rare copper cash register.

3"Ton's Got a Gun"Mission HillsNovember 16, 2010

Allen encounters some old rivals in the Valley. Ton and Allen uncover a Depression-era “Art Case” slot machine, a custom minibike and a Wild West 1880s Colt Peacemaker.

4"Strat'ed for Cash"West AdamsNovember 23, 2010

Allen and Ton venture out to storage auctions in the heart of a mansion-lined Los Angeles neighborhood. Allen first discovers a vintage Maui Blue of ‘70s Fender Stratocaster. Later, the guys find a rare 1936 Schwinn Autocycle.

5"The Real Thing"OxnardNovember 30, 2010

In a small beachtown’s storage unit auction, Ton and Allen run into an old rival. They win a vintage GMC truck and also uncover one of the first upright coin-operated Coke vending machines.

6"Weapons of Past Destruction"Sunset BoulevardDecember 7, 2010

Ton and Allen travel to Hollywood and uncover an arsenal of antique weapons: Civil War-era black powder muskets, ceremonial Masonic swords, a samurai sword, and a polygraph machine to boot.

7"Gangster Whiskey"Moreno ValleyDecember 14, 2010

A rare baseball card, a classic jukebox and an early model CD player are among items found by Allen and Ton in their auction wins.

8"Home on the Gun Range"CoronaDecember 21, 2010

A single unit auction yields a 1940s Kissometer arcade game, a 1901 Winchester 10 gauge shotgun and a seemingly antique crossbow.


Season Two

Episode #Series #TitleLocationOriginal air date
19"Miami Heat"Miami, FloridaApril 5, 2011

A 1970s NASA countdown clock, a 1960s Delta relay rocket, and an all-terrain hovercraft are featured.

Paid:$ 2,800
Profit:$ 7,840
210"Quadzilla Attacks!"Playa Vista, Los AngelesApril 5, 2011

An 1880s Palm-Squeezer pistol, a Western Electric telephone from the 19th century and an ATV are examined.

Paid:$ 1,250
Value:$ 4,990
Profit:$ 3,740
311"Sink or Swim"Torrance, CaliforniaApril 12, 2011

An 1897 Regina music box, an Addictor 190 mini boat and a Thomas Edison gramophone from 1905 are examined.

412"Disco and Dice"Fort Lauderdale, FloridaApril 19, 2011

A 1978 pinball machine, a vintage Breathalyzer and an 1898 gambling device are featured.

Paid:$ 3,450
Profit:$ 7,150
513"Labor of Love"West Los AngelesApril 26, 2011

A Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine; a Harley-Davidson engine, 1958 frame and other motorcycle parts; and an Air Jordan vintage collection make Allen and Ton a good profit.

614"The Chicago Grand Slam"Chicago Heights, IllinoisMay 3, 2011

A 1984 Yamaha SS440 snowmobile; a baseball signed by Hank Aaron; a toy Robby the Robot from the 1950s.

715"The Chi-town Showdown"Chicago, IllinoisMay 10, 2011

A Victorian-era metal casket; glass fire grenades from the 1870s; a Chicago fire alarm call box from 1896.

816"Fire in the Hole!"Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaMay 17, 2011

An 1890s treasure chest with secret compartments; a dynamite detonator box from the 1930s; Ton forges bricks of silver by smelting jewelry.

917"Animal Instincts"Orange County, CaliforniaMay 24, 2011

An 1897 Winchester pump-action shotgun and big-game taxidermy are among the valuable finds.

Paid:$2,700 including $500 in gun fees
1018"Everything's Bigger in Texas"North TexasMay 31, 2011

Ton and Allen head 225 miles north of Dallas to the largest storage auction in the country: 800 containers that day. Their main competitor is a lookalike of George W. Bush, whom Allen nicknames "W". They buy 11 units, one of them a companion to one bought by W. A grandfather clock pendulum is traded to W in exchange for some firearms. They also find rare slot cars, antique crystal, and a large collection of firearms in immaculate condition. In this collection of firearms they find a high-end over/under Browning shotgun with a gold-plated trigger, an automatic .20 gauge. They talk to gun expert Jeanie Almond AKA "Mama Shotgun" about their find. This was the most profitable outing yet.

1119"The Smoking Ton"Worcester, MassachusettsJuly 17, 2011

The guys find an 1890 humidor, a gun barrel for a World War II-era M3 Stuart tank and an antique safe in Worcester, Massachusetts.[3]

1220"Top Gun Ton"Ontario, CaliforniaJuly 19, 2011

Ton and Allen buy two units. One contains a collection of vintage cameras, the other is full of radio control equipment, including two large airplanes. Ton crashes one of planes that the potential buyer values at $600, but the other, a top-of-the-line jet, goes for $9000.[4]

Profit:$8,475 (counting $600 lost due to crash)
1321"Beantown Bidders"Boston, MassachusettsJuly 19, 2011

A 1940s–50s Schwinn tandem bicycle, assorted bicycle parts (one valued at $800), and a black powder bomb lance whaling gun from the 19th century are found in two units in Boston.[5]

Paid:$ 975
1422"Diesel Digs"Los AngelesAugust 2, 2011

In an industrial area of Los Angeles, the pair get a 1981 Bobcat 743 front loader, which they unload for $6,500, and a World War I trench mace.[6]

1523"The Dallas Mavericks"Dallas, TexasAugust 9, 2011

The guys go to Dallas, where they find a handcrafted cowboy saddle and a working military cruise missile jet engine, which they sell for $8,500.[7]

Paid:$ 2,150
Profit:$ 9,975
1624"Knuckle Dust"HollywoodAugust 16, 2011

The guys sell a 19th century French "knuckle duster" (a gun, knife and brass knuckles all-in-one weapon) for $4,200, a George Rodrigue original trademark Blue Dog painting for $8,250, and various collectibles, including an autographed Raging Bull movie poster.[8]

Paid:$ 1,050
1725"Half Pipe Dreams"Long Beach, CaliforniaAugust 23, 2011

The guys find a 1970s Z-Flex Jimmy Plumer Poolrider skateboard and a collection of bulletproof vests and ballistic SWAT helmets.

1826"Viva la Vegas"Henderson, NevadaAugust 30, 2011

The guys head to Las Vegas to acquire a Zig Zag magic sword box, 1910 poster of Chung Ling Soo, a 19th century naval cane sword and German beer steins.

Paid:$ 320
1927"Rodeo Ton"Anaheim Hills, CaliforniaSeptember 6, 2011

The guys head to Anaheim Hills, CA and discover a 1970s El Toro mechanical bull, WW II-era banjo; and a collection of 19th century handcrafted hunting duck decoys.

Paid:$ 1,100
2028"Sin City Shootout"Las Vegas, NevadaSeptember 13, 2011

The guys head to Las Vegas, NV and discover a bumper car designed to look like a 1953 Chevy, M16 rifle magazines, a photo booth and a set of potato guns.

Paid:$ 1,150
20S29"Night of the Digging Dead"Oxnard, CaliforniaOctober 18, 2011

The guys head to Oxnard, CA and discover a 1940s embalming pump, one of the first electric bone saws and a custom-built shark cage.

Paid:$ 1,550
Value:$ 9,680
Profit:$ 8,130
2130"Battle Bought"Whittier, CaliforniaOctober 25, 2011

The guys head to a container auction in Whittier, CA where they take on a former business partner of Allen. They discover a mint 19th century French harmonica pistol and a collection of 1990s remote controlled battle bots.

Paid:$ 1,200
2231"Hot Wheels"Palm Springs, CaliforniaNovember 1, 2011

The guys head to Palm Springs, CA and discover a 1970s sandrail and a 1965 replica Mustang pool table.

Paid:$ 440
2332"Great American Cashtime"San Diego, CaliforniaNovember 8, 2011

The guys head to San Diego and discover a 1950s pitching machine and a 1980s Jaws of Life tool.

Paid:$ 2,200
Value:$ 5,840 (not including the $5,000 Jaws of Life)
Profit:$ 3,640
2433"Auction Hunters, Ink."Los Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 15, 2011

The guys are back in LA and discover an autographed 1960s tattoo machine, a competition chainsaw and a six foot chainsaw-carved cedar bear.

Paid:$ 1,225
2534"Reel Money"San Diego, CaliforniaNovember 22, 2011

The guys travel to a container auction in San Diego discover a laser tag system used for military training and refurbish a 1970s Fighting Chair.

Paid:$ 800
2635"Early Bird Special"Stanton, CaliforniaNovember 29, 2011

The guys head to an early-morning auction in Stanton, CA and discover a vintage Shooting Star carnival game and a professional Mixed martial arts octagon fighting cage.

Paid:$ 800
Value:$ 8,430
Profit:$ 7,630

Season Three

Episode #Series #TitleLocationOriginal air date
036"Auction Hunters Live"Los Angeles, CaliforniaMarch 21, 2012

The guys head to a auction in Los Angeles for a live auction. They have one hour to buy one or more containers, and sell the contents to an already present group of buyers. After this one hour, Spike will double the money Ton and Allen make and donate this to the IAVA.

The guys discover a 1930s Rickenbacker electric guitar, a replica Dr. J ABA basketball jersey, a 1980s boombox, a 1920s safe and a 17th century wheellock gun.

Paid:$ 5,000
Profit:$ 7,200
Donated to the IAVA:$25,000
137"Cold Hard Cash"Anchorage, AlaskaMarch 28, 2012

The guys head to Alaska and for a conex container auction discover two seaplane pontoons and a pair of revolvers: a .44 Magnum and a Smith & Wesson Model 500.

Paid:$ 1,725
Profit:$ 8,735
238"Ton's Driller Instinct"Wasilla, AlaskaMarch 28, 2012

The guys head to Wasilla and discover an ARGO 8x8 amphibious ATV and an air percussion hammer.

Paid:$ 1,690
Profit:$ 9,310
339"Hidden Hot Wheels"Covina, CaliforniaApril 4, 2012

The guys head to Covina and discover a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu muscle car and a World War II Liberator gun.

Paid:$ 1,350
440"Auction Hunter Shuffle"Burbank, CaliforniaApril 4, 2012

The guys head to Burbank and discover a 1940s Rock-Ola shuffleboard table and a racecar made out of a P-38 belly tank.

Paid:$ 1,200
541"Big Easy Money"New Orleans, LouisianaApril 11, 2012

The guys head to New Orleans, LA and discover a pair of early 19th-century flintlock duelling pistols and a vintage airboat.

Paid:$ 1,575
642"High Flying Ton"Ventura, CaliforniaApril 18, 2012

The guys head to a container auction in Ventura, CA and discover a basket and burners for a hot air balloon from 1984 and a 1880s German single shot rifle.

Paid:$ 450
743"Drumming Up Cash"Glendale, CaliforniaApril 25, 2012

The guys head to Glendale, CA and discover a 1940s Zildjian cymbal and a pyrodigital controller for large-scale firework displays.

Paid:$ 1,150
Value:$ 8,305
Profit:$ 7,155
844"Bowling Pin Payday"Moreno Valley, CaliforniaMay 2, 2012

The guys head to Moreno Valley, CA and discover a 1871 Snider-Enfield rifle with matching cutlass bayonet and a 1960s Brunswick pinsetter machine.

Paid:$ 1,225
Value:$ 9,130
Profit:$ 7,905
945"Fake Punt Payoff"Pasadena, CaliforniaMay 9, 2012

The guys head to a container auction in Pasadena, CA and discover three first generation Segways and an enormous punt gun.

Paid:$ 600
1046"The Jersey Score"North Brunswick, New JerseyMay 16, 2012

The guys head to a silent auction in North Brunswick, NJ and discover a 1960s skeet throwing machine and a 1900s (decade) Brewster brougham.

Paid:$ 1,502
Value:$ 9,860
Profit:$ 8,358
1147"Allen's Got Balls"Panorama City, CaliforniaMay 23, 2012

The guys head to Panorama City, CA and discover a 1975 Kawasaki Mule 500 golf ball picker and a 19th century M1851 Kammerlader made for the Swedish Navy.

Paid:$ 1,900
Profit:$ 8,100
1248"Mr. Haff Goes to Washington"Washington, D.C.May 30, 2012

The guys head to Washington, D.C. and discover three Krugerrands, a 1970s concrete pump and a 1863 Starr revolver.

Paid:$ 2,900
Profit:$ 8,940
1349"Voodoo Moola"Baton Rouge, LouisianaJune 6, 2012

The guys head to Baton Rouge, LA and discover a 1900s (decade) barber chair and a pair of racing lawnmowers.

Paid:$ 470
Value:$ 8,980
Profit:$ 8,510
1450"Dead Aim"Riverside, CaliforniaJune 6, 2012

The guys head to Riverside, CA and discover a 19th century cemetery gun and a monowheel.

Paid:$ 2,000
Value:$ 8,780
Profit:$ 6,780
1551"Sidecar Surprise"Arlington, VirginiaJune 20, 2012

The guys head to Arlington, VA and discover a reproduction falcon cannon and a 1965 Dnepr Russian military police motorcycle.

Paid:$ 1,500
Profit:$ 9,245
1652"Little-Ton Jones"Littleton, ColoradoJune 20, 2012

The guys head to Littleton, CO and discover a EIMCO Rocker Shovel Loader, Model 12B and a model rocket.

Paid:$ 1,175
Value:$ 7,520
Profit:$ 6,345

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