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Atomidine is a liquid iodine preparation that was recommended as a therapeutic measure in over 600 "readings" (channelled writings) by Edgar Cayce. The manufacturing method is called a "modified detoxification process" which involves a stage in which electricity is run through the substance; the result is "electrified atomic iodine", or "atomidine." The electrification is said to allow the Atomidine to continue to function as an iodine supplement — the original use of detoxified iodine — while also giving it added attributes that affect the immune system.

Cayce regarded this specially formulated “atomic” iodine as far easier to assimilate than other forms, and even gave advice regarding its preparation. According to the readings this mineral is a vital element in the makeup of the human body and is essential to the process of building new cells. It also was valued for its stimulating, balancing and purifying effect on the endocrine glands.

In order to gently stimulate the system and then give it time to adjust, Atomidine was to be taken in cycles that alternated several days of dosage with several days of rest. Many readings recommended only one drop per day for this purpose, although others increased this dose by a drop a day for several days—a regimen adopted by the A.R.E. Clinic after studying some 75 different plans.

In these extracts from some of his readings about Atomidine he says:

The Atomidine—that is activative in the glands, especially the thyroid, the adrenal and all the ductless activities through the atomic forces in iodine, the one basic force with potash—makes for a balance throughout the functionings of the body itself (636-1).

Within a few weeks…the system will be changed, and also the vibrations through the glandular forces that control the lymph circulation in alimentary canal as well as organs of the pelvis…the Atomidine acts as a gland purifier—causing especially the thyroids and the glands of the stomach, particularly the pyloric portion of the stomach and throughout the duodenum, to change in the form of secretions thrown off—and this affects directly the circulation (3104-1).

(the numbers that follow each quote from the readings refer to the reading filing code in the A.R.E. files)


Atomidine is made in different ways by different manufacturers, each with different interpretations of the Edgar Cayce readings in which it was first recommended.

The name Atomidine is a registered trademark of The Heritage Store. Their formula contains iodine in the form of iodine trichloride and is manufactured from elemental iodine and pure chlorine gas. Therefore, there is no potassium in it.

The manufacturer's warning says you should not use this supplement in conjunction with any other concentrated source of iodine. Over-stimulation of the thyroid gland with resulting nervousness may be experienced. People who are hyperactive or have cardiovascular difficulties should not use this product because too much iodine can cause restlessness, nervousness, insomnia and rapid heartbeat; reactions which tend to quickly disappear when it is discontinued.

Positive reactions include reported feelings of well being and a welcome energy boost.

Critics of Cayce claim that the chemistry behind the creation of Atomidine, and the alleged health benefits, are pseudoscience.[1]


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