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Arnold Lokshin [1] is an American scientist.

Political asylum[edit]

Lokshin acquired wide prominence in 1986 when he and his family asked for political asylum in the Soviet Union, stating that they were being spied on by the FBI. The USSR leadership provided them with the requested asylum, gave Lokshin an apartment in a prestigious neighborhood of Moscow and found him a job.[citation needed] Subsequently he and his wife Lauren gave numerous interviews and press-conferences in Moscow accusing American secret services of persecuting dissidents in the United States.[citation needed] In 1989 they published a book (in Russian) "Silent Terror: History of a Political Persecution of a Family in the United States".[2]

Later life[edit]

In 1992 Lokshin, his wife, and their three children received Russian citizenship by order of the then president of Russia Boris Yeltsin.[citation needed] Arnold Lokshin continued to work in the Blokhin Oncological Scientific Center in Moscow as a research biologist until the late 90s.

Subsequently Arnold and Lauren disappeared from public view. Their current whereabouts are unknown. However, at least two of their children appear currently to live in Russia and work in the State University – Higher School of Economics.[citation needed]

On July 21, 2013 Arnold Lokshin appeared in TV talk-show hosted by Igor Vittel on Russian RBC chanell and spoke in support of political asylum for Edward Snowden.


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