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ArcaMax Publishing is a company based in Newport News, VA that specializes in sending news and popular syndicated features to readers by email (email publications also known as ezines). ArcaMax also publishes all syndicated features on its Web site.


There are more than 70 ArcaMax ezines, most of which are sent daily. These include topical stories, reader-submitted content, and occasionally quizzes and trivia related to the ezine itself. For example, the "Cats & Dogs" newsletter is made up primarily of pet photos sent in by subscribers.

The company has expanded its variety of syndicated content to include comic strips Garfield, Baby Blues, and Zits. ArcaMax also features syndicated columns that include Dear Abby and parenting advice from James Dobson and John Rosemond.

With its own chef, the recipes publication was one of ArcaMax's first launched ezines in the late 1990s. The ArcaMax Chef provides a menu's worth of recipes accompanied by slapstick commentary about household life (i.e. the endless quest to grow the perfect tomato, raising children and the challenges of interior decorating). Other ArcaMax recipe publications include healthy selections and menu planner editions.

All ArcaMax e-mail publications and website content are free to readers. The service is ad-supported.


The website was launched in 2004. It contains content exclusive to the site and feature stories from the ezines.

The site has expanded to include interactive features. Hundreds of trivia quizzes on a variety of educational, logic and odd topics are available through A vocabulary hangman game, interactive crossword and sudoku were added in 2005. Recently, the site has been offering multiplayer games for download as well, allowing users to play against others worldwide for free.

While the site also permitted user commentary on syndicated daily comics strips, this feature was disabled in June 2010. The system used at the time was replaced with Disqus, which allows for more effective moderation via required user login and more accurate filtering technology.

Special sections[edit]

On occasion, the ArcaMax website will feature a section of special content, usually related to current events or a holiday.

The special sections generally consist of advice articles, special games and trivia, and sometimes a special contest or promotion related to the theme of the section. Once the holiday or event is over, the section is retired, as well as the majority of the articles in it.

Book club[edit]

In December 2005, ArcaMax launched an online book club, featuring free books available by e-mail and on the website. The books available were generally older books in the public domain. Subscribers picked one book or more, and automatically received a section of their chosen book(s) by e-mail per day. Readers who fell behind could catch up on the site and reset their e-mail subscription, and readers who chose to read ahead could do the same -- the appropriate next section was sent the next day.

The ArcaMax library held over 600 books, with about 80 classics per month being added. Titles included The War of the Worlds, Pride and Prejudice and Aesop's Fables.

A patent for the company's unique system of e-mail and website distribution has been applied for.


After the Book Club was eventually phased out, ArcaMax's BookDaily website [1] was launched, featuring thousands of books available to sample on the site itself or by e-mail. After reading the first chapter, subscribers have the option to buy the book via Amazon or Barnes and Noble. BookDaily also works directly with writers to feature their books for a monthly fee, delivering sample chapters of their books to subscribers and making their work accessible prominently via the website.

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