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ArcaMax Publishing is a company based in Newport News, VA that specializes in sending a wide variety of news and syndicated features to readers by email. ArcaMax also features all content on its website,

E-Mail Newsletters and Website[edit]

ArcaMax publishes 250 e-mail newsletters that are distributed to more than two million readers daily. The newsletters and Web site include breaking news and feature stories, more than 150 columns and comic strips along with novelty content that ranges from trivia and humor to interactive games.

Content categories range from breaking news and celebrity entertainment to home and consumer advice columns and video, recipes and senior living. Comics include popular titles such as Zits, Baby Blues, Dilbert and Garfield. Columns include Dear Abby and John Rosemond, Rick Steves travel tips, Drs. Oz and Roizen health advice, and recipes and cooking tips from Wolfgang Puck.

The Politics ezine features an even spread of columnists from the left and right. Arianna Huffington along with George Will, Michelle Malkin, Patrick Buchanan and about 30 more round out the line-up. Political cartoonists include Lisa Benson, Mike Lester, Chip Bok and Clay Bennett. The section also runs political news and opinion pieces that are licensed from the McClatchey-Tribune (MCT) news service.

The Recipes publication was one of ArcaMax's first e-mail newsletters (or "ezines") that was launched in the late 1990s. The "ArcaMax Chef" featured an array of recipes from appetizers to desserts along with humorous commentary about everyday life. This feature now exists in an archived format. Other recipe newsletters that have been added include recipes and cooking tips provided by Puck and Chef "Zola." Healthy recipes, organic foods information and dieting articles are also featured.

Daily Bible Verses was also one of the first newsletters provided by ArcaMax Publishing. It remains a popular newsletter today. The company later launched an evening edition of devotionals written in the 1800s by Baptist preacher Charles H. Spurgeon.

In recent years, ArcaMax has focused on customized content unique to individual subscribers. Examples of this content include custom weather, horoscopes, and job listings.

The content ArcaMax provides by email is also available on its website, which launched in 2004. The content is divided into channels such as Parenting, Political News, Senior Living, Parents, Gardening, and many more.

The site also includes interactive features. Hundreds of original trivia quizzes are available along with syndicated games that include vocabulary hangman game, interactive crossword, sudoku, kakuro, chess puzzles and cryptograms.

All ArcaMax e-mail publications and website content are free to readers. The service is supported by advertising.


ArcaMax has become one of the top few sites for comics on the Internet. The company has expanded its variety of strips to include more than 80 comic strips from sources that include Creators, King Features, UClick, and The Washington Post Writers Group. ArcaMax's first comic was Garfield, which is still one of the company's most popular features.

ArcaMax publishes popular comics such as Mastroianni and Hart's BC, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's Zits, Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott's Baby Blues, Dilbert by Scott Adams and reruns of Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts and Aaron McGruder's Boondocks. Controversial strips such as Doonesbury and Mallard Filmore are also part of the line-up.


ArcaMax's BookDaily website features the first chapter of more than 50,000 books. After reading the first chapter, subscribers have the option to buy the book via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. BookDaily also works directly with writers to feature their books for a monthly fee.

Previously, ArcaMax ran an online book club that featured free classic books by e-mail and on the website. The site's library held more than 600 public domain books before it was discontinued.

In February 2014, ArcaMax received a patent for its segmented media publishing system. This technology was employed in the previous book club, allowing subscribers to read a chapter a day of books of their choice by e-mail.

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