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Appleton Estate is a sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica that has been handcrafting rums since 1749. They produce a wide variety of aged rums, as well as standard gold and white rums. Located in the heart of the country's sugar cane belt, it is the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica. The Estate's sugar cane is harvested by machine as well as the old-fashioned way—by men wielding machetes.[1] The Appleton Estate covers more than 11,000 acres (4,500 ha) of land.

The parent company, J. Wray and Nephew Ltd., also produces the popular Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum.

Appleton Estate Rums



The origins of the Appleton Estate go back to 1655 when the British took control of Jamaica from Spain, Rum production started on the island in 1749.


The Appleton Estate produces traditional pot still rums made in copper pot stills tropically minimum aged (youngest rum in blend listed obviously on the front of the bottle as the age statement) in American oak barrels.

The Appleton Estate Produce (in order of price/quality);

Appleton Estate V/X
Appleton Estate Reserve 8 year old (Minimum aged) NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL TERRITORIES
Appleton Estate Extra 12 year old (Minimum Aged)
Appleton Estate Master Blenders Legacy (Blend of up to 30 year old rums)
Appleton Estate 21 year old (Minimum Aged)
Appleton Estate Exclusive DISTILLERY ONLY
Appleton Estate 30 year old (Minimum Aged)

All of these rums are award winning and have performed well at international spirit ratings competitions. For example, the "Extra 12yr" edition was awarded a 96-100 rating at the 2008 Wine Enthusiasts competition.[2] The Appleton Estate Rum Tour is a major tourist destination in the island.


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