Anthony Elgindy

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Anthony Elgindy, 2010

Anthony Elgindy (born November 28, 1967), born Amr Ibrahim Elgindy [1] in Egypt, is the founder of Pacific Equity Investigations, and is best known as "Anthony@Pacific", the "Internet's most theatrical short-seller".[2]

In 2003, the NASD ruled that Elgindy and his firm Key West Securities "engaged in a manipulative scheme in 1997 to inflate artificially the share price of Saf T Lok, Inc. through the entering of fraudulent quotations in the Nasdaq system, selling the stock short at the artificially high prices, and then taking active steps to depress the share price of Saf T Lok through the dissemination of negative research comments." Elgindy and Key West Securities were fined $51,000 and had their NASD memberships revoked.[3]

Elgindy was charged in January 2005 with racketeering, securities fraud and other crimes in connection with a supposed scheme to steal confidential law enforcement information relating to FBI and SEC investigations of various companies. After a four-month trial, involving allegations in 32 different stocks, Elgindy was convicted of "inside-trading" in five of those stocks with illegal gains totaling about $66,000.[4]