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Angelo Cataldi (born March 13, 1951) is a sports radio personality for 94 WIP-FM (simulcast on 610 WIP (AM)) in Philadelphia. Airing from 5:30am (which includes a 15-minute "Overlap" Show with overnight personality Big Daddy Graham) until 10:00am Eastern time, along with co-hosts Al Morganti, Keith Jones, Gary Shears and Rhea Hughes.


Cataldi is a native of Providence, Rhode Island. Despite growing up in Red Sox country, Cataldi has been an ardent New York Yankees fan. In addition, despite his proximity to Boston, he has always believed in the superiority of NBA Legend Wilt Chamberlain over Celtics center Bill Russell. One of only two reporters to cover the first 32 innings of the longest professional baseball game in history (Pawtucket Red Sox vs. Rochester Red Wings: April 18-19, 1981). Previously a sports writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer, he has been the anchor for the Morning Show since his first appearance on the show in 1988 along with Tom Brookshier forming the on-air duo of "Brookie and the Rookie". Cataldi immediately brought a comedic and witty personality to the station. He continues to provide humorous commentary (Angelo’s “rants”) on local Philadelphia sports, as well as his everyday living experiences, making him one of Philadelphia's most popular, entertaining and recognizable radio personalities.

Cataldi has frequently mobilized his radio listeners to compel the owners of Philadelphia's sports franchises to make changes in management and personnel. In 1992, the "Honk For Herschel" movement was created to implore the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire Herschel Walker, a running back with the Minnesota Vikings. Whether due to Cataldi's influence or not, the appeal succeeded and Herschel played for the Eagles for the 1992-94 seasons.

Cataldi is the co-author of The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate with fellow WIP host Glen Macnow. He has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes for his sports writing.[1]

Along with Al Morganti and Rhea Hughes, Angelo has also been joined on the morning show by former Flyer Keith Jones, retired Eagle Hugh Douglas and former Phillies Mitch Williams and Ricky Bottalico, as well as local comedian Joe Conklin.

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia [1] inducted Cataldi into their Hall of Fame in 2012.

1999 NFL Draft[edit]

Cataldi is best known for (and claims to regret) organizing a group of 30 Eagles fans, now known as "the dirty 30", to go to the 1999 NFL Draft in New York City and boo if the Philadelphia Eagles did not select University of Texas at Austin running back Ricky Williams with their #2 pick. The Eagles instead drafted quarterback Donovan McNabb and they booed the Eagles draft pick.

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Cataldi is famous for some one-liner quotes, including:


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