Ames crater

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North American Middle Ordovician impact craters, which may be part of the Ordovician meteor event. Key: 1: Ames crater, 2: Decorah crater, 3: Rock Elm Disturbance, 4: Slate Islands crater.

Ames crater is a meteorite crater in Major County, Oklahoma, United States. It is about 3km north of Ames, Oklahoma.[1]

Ames Crater is 10 miles (16 km) in diameter and the age is estimated to be 470 ± 30 million years (Ordovician). The crater is not exposed at the surface.[2] It may be one of several Middle Ordovician meteors that fell roughly simultaneously 469 million years ago, part of a proposed Ordovician meteor event, including the Decorah crater in Iowa, the Slate Islands crater in Lake Superior, and the Rock Elm crater in Wisconsin.[3]


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Coordinates: 36°15′N 98°12′W / 36.250°N 98.200°W / 36.250; -98.200