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Americans for Legal Immigration is a national illegal immigration reduction oriented political action committee. It maintains a website which is a compendium of articles on the subject of illegal immigration, exclusive press releases, and activism alerts. Their site encourages Americans of all races and walks of life to work together to stop illegal immigration by calling, faxing, and sending emails to lawmakers and candidates. ALIPAC's President is frequently quoted in local, national, and international press on immigration issues. ALIPAC is often interviewed and quoted on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, CBS as well as in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and Miami Herald according to the group's website and video and article archives.[1] Based in North Carolina its editorial sometimes reflects regional political interests and the group's largest support bases are in California, Texas, and Florida.



The organization's four point platform is designed to "stop and reverse illegal immigration in America" by

The organization also favors reduction in current legal immigration levels combined with English being declared the official language of America.[2]

Mara Salvatrucha and other gang activity

ALIPAC's website has covered the gang Mara Salvatrucha, aka MS-13, and Gheen has used MS-13 as an example of the risks associated with allowing undocumented persons to continue entering America# Gheen said in an interview with the blog American Daily that MS-13 and "other illegal immigrant gangs are bringing in the illegals, drugs, heavy weapons, and possibly terrorists. He has expressed concern that Americans will have to begin living under Gang Rule if groups like MS-13 continue to migrate to America. He blames gang violence on something that he calls "PC Paralysis" which he characterizes as "a toxic mix of Greed and Liberalism" which is destroying America. He also claims that another prominent gang that has entered the country recently because of illegal immigration is the Latin Kings, which was actually founded in Chicago, Illinois during the 1940s. [3]

Illegal immigration as a form of invasion

Gheen has used the platform of ALIPAC to spread his view of illegal immigration as a form of invasion. When Judge Susan Bolton ruled against parts of HB 1070, Gheen expressed his anger about Bolton's decision, as well as the Obama administration's challenge of the law, by saying:

"President Obama and Judge Bolton sided with illegal aliens against the American public# The president is required by the Constitution to protect all states from invasion, while assuring states a republic form of governance. With this court case, Obama has deprived Americans of both. It is hard to find the words to express the anger and dismay."[4]


Americans for Legal Immigration has come under political attack from organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League.[5] [6] According to the ADL, ALIPAC is promoted by white supremacy groups because unaffiliated Internet users have posted favorable comments about the group on open source websites. Reportedly, unaffiliated Internet users on white supremacist websites have encouraged the members of hate groups to join with Americans that are not motivated by race on the PAC's activism efforts. The Vinlanders Social Club, a hardcore racist skinhead group, posted an article from the group's site that called for participation in a Tea Party event. Demonstrations organized by ALIPAC have been promoted by the Western Voices World News website and attended by members of the European Americans United group. The National Socialist Movement featured a forum post where a member said he signed one of the group's petitions that had been signed by over 30,000 other Americans. Someone on the Vanguard News Network forum has posted a link to the ALIPAC website among the over 32,000 links out there according to Bing. The ADL states the organization is also promoted by Stormfront because a few unaffiliated posters have posted links to the group. The ADL has never demonstrated any effort to encourage the participation of White Supremacist organizations. Activists from ALIPAC say that to the contrary it goes out of its way to discourage such participation, celebrates the participation of Hispanics and Blacks, and even cancelling one event when they found out one racist was coming.


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