America's Next Top Model (cycle 20)

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America's Next Top Model:
Guys & Girls
(cycle 20)
ANTM Cycle 20 cast.png
Cycle 20 cast
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes16[1]
Original channelThe CW
Original run

August 2, 2013 – November 15, 2013[2]

Additional information
No. of contestants16
WinnerJourdan Miller
Season chronology
Season summary
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America's Next Top Model:
Guys & Girls
(cycle 20)
ANTM Cycle 20 cast.png
Cycle 20 cast
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes16[1]
Original channelThe CW
Original run

August 2, 2013 – November 15, 2013[2]

Additional information
No. of contestants16
WinnerJourdan Miller
Season chronology
Season summary

The twentieth cycle of America's Next Top Model (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls and stylized as ANTM 2.0) premiered on August 2, 2013. It is the 14th season to air on The CW. Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Bryanboy, and Rob Evans all returned as judges. As in the previous cycle, public voting is still a factor in eliminations.[3] The catchphrase for this cycle is "Who Will Dominate?"

This is the first cycle of America's Next Top Model to include more than 14 contestants, as well as the first cycle to feature male contestants. However, this will not be the first time male contestants have been allowed in the Top Model franchise, as Spain's Supermodelo 2008 and Bosnia and Herzegovina's OBN Star Model have previously included male contestants. This is also the first cycle to have more than 13 episodes.

The international destination for this cycle is Bali, Indonesia. The winner was 19-year old Jourdan Miller from Bend, Oregon.[4]


The prizes for this cycle are: a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management, a spread in Nylon magazine, and a US$100,000 campaign with Guess.

The following prizes were removed for this cycle: a modeling contract with LA Models & NY Model Management, the face of the America’s Next Top Model fragrance "Dream Come True", and campaigns with Nine West and Smashbox Cosmetics.[5]

Episode summaries[edit]

Meet the Guys & Girls of Cycle 20 - Part 1[edit]

Original Airdate: August 2, 2013 (8/7c)[1]

The finalists for cycle twenty were taken to Los Angeles where for the first time in the show's history, men would be able to participate. At first the men were separated from the women, but they later met in masquerade ball fashion show. There, they had to pick their partners and kiss them at the end of the runway. Notable scenes were Cory, who picked a guy instead of a girl as a partner, Chris H., who chose two female partners, and Bianca with Chlea, both of whom were left without a man to walk with.

Afterwards, the models were interviewed individually. Jourdan revealed that she had married and divorced a man at the age of eighteen. Virgg talked about her being transgender, and that she had begun to take hormones in preparation for sex reassignment surgery. Mike confessed that he had been discovered by Tyra while working on an ice cream truck. Jeremy admitted that he had been chubby as a kid, but managed to overcome his struggles and become fit. Marvin talked about his home life, and about his father's profession as a janitor. Chris H. spoke about his experience of having been homeless. Later, all thirty-five semifinalists were driven to the top model house. There, the pool of contestants was narrowed down to twenty-six people who would spend the night there before the permanent and official cast was revealed.

Meet the Guys & Girls of Cycle 20 - Part 2[edit]

Original Airdate: August 2, 2013 (9/8c)[1]

The chosen twenty-six finalists moved into the top model home, where they would spend the night. Tyra and Rob dropped by in order to talk to the hopefuls about the different aspects of male and female modeling. Personalities clashed when playful Chris H., punched Phil in his groin area. He was quickly confronted by the other male models. Seeing this, Nina tried to comfort him and got to know him more.

Later that night, the models were photographed so that they could earn the fan votes that would allow them into the final cast. Chris H. and Jourdan struggled during the beginning of the shoot, while others excelled. Back at the model house, Jourdan began to talk to Jeremy and told him that they were only friends. She also stated that she felt uncomfortable and slightly irritated with Jeremy following her around. Nina talked to Chris H. and tried to convince him to open up to more to the people there. Immediately before the final cast was going to be revealed, Virgg requested to speak to Tyra. She explained that the hormones were taking a toll on her, and as a result, she had decided to quit the competition. The top sixteen models were then revealed by Tyra, leaving the eliminated semifinalists to be sent home. Immediately after, Tyra announced that they would have to walk on a vertical runway for Guess.

The Girl Who Gets Married Again[edit]

Original Airdate: August 9, 2013

The episode began with the continuation of the last episode, where the chosen top sixteen finalists had a vertical catwalk for Guess as their first challenge with Rob and supermodel Jessica Hart as the judges. Chlea described Kelly's attitude backstage. Marvin, Cory and Renee excelled while Chris H., Bianca and Mike struggled. Bianca completely gave up on the catwalk, opting to go limp down the runway. Rob and Jessica thought Mike's walk was the worst. In contrast, they were impressed by Marvin and Renee. After the challenge, Jessica revealed that Mike and Bianca had been the weakest and that Marvin and Renee had been the standouts. Ultimately, Renee was chosen as the challenge winner for having the highest challenge score. As her reward, she got to use the Tyra Suite, which she chose to share with Kanani. Back at the model house, the models were able to see all the scores from the challenge. Mike and Bianca are the two lowest scores, which made Mike worried. As a result, he proceeded to drink himself to sleep.

The next day the contestants had their first photo shoot where they had to portray different types of weddings.

Model(s)Type of Wedding
Alexandra & MikeShotgun Wedding
Bianca, Marvin & NinaGroup Wedding
Chlea & CoryBiker Wedding
Chris H. & DonSame-Sex Marriage
Jiana & Kanani
Chris S. & ReneeHip-hop Wedding
Jeremy & JourdanNude Wedding
PhilObjectophilia Wedding

Jourdan impressed during her session, and managed to deliver a great picture. Marvin, Don and Chris H. receive praise for doing well. Mike on the other hand was chastised for looking stiff, which led to Alexandra outshining him in their shot. Bianca, Chris S. and Phil also struggled at the shoot.

At panel, Chris H., Don, Jiana and Alexandra received good feedback. Marvin received praise for his strong photograph, and later received first call-out for having the highest combined score. Chlea was reprimanded by Kelly for her behavior at the challenge, while Phil was told that he had one of the lowest social media scores. Mike, Chris S., and Bianca ultimately wound up in the bottom three. Tyra noted that Mike had the worst walk of the bunch, and that she felt that Bianca had faded in the group shot. Despite his high fashion look, she critiqued Chris S. for having produced a weak photograph. Bianca was eliminated first for having the lowest overall score. Chris S. followed suit, leaving Mike to be spared from elimination.

The Guy Who Gets a Weave[edit]

Original Airdate: August 16, 2013

For having received best photo the previous panel, Marvin got to stay in the Tyra Suite, which he chose to share with Don. Cory became irritated because he felt that the other guys in the competition were acting like a bunch of hormonal teenagers. The next day, the models were taken to a penthouse. Tyra and Rob came in to teach them a lesson on how to create chemistry in their photos. The models began practicing the three rules of sexual chemistry, fresh breath, tension and inhale. Then, the models are paired up to showcase what they have learnt. A lot of the couples were pretty good at selling this, with the exception of Phil, who felt uncomfortable partnering with Alexandra. The models were told that they were doing a risqué photo shoot, and that they were going to be working in pairs with Rob and Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Alexandra & Don
Chlea & Marvin
Chris H. & Jiana
Cory & Nina
Jeremy & Phil
Jourdan & Renee
Kanani & Mike

Chris H., Jiana, Jourdan and Renee excelled at the shoot, while Don, Marvin and Chlea struggled to look sexy. After the shoot, the models went back to their house. There they found a Tyra Mail, which told them that they would be receiving their makeovers.

At the makeovers, almost everyone was satisfied with their new looks. Kelly went up to Chlea during her makeover and asked her if they could 'make over' their relationship, feeling that they gotten off on the wrong foot. They talked out their issues and hugged it out. The guys also learned that they would undergo hair removal, which some of the girls got a hoot out of watching.

AlexandraChocolate Brown
ChleaHoney Waves
Chris H.Ice Blonde
CoryShaved Off
DonBleached Blonde and Facial Hair
JianaLong Bob
JourdanHoney Blonde
KananiPixie Cut
MarvinA Fade
MikeAmber Highlights
NinaRed, Layered with Bangs
PhilWavy Weave
ReneeBlack and Straight

At judging, both Jiana and Mike received praise for their strong shots. Mike redeemed himself and received the best photo of the week. Chlea, Don, Phil and Marvin received mediocre feedback. Meanwhile Jeremy was critiqued by Tyra, who said he looked like a "Gorilla" in his photo. Chlea and Don wound up in the bottom two for producing lackluster photographs. Don was ultimately saved, leaving Chlea to be eliminated. Tyra then told Chlea that the eliminated contestant with the highest social media score average would have the opportunity to return to the competition.

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles[edit]

Original Airdate: August 23, 2013

The episode starts off with everyone hovering over Mike's photo from the prior elimination. Mike told Chris H. to "shut up", which set him off. Chris H. and Mike began to argue, with Chris H. demanding an apology from Mike. Cory then talked to Chris H. and asked why he reacted to people the way he did. Cory told him that he needed to talk to everyone in the house and tell them his story. Chris H. called for a house meeting and proceeded to tell everyone that because of his past, he just didn't know how to act around people and how to cope with things. Most of the models could understand where he was coming from, but Mike remained unswayed by Chris H.'s confession.

The next day the contestants went to a club where they met Johnny and a special guest, the editor of Nylon magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett. He told the models that they would be doing a fashion show on a rotating platform. Mike received some tips from Johnny about his runway walk, since he had the worst walk in the competition. Backstage Johnny introduced the models to their stylists Ashton Michael and Kimberley Gordon, who were also going to judge their walks. Nina began to worry because she had sprained one of her ankles during casting week. She worried that she would be unable to participate in the challenge. Instead of backing out from the challenge, she tried wrapping her ankle to see if that would help with her walk without the risk of getting hurt. Chris H. comforted Nina and told her that she was very strong. During the show, Jourdan, Renee, Phil and Chris H. excelled. Jeremy and Mike struggled most, both Ashton and Kimberley agreed that they had been the worst. In the end, Jourdan was revealed to be the winner of the challenge. As a reward, she was allowed to keep her wardrobe from the show. She was also given the opportunity to make an appearance on Nylon TV. Back at the house the models were able to see their scores from the challenge. Mike and Jeremy had the lowest scores, which made Jeremy extremely worried.

The models went to their next photo shoot, where they would be posing in a trailer park with a Honey Boo Boo impersonator in groups. The models were allowed to choose their partners for the shoot, which left Jeremy, Kanani and Don to work as a trio.

Alexandra & Mike
Chris H. & Jourdan
Cory & Renee
Don, Jeremy & Kanani
Jiana & Marvin
Nina & Phil

During the shoot, Jourdan, Chris H., Cory, Nina and Phil received praise from the photographer. Jeremy struggled, and Mike was chastised for not doing his best. Marvin was also criticized for having the same facial expression in each shot.

At panel, Jourdan, Phil, Nina, Don and Chris H. received praise from the judges. Jourdan received best photo for having the highest overall score of the week. Mike and Jeremy both received negative feedback, and were consequently placed in the bottom two. Tyra critiqued Mike for delivering yet another weak photograph. She also revealed that the judges were worried that his strong photo the week before had just been luck. Jeremy was criticized for his declining performance despite having strong potential. By a margin of just 0.10, Jeremy was able to remain in the competition.

The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl[edit]

Original Airdate: August 30, 2013

Tensions flared at the house when Jourdan took an extra five minutes on the phone, proceeding to take time from someone else’s phone call. She had been given the task to choose the phone time for everyone in the house, but arranged the phone schedules so that Nina and herself would receive ten minutes on the phone with everyone else getting five. This made everyone in the house very irritated with her, especially Renee, who decided to take her anger a step further by threatening to slap Jourdan in the face.

Later that same day, the models were challenged to become fashion correspondents. The task is overseen by Bryanboy and Perez Hilton. The contestants are asked to pull random people off the street and conduct interviews with them about their personal style.

After the challenge, Perez called out Jiana and Marvin as the weakest during the challenge for having failed to ask all the questions he and Bryanboy had requested. For having fulfilled all of the requirements while conducting the interviews, Jeremy was chosen as the challenge winner. He was also told that he could pick one of the girls to share the prize with. He choose Jourdan, irritating the other models even further. As their prize, they were allowed to go out to dinner together. During their night out of the house, Jeremy and Jourdan began talking about their lives and their stories.

The following day, the models must shoot for a body spray commercial in which they are asked to dress as the opposite gender and share a passionate kiss. They are also allowed to choose their partners for the commercial.

ModelsType of Couple
Alexandra & CoryBusiness
Chris H. & NinaHollywood
Don & KananiCheerleader
Jeremy & JourdanGoth
Jiana & PhilPreppy
Marvin & ReneeSurfer

Cory, Don and Kanani excelled, while Marvin and Alexandra struggled. Some of the models thought that Jiana was focusing too much on Phil rather than herself. Nina was also criticized for failing to be masculine.

At judging, Cory was hailed with praise for his performance during the commercial. He later received first call-out. Don, Phil, and Kanani received mostly positive critique for their performances, with the majority of the other contestants receiving mixed feedback. Ultimately, Jiana and Alexandra were placed in the bottom two. Despite having been front-runners at the beginning of the competition, Tyra explained that both of their performances in the commercial had left much to be desired. The final scores were revealed, and Jiana managed to escape being eliminated from the competition.

The Girl Who is Scared of Clowns[edit]

Original Airdate: September 6, 2013

The episode began with the models returning to the house. Due to her distress over having been in the bottom two the previous elimination, Cory chose Jiana to share the Tyra suite with him. Phil continually interrupted the two during their stay in the suite, irritating both them.

Cory spoke to Jeremy about him possibly liking Jourdan, but Jeremy denied Cory's skepticism. While the girls were showering, some of the guys decided to prank them by taping their possessions to the walls.

On the day of the challenge, the models were taken to a farm. Kelly and guest Jackie Fraser-Swan explained that where they would have to create two Flixel photos in teams featuring Emerson clothing. Cory, Kanani and Don were chosen as team captains due to having had the three highest scores last panel. The teams consisted of Cory, Phil, Jiana and Chris H.; Kanani, Renee and Jourdan; Don, Marvin, Jeremy and Nina.

During the shoots, some of the tension between Kanani, Jourdan and Renee was resolved when Jourdan decided to apologize for her behavior the previous week. Phil aggravated his team by cutting the sleeves off of the designer's clothes as well as throwing a rock at a fence, breaking it. Due to damaging property, Cory's team was placed last for the challenge. Kelly explained that although Don's team produced stellar photos, they had forgotten to use a female model in one of their pictures. As a result, Kanani's team won the challenge.

Back at the house, Chris H. became angered by his low score in the challenge and began taking it out on other contestants. Nina attempted to calm him down but he blew up at her, shocking and hurting her. Later that night some of the boys decided to place clown dolls in the girls' room, fully aware of the fact that Renee and Kanani were scared of clowns. Kanani began to panic when she saw the dolls, proceeding to break down and cry due to her alleged coulrophobia.

The following day the models met Johnny, who announced that the theme of the photo shoot would be a beauty shot focusing on nail art. They also met photographer Franco Lacosta. After being given different themes, the contestants began to get their nail art and make-up applied.

ModelNail Art Theme
Chris H.H2T
Jourdan186 Countries
NinaNa Na Na
ReneePot Ledom

Jeremy irritated Jourdan for teasing her about the kiss they had the previous week at the shoot. Still mad about the events that had taken place earlier, Nina proceeded to ignore Chris H. the whole time. During the shoot, Renee, Marvin, Jourdan, and Don excelled. Nina and Kanani struggled with their concentration during their sessions. Johnny became displeased with Jeremy's performance, while Phil was chastised for failing to look more masculine. After having arrived back home, the models found a new skull mail. In the message, it was revealed that two people would be eliminated at the following panel. Several of the contestants began to worry, especially Kanani, who was still in trauma from the prank that had taken place earlier that week.

At panel, Cory, Marvin and Jourdan all received praise for the strong photographs they managed to deliver. Chris H. received positive feedback from the judges, but was met with mixed reactions from social media. During the elimination ceremony, Jourdan was awarded best photo for the second time. After all the other contestants were declared safe, Jeremy, Kanani, and Phil were called forward by Tyra as the bottom three. Tyra noted that while the judges thought Jeremy had strong potential, he was failing to prove himself as the competition progressed. Kanani and Phil were both called out on their underwhelming photos and their sub par performances during the photo shoot. The final scores began to roll, and Jeremy became the first contestant to be eliminated from the competition. Soon after his exit, an emotional Kanani followed suit.

The Guy Who Cries[edit]

Original Airdate: September 13, 2013

The remaining models talked about Kanani and Jeremy’s elimination last panel. Marvin began to have a meltdown over Jeremy's departure from the competition because they had been close friends. Upon arriving back at the house, Marvin found a note from Jeremy.

The following day, the models met Kelly downtown for their challenge. They were ordered to strip down into their underwear for a fashion related quiz. Each correct answer would earn them money so that they could put together a look for The model who could put together the best overall look would receive a $2,000 gift card. Some of the models struggled to answer the questions correctly, resulting in a low spending budget for their clothes. Multiple contestants had a hard time finding clothes that met their budgets, especially Phil, who had a meager budget of just twenty-five dollars.

After the challenge, the contestants were introduced to celebrity stylist Monica Rose. Most of the models received mildly good reviews, with the exception of Phil, who was harshly criticized for having worn women’s leggings and a T-shirt. He was scolded for making a mockery out of the challenge. Don was ultimately chosen as the challenge winner. In addition to winning the gift card, he was also allowed to take Marvin and Renee out for ice cream.

When they returned to the house they were able to see their scores for the challenge. When Marvin realized that Chris had received a higher score than him, he became irritated because he thought it was unfair. Marvin consequently began to argue with Chris about his clothes for the challenge, which began a vicious cat fight between the two of them.

On the day of the photo shoot, the models were all taken to a photo studio where they saw an exhibit of pictures of Tyra impersonating multiple iconic models. Johnny explained that for the shoot, they would all get paint thrown at them. The finished product would later be displayed in the gallery along with Tyra's photos.

At the shoot, Marvin, Phil and Jiana received negative remarks on their performances. Chris and Nina initially struggled, but still managed to impress Johnny and the photographer. Jourdan, Cory and Renee were all lauded for their strong poses. Back at the house, the girls became angry after Chris decided to shower in their room before they did. Meanwhile, Marvin was still having a hard time getting his emotions under control.

At judging panel, Renee, Chris and Nina received all received praise for their pictures. Jourdan received a perfect score from the judges, and subsequently won best photo for having obtained the highest overall score. Tyra also noted that she believed her photograph was one of the best produced in the history of the show.

Jiana and Phil found themselves in danger of being eliminated, both for the second time. Phil was once again chastised for his poor performance during the shoot while Jiana was told that the judges felt her performance in the competition was continually declining as the weeks progressed.

The final scores were revealed and Phil managed to survive his second consecutive appearance in the bottom two. Immediately after her elimination, Jiana dropped to her knees in front of Tyra, who reminded her that she would still be given an opportunity to attempt returning to the competition.

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good[edit]

Original Airdate: September 20, 2013[6]

The remaining eight contestants discuss the elimination of Jiana at last panel. Some of the other contestants begin to express their concern at Phil's diminishing performances in the photo shoots. The contestants continue talking about Jourdan's impressive performance after once again receiving best photo at panel which causes some competition between her and Renee. Meanwhile, Marvin continues to flirt with Renee at the house.

The following day, the contestants meet Rob and special guest Alexis Borges of Next Model Management. They revealed that their challenge was to book a maximum of two go-sees at Style Fashion Week. All had a chance to compete for a place for designer Paulie Gibson and secondly, the girls competed for a place with XCVI while the guys went to see Civil Society. Overall, Chris, Don, Phil and Renee booked the maximum two shows, Cory and Nina only booked one show, while Marvin and Jourdan booked no shows, which causes upset for Jourdan as Paulie previously told her that her walk was "too great". The models then performed their respective runway shows. Alexis announced that Renee had won the challenge and won a selection of clothes from all three designers in the challenge. Back at the house, Phil expresses concern after just receiving eight points, which causes confusion.

The following day, the models arrive at Canyon Ranch using the fields as the models must pose horizontally in the grass to make a magical couture whilst being photographed from above. At the shoot, Chris, Cory, Nina, Jourdan and Renee all receive good feedback whereas Marvin seems lukewarm and doesn't follow direction well. Don struggles to perform well and Phil receives a bad critique after showing the same position and face expression with no intensity. Some commotion is caused when Jourdan throws a frog from the field onto Renee's dress, which heightens tensions between the two.

Back at the house after the shoot, an argument is caused when Renee argues with the guys about the fashion industry being dominated by women, which causes opposition from the guys.

At judging panel, Jourdan, Cory, Nina and Renee receive mainly strong feedback. The judges seem concerned about Don's expression staying the same throughout the weeks. The judges question Jourdan and Marvin regarding their lack of shows booked during the challenge. Chris receives moderate feedback whereas Marvin receives a bad critic regarding his "baby" like expression in his face. Phil receives criticism after portraying a female like face in his shots.

During elimination, Chris received best photo. In the end, Marvin and Phil landed in the bottom two, Phil for the third time. Phil was criticized for being in the bottom two for the third time and not portraying a different face and expression each week while Marvin was told he had a great bone structure but the judges are nervous about his chance at booking shows. The scores were revealed and Phil had the lowest score. However, in a dramatic twist, Tyra told Phil that the moment to return was now.

The six previous eliminated contestants – Alexandra, Chlea, Jeremy, Jiana, Kanani and Mike – appeared and stood behind Phil. Tyra explained that they had also been taking part in the same photo shoots as the main contestants to gain a place back in the competition. Phil joined the eliminated models and all were told that whoever received the highest social media score would return to the competition and also would join in the chance to go to the island of Bali to continue the competition, which caused shock and excitement for all the contestants. It was revealed that Alexandra had the highest score and would return. Immediately afterwards, Tyra announced that as one girl had returned, one guy would also return. The episode ended with a cliffhanger.

The Guys and Girls Get Flirty[edit]

Original Airdate: September 27, 2013

Clip show with "Behind the Scenes" footage including never before seen clips throughout the show like Phil's wildest activities inside the house (special segment called Phil-er), the visit of last cycle's winner Laura James, Nina's hula hoop performance, Don and Alexandra's intimate relationship, Chris H.'s beauty tips and kissing lessons, Renee's tears of joy during the makeover, Marvin and Phil's reenactment of the judges, the mysterious insect they found in the house, the prank of the girls to the guys as a revenge, the visit of the psychologist where Jourdan became emotional, the game "Truth, Tooch or Dare" where Jeremy and Jiana shared a kiss, and the "The Top Ten Flirty Moments" on the cycle.

The Girl Who Gets Punked[edit]

Original Airdate: October 4, 2013

The episode began with the continuation of the last episode, where Alexandra was announced as the comeback contestant. Tyra then reveals that one of the eliminated guys between Jeremy, Mike and Phil will have a chance to comeback to the competition. Mike did not make the comeback after having the lowest average score; Phil follows suit and Jeremy was able to return to the competition by having the highest average score.

Back at the house, Chris who received best photo last week will use the Guess Closet; he chose Alexandra to join him, much to Nina's chagrin. At the challenge, the remaining girls and guys meet Kelly Cutrone and Vincent St. George, who is actually Reggie Watts in disguise. The models have to audition for a commercial for Quaff water. Alexandra and Jourdan excel at the challenge, while Chris's performance was deemed as "bizarre". Renee revealed she has a fear of things that are disguised in a suit, but ultimately does well. Jourdan impressed Reggie the most and was declared as the winner of the challenge. Tensions flare at the top model house between the guys and girls, when Chris complained that the girls were making a mess in the kitchen, particularly towards Renee for not cleaning her dish. Renee takes offense to this and an argument erupts between Chris, Renee, Jeremy and Jourdan. After the row, Jourdan makes up with Chris and Jeremy apologizes to Jourdan for making a comment on her divorce. Renee refuses to apologize to Chris, after speaking with Cory.

Later, the models are taken to Birmingham High School where greeted by Johnny Wujek and Tyra. The photo shoot this week is all about 'flawsome' and embracing your flaws, while shooting alongside actress, singer and dancer Zendaya and albino male model Shaun Ross. The models had to embody and embraces different types of flaws.

AlexandraWide hips
Chris H.Gap tooth
CoryWidow's peak
DonSkinny Legs
JeremyDuck Lips
NinaBig eyes
ReneeBig forehead

During the photo shoot, Don, Nina, Marvin and Renee perform well at embracing their flaws. Cory initially struggles but manages to take a strong photo, while Jourdan got distracted by Jeremy during her shoot. Chris fails to get a good shot after finding it difficult to show his gap, as did Alexandra who fell flat.

At judging, Cory, Don, Renee and Nina receive positive reviews for their Flawsome photos. Nina would later get best photo of the week. Jeremy, Jourdan, Chris and Marvin receive mostly mixed feedback by the judges, while Alexandra's photo was castigated poorly for looking a little older. During panel, Alexandra storms out to the waiting room after feeling dizzy and sick. Alexandra and Chris find themselves in the bottom two for their poor performances - Chris who was left alone as Alexandra was resting in the waiting room, was revealed to still be in the running, while Alexandra was sent home; marking the first time a contestant is eliminated without appearing during the final call out.

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack[edit]

Original Airdate: October 11, 2013

The remaining contestants were whisked away to Bali, where they went to their new home - the Ayana resort. At the pool, Chris and Marvin had a minor confrontation when Marvin thought Chris' score last week was unbalanced due to Kelly Cutrone constantly giving him higher scores. Cory agrees, and thinks Chris is immature. Both Marvin and Cory agree that Chris should have gone home last panel.

Afterwards, they went to their challenge, where they meet with Johnny Wujek who introduces Carole Lacroix, the product manager of swimsuit and underwear line' 69 Slam. The models will have to walk under water, while wearing Seawalker helmets to help them breathe. Don is especially worried by this, due to have past anxiety attacks. Nina reveals she had part of her lungs removed due to inhaling an airborne fungus. At the sea runway, Jourdan, Renee and Chris did extremely well for the most part, while Marvin and Jeremy fell flat in convincing the designer by their walk. Nina broke down which frustrated Chris, after being told she cannot participate in the sea runway for her lung problem. As a result, she and Don who panicked under water and quickly bailed the runway, have to jump in the sea and pose while wearing snorkels, instead of walking with a helmet. Later, Renee won the challenge for having the best performance under water. Back at the house, Nina and Don got the lowest score for the challenge, which made them upset at the cost of potentially going home. Meanwhile, Renee and Marvin continue flirting.

At the photo shoot, the models are taken to the Bali Safari and Marine Park, where they have to embody and pose with different animals.

LeopardJeremy & Renee
MacawChris H. & Marvin
OrangutanCory & Jourdan
PythonDon & Nina

During the shoot, Jeremy and Cory excelled while the rest fell flat, especially Marvin, Chris and Nina. Nina broke down again after receiving mixed feedback at her shoot, and while the others tried to calm her down, Chris - who was considered to be her closest friend, neglected her. When Jeremy stated that he thinks he will get best photo this week, Renee and Marvin argued over each other's performances and insulting one another after Marvin made a remark against Renee's arrogance.

At panel, all the contestants received generally mixed to negative feedback, including Renee, Don, Jourdan, Chris and Marvin, but Nina's stunning photo earned her second best photo of the week in the competition. Don and Marvin landed in the bottom two both for the second time; Marvin, though praised for his charisma, produced another weak photo, and Don, for delivering an average photograph. In the end, Don was eliminated, who thought that he had a better picture than Chris'.

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant[edit]

Original Airdate: October 18, 2013

The remaining models return to the hotel and were met in the living room by Tyra with candles and floor pillows. Marvin was missing in action because of the last panel which lead him and Don in the chopping block, sending Don home, so Tyra went to him. After bringing him back, they talked about certain feelings and emotions. Jourdan was brought in tears after having to bring up her struggles in the past with her ex-husband. Cory was emotional about being "the black sheep" of the group. Chris also expressed his jealousy about the others' strong relationships and that he didn't have a close friend in the house which dismays Nina knowing that she had been Chris's closest friend and that he didn't feel the same. Right after, Renee, Cory and Jourdan discussed Chris' poor treatment of Nina and told her that she should just focus on winning other than paying attention to Chris.

The next day, while working out, Jeremy confronted Chris and recalled their past expereiences while they were met in Bali. Jeremy pointed out that he was shown by Chris's lack of respect. Everyone in the house started listening to their drama while Nina was sleeping sound.

The photoshoot came where they had to model designs by a deaf 11-year old Designer, Rafi A. Ridwan and Oka Diputra in a Rice Paddy.

Tyra did their make-up and before shooting, the models showed their high-fashion abilities to Tyra for a 10-second pose teach. Jourdan, Cory and Marvin excelled and proved their modelling abilities in the shoot while Chris was criticized for being bad tempered and performing lackluster and Nina for not knowing to connect her body and face. Jeremy was told to not having the ability to work his body. Also, Renee was constantly told of her flat expression and inability to stand out.

After the photoshoot, they head to Ubud, Bali and were divided in half. Chris, Cory, Nina and Renee went to a healing and cleansing trip while Jourdan, Jeremy and Marvin toured around a Monkey safari. They were housed to the elephant village where tensions rose again while the bed assignment was done. Chris felt he was not assigned properly which prompted Jeremy to be the mature one. Jourdan, Nina and Cory shared the big bed, Marvin and Renee shared the couches, Jeremy slept on the small couch on the room and Chris made his own.

The next day, the models rode some elephants where Marvin and Renee; who have the nickname of "Marnee", kissed. They then went back to the hotel and were greeted by the skull Mail. Again, a 'no one is safe' letter was sent, leaving them guessing for a double elimination.

At panel, Jourdan, Marvin and Cory received praise for their high fashion editorial photographs while Renee, Jeremy, Chris and Nina received mixed feedback to weak. Having no challenge, this week would prove who delivered the best photo out of everyone else. Jourdan's photograph eventually won her fourth best photo in the competition. Nina, Chris and Jeremy were called for a double elimination; Chris, for not believing in his own abilities, Nina, for producing an average photo despite strong performances throughout the competition, and Jeremy, for still not mastering Head-to-toe modelling. In a shocking elimination, Nina was first to be eliminated, followed by Jeremy, and were both sent home, which dismayed everyone.

The Guy Who Becomes a Bat[edit]

Original Airdate: November 1, 2013

The remaining five models return to the house and were greeted by Jourdan's Photo in the screen. Mortified by last week's double elimination, Jourdan realized that she should not let her guard down as Nina, despite of having the best photo twice, still got eliminated in the previous round. Jourdan, Cory and Renee confronted Chris. and told him that he should have not stayed and that he was fake to Nina all the time. Chris started to shout to them. Chris talked to Marvin about it and felt isolated from everybody else.

The next day, the models had a challenge were they had to prove their physical abilities in a workout challenge. They were greeted by cycle 19 winner Laura James and Rob Evans in the beach, where they were briefed about the challenge. It was a battle within the sexes. Renee versus Jourdan and Chris, Marvin and Cory battled it out as well. Renee beat Jourdan and Marvin won over the guys. As a result, the two won the challenge and had the chance to appear in a fitness video with Laura and Rob. They were also rewarded with a spa treatment.

Going back to the house, Jourdan, Cory and Chris saw the scores were all neck-and-neck and it was still anyone's game. Meanwhile, Renee and Marvin relaxed in the spa and kissed.

At the photo shoot, they were greeted by Johnny in a temple where they had to do shoot with Bats while suspended in the air upside-down. Jourdan started thinking about how the competition would affect Renee and Marvin if one of them got eliminated. Jourdan and Marvin excelled in the shoot and impressed Johnny and Jez the most. Chris's shoot had to take long before a great shot was produced. Cory was directed to not look to feminine in his face and body, while Renee didn't feel good and had her shoot end earlier.

Back at the house, Renee felt nervous about her shoot. Marvin also felt concern about Renee's possible elimination. Everybody in the house wished Chris's departure at next panel.

At judging, Tyra announced that there would be a final double elimination which would help determine the final three. Jourdan wowed the judges with her stellar photo. Marvin also received great feedback. Renee was criticized for having produced an "amateur" photo. Chris's photo also dismayed the judges, while Cory created polarity amongst the judges at panel as well as in social media.

After adding up all the scores, Jourdan received her fifth best picture during elimination, becoming the first finalist. She was commended by Tyra for having performed successfully throughout the competition. She proceeded to nickname her "Sunrise Smize". Marvin was called second and was also lauded for his journey. He received "Booch Blue" as his nickname. Cory, Chris and Renee were called forward for elimination. Renee had the lowest score and exited first. She was followed by Chris, who fell 1.5 points short to Cory and was eliminated. Cory was nicknamed "Fierce Fuchsia".

ModelFan Name
CoryFierce Fuchsia
JourdanSunrise Smize
MarvinBooch Blue

Finale Part 1: The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign[edit]

Original Airdate: November 8, 2013

Back in the house, the final three models were able to see Jourdan's picture on the screen. Marvin talked about him and Cory being the final two boys and Jourdan, the last girl standing. They also expressed their happiness that Chris had finally been eliminated.

They later received a Tyra Mail concerning what they assumed would be a photo shoot for Guess. On set, they were met by Johnny. Their assumptions were proven correct when they were told that they would having a shoot for Guess. He introduced the models to Yu Tsai, their photographer for the shoot. Immediately before the shoot however, past contestants returned to assist the final three models.

ModelTeamCatwalk Crew
CoryFierce FuchsiaChlea, Jiana, Kanani, Mike & Nina
JourdanSunrise SmizeChris H.
MarvinBooch BlueDon, Jeremy, Phil & Renee

With the exceptions of Chris S., Bianca, and Alexandra, each eliminated model made an entrance wearing the color of the finalist they were supporting. Cory's team started to build up fast with five people choosing to support him. Marvin in turn, received support from four people. Jourdan only received one supporter, Chris H. Chris stressed that he picked Jourdan because he felt that Jourdan was ready to be a model.

All the three models struggled in their shoots. Cory struggled at portraying masculinity, and Marvin struggled with his concentration. Meanwhile, Johnny and Yu began to argue during Jourdan's shoot. Despite their struggles, they all managed to produce great shots.

That night, the final three models had a chance to talk with their loved ones. Jourdan decided to called her boyfriend, Cory called his mom and Marvin talked with his father.

The second photo shoot of the week was for Nylon. Marvin Scott Jarrett shot the three models in different locations. He stressed his awe for the three models. He applauded Jourdan's striking performance, Marvin's drive and Cory's masculinity. After the shoot, the models had the chance to talk with Jarrett himself about their lives and journey in Top Model.

For the last challenge, the final three went to the site where the final runway show would be taking place. There they were greeted by executive producers Ken Mok and Laura Fuest Silva. Ken and Laura explained that they would have to perform in a fashion feature, with the theme involving a 'love triangle' with an abusive relationship. Jourdan excelled after performing amazingly and believably. Jourdan and Cory had to kiss with each other, while Marvin felt a bit uneasy.

The following day, the eliminated models were put to the test when they were offered a cash prize of one thousand dollars each if they happened to be on the winning catwalk crew. The eliminated models internally debated on whether or not they would switch teams. Jourdan said that she felt a lot of them wanted to make the switch, but they all were scared to hurt the feelings of the finalist they had chosen initially. Despite this, Mike decided to leave Cory's team and switch to Jourdan's team since he felt that Jourdan looked more like a model and had one of the best walks.

Twenty minutes before the runway show, Tyra and the judges revealed a twist that there would be one final elimination before the fashion show. The judges deliberated on the models' Guess photos. Jourdan was praised for having produced a Guess-worthy photograph and having a great social media response for her "booty tooch", but they believed her photo not as strong as it could have been. Marvin was lauded for his cheekbones but Kelly said he was depending too much on his looks. Cory was noted to look very masculine but the Judges were not sure if he could be "the man". The judges said they had already scored the photos and the results were in, and that only two of them would continue on in the competition.[7] The episode ended on a cliff hanger.

Finale Part 2: The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model[edit]

Original Airdate: November 15, 2013

The episode began with the continuation of the previous episode, where Tyra and the judges had evaluated the finalists' Guess photos and made a decision. Jourdan received her sixth first call-out, ensuring herself a spot in the final two. After having landed in the bottom two with Cory, Tyra revealed that Marvin would also be continuing on in the competition.

Despite having been eliminated, Cory was still given the opportunity to participated in the final runway with Jourdan, Marvin and all the other eliminated models.

As the final runway was going to start, Tyra opened up the show by speaking to the crowd in Indonesian, and explaining that they would be shown the fashion film that the final three had shot the previous episode. Immediately after this, the catwalk show began.

Jourdan tripped with her stilettos on her gown leaving her on the verge of tears. Both Jourdan and Marvin wowed the judges with their performances.

The next day, Tyra visited the final two near the villa and told them that they would be having one final photo shoot, focusing on portraying feral and wild jungle creatures.

At panel, both Jourdan and Marvin's walks and bodies of work were given praise. After receiving their evaluations, Jourdan was revealed to be the twentieth winner of America's Next Top Model, leaving Marvin as the first male runner-up in the show.

The Comeback Series[edit]

Much like the previous cycle, The Comeback Series also returned online with Bryanboy as its host. The web series follows the eliminated models as they participate in the photo shoots. This season, the audience enabled two eliminated models, one male and one female, to return to the competition.[8] For having accumulated the highest social media score average, Alexandra was allowed to return to the competition at the end of episode 9. Immediately after her comeback, it was revealed that one additional male contestant would also be given the opportunity to return. In episode 11, the episode following the season recap, it was revealed that Jeremy was the male model who would be returning to the competition.

ContestantPublic Vote AverageReturned in
Episode 9
Episode 11


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Bianca Wilson181.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in)Los Angeles, CaliforniaEliminated in Episode 3
Chris Schellenger241.78 m (5 ft 10 in)Houston, Texas
Chlea Ramirez201.78 m (5 ft 10 in)Bear, DelawareEliminated in Episode 4
Michael "Mike" Scocozza271.95 m (6 ft 5 in)Los Angeles, CaliforniaEliminated in Episode 5
Bianca "Kanani" Andaluz191.71 m (5 ft 7 12 in)Chicago, IllinoisEliminated in Episode 7
Jiana Davis201.78 m (5 ft 10 in)Denver, ColoradoEliminated in Episode 8
Phil Sullivan241.92 m (6 ft 3 12 in)Lanesborough, MassachusettsEliminated in Episode 9
Alexandra "Alex" Agro211.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in)Palm City, FloridaEliminated in Episode 6
Returned in Episode 9
Eliminated in Episode 11
Don Benjamin251.83 m (6 ft 0 in)Minneapolis, MinnesotaEliminated in Episode 12
Nina Burns181.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)Berkeley Heights, New JerseyEliminated in Episode 13
Jeremy Rohmer191.90 m (6 ft 3 in)Mission Viejo, CaliforniaEliminated in Episode 7
Returned in Episode 11
Eliminated in Episode 13
Renee Bhagwandeen241.73 m (5 ft 8 in)Fort Lauderdale, Florida (originally from Trinidad and Tobago)Eliminated in Episode 14
Chris Hernandez251.86 m (6 ft 1 in)North Bergen, New Jersey
Cory Hindorff221.88 m (6 ft 2 in)Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaEliminated in Episode 16
Marvin Cortes201.85 m (6 ft 1 in)The Bronx, New York (originally from Honduras)Runner-up
Jourdan Miller191.85 m (6 ft 1 in)Bend, OregonWinner


Call-out order[edit]

Tyra's Call-Out Order
1AlexandraMarvinMikeJourdanCoryJourdanJourdanChris H.NinaNinaJourdanJourdanJourdanJourdan
3ReneeChris H.JourdanPhilDonCoryNinaReneeReneeJeremyCoryCoryCory
4CoryJianaNinaDonPhilChris H.Chris H.CoryJourdanCoryReneeChris H.
5JourdanAlexandraChris H.Chris H.JourdanDonCoryJourdanCoryJourdanChris H.Renee
6DonCoryCoryMarvinChris H.ReneeDonDonJeremyChris H.Jeremy
8Chris S.ReneeKananiCoryReneeJianaPhilPhilChris H.Don
14Chris H.MikeChlea
15KananiChris S.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition
     The contestant won the competition

Scoring chart[edit]

ModelEpisode ScoresTotal ScoreAverage
Chris H.39.129.840.640.339.836.843.134.833.528.536.7403.236.6
Chris S.29.429.429.4
     Indicates the contestant had the highest score that week
     Indicates the contestant was eliminated that week.
  1. ^ a b The final scores of season were originally shown to be 32.0 for Jourdan and 27.5 for Marvin.[9] After the finale aired, several people had noted that the scores were identical to those shown during the first elimination of the finale. Furthermore, while Tyra had announced that the fan vote would have no say in the final scores, they had been added into the final tally nevertheless. In an article released by Reality TV World, it was revealed that there had been a glitch with the final scores during post-production, and that the actual scores for the finale were 27.0 for Jourdan (having received a nine from all three judges) and 25.0 for Marvin (having received 8 points from Tyra and Kelly, and 9 points from Rob). The CW acknowledged the finale contained incorrect scoring graphics after being contacted about the discrepancy. During an exclusive statement, a representative of the network was quoted as saying: "There was a technical error with the on-air graphics that occurred during post-production of the finale of ANTM, however, as you can see in the photo,[10] it didn't change the outcome meaning Jourdan is still the winner." [11]
  2. ^ a b Alexandra returned the competition in episode 9, while Jeremy returned in episode 11.

Photo shoot guide[edit]



The season premiere of America's Next Top Model received record breaking ratings for Top Model as well as the CW. The premiere was watched by 1.55 million viewers which makes it the most watched premiere episode of the competition since Cycle 17: All Stars Premiere. It also delivered The CW’s largest Friday audience and best 18-49 rating (0.6) since Dec. 2012, and the network’s strongest Women 18-34 numbers in over two years.

No. in
No. in
EpisodeAir DateViewers (m)18-49
242 & 2431 & 2"Meet the Guys & Girls of Cycle 20"August 2, 2013 (2013-08-02)1.550.6/2[12]
2443"The Girl Who Gets Married Again"August 9, 2013 (2013-08-09)1.220.4/1[13]
2454"The Guy Who Gets a Weave"August 16, 2013 (2013-08-16)1.500.5/2[14]
2465"The Girl Who Went Around in Circles"August 23, 2013 (2013-08-23)1.450.5/2[15]
2476"The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl"August 30, 2013 (2013-08-30)1.120.4/2[16]
2487"The Girl Who is Scared of Clowns"September 6, 2013 (2013-09-06)1.450.5/1[17]
2498"The Guy Who Cries"September 13, 2013 (2013-09-13)1.350.5/2[18]
2509"The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good"September 20, 2013 (2013-09-20)1.200.4/1[19]
25110"The Guys and Girls Get Flirty"September 27, 2013 (2013-09-27)1.530.4/1[20]
25211"The Girl Who Gets Punked"October 4, 2013 (2013-10-04)1.350.4/1[21]
25312"The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack"October 11, 2013 (2013-10-11)1.150.4/1[22]
25413"The Girl Who Got Kissed on an Elephant"October 18, 2013 (2013-10-18)1.200.4/1[23]
25514"The Guy Who Becomes a Bat"November 1, 2013 (2013-11-01)1.400.5/1[24]
25615"The Finalists Shoot their Guess campaign"November 8, 2013 (2013-11-08)1.350.5/2[25]
25716"The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model"November 15, 2013 (2013-11-15)1.5290.6/3[26]*

Post-Top Model Careers[edit]


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