America's Next Top Model (cycle 19)

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America's Next Top Model:
College Edition
ANTM cycle 19 cast.jpg
Cycle 19 cast
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes13
Original channelThe CW
Original runAugust 24, 2012 (2012-08-24) – November 16, 2012 (2012-11-16)
Additional information
No. of contestants13
WinnerLaura James
Season chronology
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America's Next Top Model:
College Edition
ANTM cycle 19 cast.jpg
Cycle 19 cast
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes13
Original channelThe CW
Original runAugust 24, 2012 (2012-08-24) – November 16, 2012 (2012-11-16)
Additional information
No. of contestants13
WinnerLaura James
Season chronology

The nineteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: College Edition), consisted of thirteen episodes and was broadcast on The CW. It aired from August 24, 2012, until November 16, 2012, and was promoted by the catchphrase "Only One Can Be Top of the Class". The program saw thirteen women, all of which were enrolled in higher education, compete for the title of "America's Next Top Model", providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modeling industry. Its premise was originated with supermodel Tyra Banks, who additionally serves as its executive producer and presenter.

The international destination during the cycle was Ocho Rios, Jamaica, becoming the second occasion in which the series traveled to the country, after the third cycle.

The winner was 21 year-old Laura James from Cambridge, New York and representing Paul Smith's College.

Show changes

The nineteenth cycle saw numerous adjustments from previous installments of the series. The judging panel consisted of the returning Banks and Kelly Cutrone, in addition to the newly hired Rob Evans, who replaced the departing J. Alexander. Public voting became a factor considered in contestant eliminations, and was represented on the panel by Bryanboy. Consequentially, the cycle became the first to have four permanent members since the twelfth cycle, and the first to not feature guest judges since the ninth cycle. Additionally, previous creative director Jay Manuel was dismissed from his position and succeeded by Johnny Wujek, while the prizes awarded were changed.[1][2]


This was the first cycle to feature a cast of all-new contestants since cycle 16. (Cycle 17 (All-Stars) featured only returning contestants from previous cycles, while cycle 18 (British Invasion) featured seven new American models alongside seven returning contestants from previous cycles of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model).


Judge and fashion photographer Nigel Barker, runway coach Miss J. Alexander, and photo shoot creative director Jay Manuel were dismissed from the show after the previous cycle in an attempt to revitalize the show. They were replaced by British model Rob Evans and Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy. Johnny Wujek also joined the crew as the new creative director of photo shoots. Evans and Bryanboy joined the judging panel with Banks and Cutrone, marking the return of four permanent judges since Cycle 12. This cycle did not feature guest judges at panel[3]

Public voting

Another change was the incorporation of public voting as a factor in eliminations.[4][5][6][7] The contestants now received numerical scores for their performances in the challenges and photo shoots. These scores, along with an average score from the fans, were added up to determine who stayed in the competition every week during eliminations. The girl with the lowest combined score was thus eliminated from the competition. The eliminated girls were still be able to participate in the photo shoots, and their photos were also available to be voted on by the public. The girl with the highest social media score out of the eliminated girls was allowed to rejoin the competition.


The prizes for this cycle were: A modeling contract with LA Models & NY Model Management, the face of the America’s Next Top Model perfume product "Dream Come True", a spread in Nylon magazine, campaigns with Nine West and Smashbox Cosmetics and a US$100,000 cash prize.

The following prizes were removed: A guest correspondent placement with the Extra news magazine, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, and both the cover and a spread in Beauty In Vogue, production of a music composition that wil be performed by the winner that will then be released as a record single by CBS Records.[8] and a US$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, the series' long-time sponsor since the third cycle.[9]

Episode summaries

The Girl Who Makes The Grade

First aired August 24, 2012[10][11]

The semi-finalists meet for the first time, and enjoy a party for the casting of cycle 19. Tyra introduces the new judges for the cycle – Rob Evans and photo shoot director Johnny Wujek. She also reveals that the fans will take part in deciding who will be eliminated each week.

The models are introduced to the public via runway, and later have a photo shoot in their bikinis. They then meet the judges for one-on-one interviews at panel.

Memorable contestants include Victoria, who has been home schooled her entire life, Brittany who loves Disney, Laura who is the daughter of actor John James, Jessie who accidentally flashes her booty during the runway challenge, and Kristin, who is a former mean girl in high-school.

Tyra later reveals the thirteen girls who will compete and live together in the top model house.

The Girl Who Cries Home

First aired August 31, 2012[12][13][14]

After the models settle into their new sorority house, Tyra reveals the new twists and changes in the cycle.

The following day, Rob Evans informs the girls that they will be taking part in a runway show at Club Even in Hollywood for their first challenge. Several of the girls stumble. Brittany, Victoria and Yvonne manage to do well. Ultimately, Yvonne is chosen as the winner of the challenge.

Back at the house, tensions flare after Destiny questions her low score and Kiara notes that Destiny may have looked like a stripper. Destiny later discusses the matter with some of the other girls behind Kiara's back, unknowing of the fact that Kiara is listening the entire time. Darian and Kiara get into an argument when the latter confronts the rest of the girls.

At the photo shoot, the girls must get their beauty shots taken in a shoot inspired by taxidermy. Leila, Nastasia and Laura receive good feedback. Jessie and Destiny struggle, and Kristin is critiqued for her attitude and persistent complaining. Victoria amazes Johnny with her personality, though he feels annoyed by incessant talking. Back at the house, a worried Victoria calls her mother and bursts into tears.

At panel, Leila, Laura and Nastasia receive positive critique from both the judges and the social media. Kristin impresses the fans, achieving the highest social media score. Brittany is shocked when she learns that fans online see her as being arrogant and 'full of herself'. The rest of the models receive mixed feedback.

Having received all tens from the judges, Leila receives best picture. Destiny and Jessie find themselves in the bottom two, both for having the lowest scores and for their plain photographs. After the final scores are revealed, Jessie is eliminated from the competition.

Shortly after Jessie's elimination, Bryanboy tells her that she will still have an opportunity to get back into the competition if she receives the highest public vote average for the rest of her photos.

The Girl Who Wants Out

First aired September 7, 2012[15][16][17]

The girls are taken to the Cristophe Salon, where they are greeted by the judges. They reveal that it is makeover time, but that there will be a few twists. The girls are allowed to choose whether or not they want to receive a makeover, but the make overs will not be revealed until after everyone has made their decision.

Maria and Victoria refuse their makeovers, while everyone else says yes. Most of the girls are satisfied with their changes. Tyra drops by during the makeover shoot and has a talk with Victoria. Meanwhile, Kelly confronts Maria. Both are shown what their makeovers would have been. Victoria appears remorseful over her decision. Destiny, who receives one of the more dramatic makeovers, fears that her new style will make her look like a lesbian.

For the main photo shoot, the girls are asked to pose nude with Rob Evans, displaying their chemistry with him. Maria refuses to do the photo shoot, citing that she has been doubting herself ever since she began the competition. After speaking with Johnny during hair and make-up, she decides to withdraw from the competition, much to the relief of some of the other girls.

During the photo shoot, Darian, Kiara and Kristin struggle, while Nastasia accidentally knees Rob in the groin. Brittany, Laura, Leila and Victoria are all praised during their sessions.

At judging, Brittany, Victoria, Leila and Allyssa receive praise from the judges and social media. Victoria apologizes to the judges for her decision regarding the makeover, and admits that ever since, she has tried to curl her hair herself in an attempt to mimic what her original makeover would have been.

Victoria is awarded best picture during elimination. Yvonne and Darian land in the bottom two. Despite an extremely close tie between the two, Yvonne is saved for having a higher public vote, and Darian is eliminated. After being eliminated, she drops to her knees in front of Tyra, who proceeds to inform her and the other girls that every eliminated model will be given the chance to participate in the remaining photo shoots in an effort to return to the competition.

The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says

First aired September 14, 2012[18][19][20]

Tensions flare when Kristin goes through Destiny's bag to get a lighter without asking for her permission.

The girls later meet Tyler Perry at 3rd Street in Santa Monica Boulevard for an acting challenge where Tyra and Tyler will tell the girls what to do while they portray a persona they've been randomly assigned.

Confused and Starstruck TouristDestiny & Nastasia
Delusional Wannabe DivaKiara, Leila & Victoria
Free Spirit Street PerformerAllyssa & Laura
Superstar Rap ArtistBrittany, Kristin & Yvonne

Destiny and Leila struggle, while Victoria angers a tourist to the point that he throws food at her. Kiara, Laura and Yvonne do the best job. Kiara wins the challenge, and is given the opportunity to star in a role in one of Tyler Perry's newest productions.

Later they are whisked away to Universal Studios, where they are dressed up as zombies for an apocalyptic photo shoot. Laura, Leila and Brittany shine, while Yvonne and Destiny struggle. Kiara is critiqued for looking like a video girl, and Kristin irritates Johnny with her attitude. She also struggles to get a good shot.

At panel, Kristin receives low scores from the judges. Nastasia is castigated for looking short in her photo. Laura receives the highest fan vote in the competition thus far. She also receives the highest possible score from the judges, and later receives best photo as a result.

Destiny and Yvonne are once again placed in the bottom two, both for having delivered lackluster photos. Yvonne is saved in the end, and Destiny is eliminated from the competition.

The Girl Who Sings For Alicia Keys

First aired September 21, 2012[21][22]

For having received best photo the previous episode, Laura is allowed to sleep in the Tyra suite along with a guest of her choosing. She chooses Kristin to join her, and talks about how Leila might be mad at her for having chosen Kristin instead of her.

Tyra and Alicia Keys later show up and tell the girls that they will wearing clothes designed by Mara Hoffman for a runway show as part of Alicia Keys' charity "Keep Children Alive". Laura is chosen as the leader of the challenge, due to her first call-out. The winner of the challenge will be decided by the audience, who will cast votes on their favorite dresses. Backstage during the runway show, Kelly questions Laura about the direction she is giving the girls.

After the challenge concludes, Kiara, Laura and Victoria receive the highest bids. Kiara wins the challenge and chooses Nastasia to accompany her in an Alicia Keys concert.

Back at the house, Allyssa is revealed to have received the lowest score for the challenge. Kiara tells Leila that Laura has said that she is obsessed with her. Leila proceeds to confront Laura, and tells her that she is obsessed with herself. As multiple contestants begin to step into the room, a fight quickly ensues among the rest of the girls.

At the photo shoot, Jonte' teaches the girls about posing while being tossed in the air as a cheerleader. Kristin, Nastasia and Victoria are praised, while Allyssa, Brittany and Leila struggle. Laura, who is afraid of heights, conquers her fears to get a good picture.

At panel, most of the girls receive mixed feedback. Laura is praised for her great shot and for having pushed through her fears. After the scores are combined, it is Nastasia who receives best photo. Leila and Brittany shockingly find themselves in the bottom two, much to the surprise of the girls and the judges. Despite a low fan and challenge score, Brittany manages to survive the elimination by a margin of 0.5 to Leila, who is eliminated despite her consistently high fan score, leaving her feeling extremely emotional.

The Girl Who Gets Pwn'd

First aired September 28, 2012[23][24]

After the shocking elimination of Leila, most of the girls stepped up their game, while both Brittany and Yvonne got irritated with Bryanboy's reaction to Leila's elimination. The girls then go to The Culver Studios where they were greeted by a video game version of Rob Evans and supermodel Chrissy Teigen, they announce that they will act a video game scene. Brittany and Kristin did well while Yvonne did not look like she want to do the challenge and although Victoria's character was praised, her body postures are the worries of the judges. Laura impressed them the most and she won the challenge which is a signature winning move that will be featured in the video game, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Back at the house Victoria was worried about her position in the competition so she had an emotional conversation with her mother.

For the photo shoot, the girls are styled in a Steampunk fashion in a train station where they will pose with an owl named Groovy from Harry Potter movies. Brittany asked Bryanboy about his reaction during the last panel and later clear things out with him and she received good feedback. Laura also delivered beautifully, Kristin had some problems posing with the owl and struggled to get a shot, Victoria struggled also although she implemented a long background story for her shoot, and on Yvonne's shoot where they have to change her skirt, Yvonne made a tongue noise which made Bryanboy scold Yvonne who fights back at him. After the tension, Yvonne then later apologized to Bryanboy.

At panel, Laura swept the victory as she got a perfect score from the judges and high score on both social media and challenge. Brittany excelled despite Kelly's remark about her Disney persona, Nastasia was again castigated for looking short in a photo. Victoria landed in the bottom two for slowly sliding down the competition with Yvonne who was eliminated for an average photo and a bad attitude on set.

The Girl Who Licks the Floor

First aired October 5, 2012[25][26][27]

Most of the girls are worried about Victoria's health, as she did not eat a lot. According to Victoria, she wasn't eating as much because she missed her mom. Bryanboy told the girls that they would go on a road trip for their challenge, Divided into two teams.

OneAllyssa, Brittany, Kristin & Laura
TwoKiara, Nastasia & Victoria

Each team had three stops on their way to Palm Springs, and each girl had to photograph themselves committing 'Random Acts of Modelling' at every stop. Most of the girls struggled to create the required shots. Victoria accidentally did not save on of Kiara's segments, which irritated her. Laura ultimately won the challenge, and as her prize she won the opportunity to have a segment as a host in Nylon TV.

After their long drive, the girls did a photo shoot where they had to pose in gross and sticky situations. Brittany, Kristin and Nastasia were praised, while Allyssa, Kiara and Laura struggled. Meanwhile, Victoria made up yet another back story for her shoot. When they returned to their sorority house, the girls were concerned about Victoria's health and confronted her for it.

At panel, Brittany, Kristin and Nastasia were praised. Even though Victoria's photo was stellar, Tyra asked the girls about her condition in the competition, and about their worries that Victoria had been losing weight. During the elimination ceremony, Nastasia received the best photo. Tyra warned Victoria that if she restricted her food intake, she would have to go home. Allyssa and Laura were placed in the bottom two for their weak shots. Tyra handed the last photo to Laura, and emotionally eliminated Allyssa.

The Girl Who Comes Back

First aired October 19, 2012[28][29][30]

After panel, most of the girls brought up the incident about Victoria's health which lead into the tension between Kristin and Victoria. Kelly then informed the girls that they will do a go-sees with some of the biggest designers in Los Angeles, the designers can only book one model but the models can book more than one designers. Victoria tried to impress Whitney Port and tries to outshines Kiara as her partner, Laura broke down as she wants to go to Guess but has a little time to go, but she then won the challenge while Brittany and Victoria did not book any.

DesignerModel Booked
Cecilia CassiniKiara
Charlotte RonsonKristin
Lulu GuinnessNastasia
Whitney PortLaura

The girls go to a prison where they will do a photo shoot which is a fashion mugshot which is also a message for young college students. Kristin and Laura excels, while Brittany struggling with her character. Nastasia and Victoria got into their characters, while Kiara shared her experience in a prison when she tried to steal a bracelet.

At the panel, Laura get the first call-out and she's quickly followed by Kristin and Kiara. Nastasia barely escaping the bottom two, leaving both Brittany and Victoria in the bottom two for not booking one of the designers and a bad photo from their potential. Victoria was saved and Brittany was eliminated, but after the elimination Tyra told Brittany that they will reveal the girl that will comeback to the competition but it was cut and continued next week.

The Girls Go To Jamaica

First aired October 26, 2012[31][32][33]

The episode began with the continuation of the last episode, where the eliminated girls were called back to announce that one of them would comeback to the competition. Tyra then revealed that the remaining girls would go to Jamaica for the rest of the competition. The scores for the comeback series were revealed, and Leila was able to return to the competition.

When the girls arrived to Jamaica, they were greeted by some local male models, Kiara clicked with Cory and flirted with him. Then the girls had some lunch with Tyra where she taught the ladies the type of models they were, whether they were a smizer or a toocher. Then they met Jonti' and Konshens where they announced that their challenge was a dance competition with the moods of Jamaican music in terms of partners. Kiara and Nastasia received good feedback, Leila and Victoria did pretty well, while Kristin and Laura received the lowest scores, which angered Kristin.

For the photo shoot, the girls had to create a love triangle scene while rafting in a river. Laura, Leila, and Nastasia excelled, while Kristin struggled. Although she had an amazing story for the shoot, Victoria struggled to achieve the desired shot. Kiara was criticized for having been distracted by Cory's involvement in the shot.

At panel, Nastasia received first call-out for her beautiful photo, while Laura followed suit, Leila also received a mixed comments with Tyra saying that her picture was a bit catalog, Kristin was castigated for not trying to do her best. Ultimately, Kiara and Victoria landed in the bottom two for their flawed photos. With little over a point apart, Victoria, one of the most controversial models of the season, was eliminated from the competition.

The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra

First aired November 2, 2012[34][35][36][37]

During their stay in Jamaica, the girls met Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella Marley, who had designed a fashionable new line of bikinis. Their challenge was to model the bikinis while rising out of the ocean on a dolphin. During the challenge, one of the dolphins accidentally hit Leila's leg. Laura accidentally flashed her breasts in front of the other girls, Johnny and Cedella. Ultimately, Leila won her first challenge, leaving Kristin in disgust since she got the lowest score.

Later, the girls ventured to Jamaica’s famous Dunn's River Falls, where greeted by Tyra, who would be their photographer for the day. The models were transformed into warrior princesses, and they had to embody different themes of nature.


The girl who could strike the best pose under the cascading waterfall, would win the honor of having her photo grace the walls of Tyra’s home. Nastasia amazes Tyra by her creative poses, both Kiara and Leila were universally praised by Tyra for their amazing shots, while Kristin and Laura fell flat.

At panel, Leila receive high acclaim for her ultra stunning photograph and once again rewarded by three perfect scores by the judges. Kiara and Nastasia also received acclaim for their photographs and received near perfect scores as well. Both Laura and Kristin received mediocre feedback, disgusted the latter even more. Backstage, when they were waiting for the results, an angered and disgusted Kristin finally had enough and threw a tantrum to Kiara and Leila who were celebrating their high scores, especially for Kiara since it's the first time she had such score. Kiara thought it's perfectly fine to celebrate, but Kristin thought it was simply disrespectful, though the latter did disrespectfully cut off every time Leila wants to speak.

At last, Leila easily got the best photo and earned the best score ever in the competition at 46.4, breaking Laura's record in week four with the score of 46.2. Kiara then honored by Tyra when she revealed that her shot is going to grace the walls of Tyra's home. Nastasia then also called safe, leaving Laura and the even more disgusted Kristin in the bottom two. Laura easily escaped the elimination again, leaving a shocked but still disgusted Kristin kicked out of the competition. Kristin then talk how much she's happy that she's leaving the competition since she's so disgusted with everyone else in the house.

The Girl Who Freaks Out On Horseback

First aired November 9, 2012[38][39][40]

The girls are challenged to shoot a trial television commercial for the Jamaica Tourist Board, including writing their own script and starring in their own television spot while horseback riding in the ocean. The winner gets to come back to Jamaica to shoot an official television spot that would be broadcast worldwide. Kiara and Laura struggled to work with the horse but manage to pull it trough while Leila got frightened with the horse which make her struggle and Nastasia forgot all her lines which made her struggle as well, but it was Kiara who was chosen as the winner for having the highest score while Nastasia got the lowest, which made her worry.

Then the models change bikinis for the Dream Come True perfume photo shoot where they pose for the chance to appear in the official fragrance ad. At the photo shoot, Nastasia, Leila and Laura struggled while Kiara wowed the photographer.

At panel, Kiara wowed the judges and ultimately earned a best photo and followed by Leila, leaving Laura and Nastasia in the bottom two with Laura for having a weak photograph again and Nastasia for slipping fast in the competition, but in the end, Nastasia was eliminated after having 0.3 score lower than Laura.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

First aired November 16, 2012[41][42]

Judge, Kelly Cutrone met the models on the streets of Jamaica to mentor them through their official Nine West photo shoot, where she and photographer Jez Smith had a fight in the middle of the shoot. Then, the girls posed in Half Moon Bay for their Nylon Magazine photo shoot.

Finally, the battle for the fiercest was fought at the most famous – yet infamous – property in all of Jamaica, the mysteriously haunted Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay. The previously eliminated contestants returned to join the finalists and their families for an unprecedented runway show that embraced all the beauty, culture, history and music of the island. During the show, Kiara and Laura delivered a strong performance, while Leila failed and fell twice in front of the judges and the audience.

At panel, the final three girls were judged. Kiara's Nine West photo was criticized, but her runway walk received praise. Laura was praised for her photograph, and received good comments for her walk, while Leila was heavily criticized for her walk but received the best feedback for her photo. Later, the girls were called back and Tyra first announced that Leila was eliminated, Kiara soon followed, and she then went on to reveal that Laura was the nineteenth winner of America's Next Top Model.

The Girl With The Best Top Model Freakout

First aired November 16, 2012[43][44][45]

This episode recaps the previous episodes of the cycle, running through the challenges, photo shoots and dramatic moments along with never-before-seen footage. Previously unaired footage includes the continuation of Kiara and Darian brawling moments, Kiara's confrontation of Laura about Leila being obsessed with her and how the other girls got involve, Maria in her "Hell No" commentaries on the makeover and on how the other girls offend by it (especially Allyssa, who says that Maria is a very stupid person), Victoria in her awkward intimacy with men during their stay in Jamaica, Leila's freakout horseback riding, the continuation of Jez Smith and Kelly Cutrone fighting moments of Laura's Nine West photoshoot and much more.

The Comeback Series

For this cycle, America's Next Top Model launched a web-series called The Comeback Series. After being eliminated, the girls continued to participate in the photo shoots under the premise that the audience would select one of them to return to the competition later. Leila returned to the competition in episode 9 for having accumulated the highest average fan score for her photographs.

OrderContestantPublic Vote Average


(Ages stated are at time of contest)[46]

Jessie Rabideau231.75 m (5 ft 9 in)Speedway, IndianaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaEliminated in Episode 2
Maria Tucker221.70 m (5 ft 7 in)Las Cruces, New MexicoHarvard UniversityQuit in Episode 3
Darian Ellis221.75 m (5 ft 9 in)Baton Rouge, LouisianaLouisiana State UniversityEliminated in Episode 3
Destiny Strudwick181.75 m (5 ft 9 in)Columbus, OhioAveda Institute of ColumbusEliminated in Episode 4
Yvonne Powless201.73 m (5 ft 8 in)Austin, TexasUniversity of Texas at AustinEliminated in Episode 6
Allyssa Vuelma201.78 m (5 ft 10 in)Fort Lauderdale, FloridaFlorida State UniversityEliminated in Episode 7
Brittany Brown181.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in)Gilbert, ArizonaChandler-Gilbert Community CollegeEliminated in Episode 8
Victoria Henley181.75 m (5 ft 9 in)Colquitt, GeorgiaLiberty UniversityEliminated in Episode 9
Kristin Kagay191.70 m (5 ft 7 in)Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida State College at JacksonvilleEliminated in Episode 10
Nastasia Scott191.73 m (5 ft 8 in)East Stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaEast Stroudsburg UniversityEliminated in Episode 11
Leila Goldkuhl201.80 m (5 ft 11 in)Framingham, MassachusettsUniversity of Rhode IslandEliminated in Episode 5
Returned in Episode 9

Eliminated in Episode 12
Kiara Belen221.75 m (5 ft 9 in)Las Vegas, NevadaUniversity of California, IrvineRunner-up
Laura James211.83 m (6 ft 0 in)Cambridge, New YorkPaul Smith's CollegeWinner


Call-out order

Tyra's Call-Out Order
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant won the competition

Scoring chart

ModelEpisode ScoresTotal ScoreAverage
     Indicates the contestant with the highest score that week.
     Indicates the widthrawal of a contestant from the competition.
     Indicates the contestant eliminated that week.

Photo shoot guide


No episode aired on October 12 due to the network's re-airing of the pilot episode of Arrow.

No. in
No. in
EpisodeAir Date18-49 (Rating/Share)Viewers (m)
2291"The Girl Who Makes The Grade"August 24, 2012 (2012-08-24)0.4/2[48]1.09[48]
2302"The Girl Who Cries Home"August 31, 2012 (2012-08-31)0.4/2[49]1.07[49]
2313"The Girl Who Wants Out"September 7, 2012 (2012-09-07)0.6/2[50]1.49[50]
2324"The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says"September 14, 2012 (2012-09-14)0.6/2[51]1.41[51]
2335"The Girl Who Sings For Alicia Keys"September 21, 2012 (2012-09-21)0.5/2[52]1.32[52]
2346"The Girl Who Gets Pwn'd"September 28, 2012 (2012-09-28)0.5/2[53]0.96[53]
2357"The Girl Who Licks the Floor"October 5, 2012 (2012-10-05)0.5/2[54]1.11[54]
2368"The Girl Who Comes Back"October 19, 2012 (2012-10-19)0.6/2[55]1.47[55]
2379"The Girls Go To Jamaica"October 26, 2012 (2012-10-26)0.4/1[56]1.14[56]
23810"The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra"November 2, 2012 (2012-11-02)0.4/1[57]1.26[57]
23911"The Girl Who Freaks Out On Horseback"November 9, 2012 (2012-11-09)0.6/2[58]1.41[58]
24012"The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model"November 16, 2012 (2012-11-16)0.6/2[59]1.36[59]
24113"The Girl With The Best Top Model Freakout"0.3/1[59]0.77[59]

Post Top Model Careers


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