Amar Ezzahi

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Amar Ezzahi (born Amar Ait Zai on January 1, 1941 at Ain El Hammam, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria) is an Algerian Chaabi music performer.[1]

Amar Ezzahi was first charmed by Chaabi when he was listening Boudjema El Ankis. In 1963, Amar Ezzahi met Cheikh Lahlou and Mohamed Brahimi who gave him some old Qacidats (poems) and taught him how to sing them. After that Amar chose to devote himself to Chaabi music. Later on, Amar Ezzahi had in his own orchestra a pearl of Chaābi, Cheikh Kaddour Bachtobdji who became in 1964 a precious piece in Amar's art. In 1968, a first 45T included Ya djahel leshab and Ya el adraā. Three years later, Amar published 45T and two 33T in 1976. His unique casset Ya rab El I bad was released in 1982.

Amar Ezzahi disappear from artistic scene by 1980. He only performed in special celebrations.


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