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Not to be confused with S.F. Altar Boys or Altar Boyz.
For the ministers at religious services, see Altar server and Acolyte.

Altar Boys were a Christian punk rock band from California, formed in 1982. They are Mike Stand (vocals, songwriting, and guitar), Jeff Crandall (drums), Steve Pannier (guitars), Mark Robertson (bass), and Ric Alba.


The Altar Boys helped pioneer Christian rock music.[1] They were known for their Ramones-style punk music, which was radically different than the Christian music common at the time of their formation.[2] Especially in their early years, they were known for being explicit with their faith in their lyrics.[2] Their sound was heavily influenced by the punk rock scene in Southern California, and they quickly became one of the best known Christian bands on that scene.[3] Their first album sold over 7000 copies without distribution, and their second disc sold 20000 units in its first two months of release.[4]

Their third and fourth releases, Gut Level Music and Against the Grain, propelled them to national standing.[1][2] Gut Level Music was explicitly aimed at a secular audience, and marked changes designed to enhance their credibility with that audience.[4] Their lyrical approach changed toward a more subtle expression of their faith.[5] They also refined their sound in an attempt to distance themselves from the punk "garage band" image that they had acquired early on.[5] They began playing in secular venues more often, and in 1987 toured England opening with The Jesus and Mary Chain.[5]

The band went on an "indefinite hiatus" in 1992.[3] Stand has resurrected many of the Altar Boys songs with a "punktry" project called The Altar Billies.[6]

Former drummer, and Stand's cousin, Jeff Crandall, is currently the worship pastor at Saguaro Canyon Church in Tucson, Arizona.[7]



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