Allison Park, Pennsylvania

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Bus stop in Allison Park

Allison Park is a census-designated place in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. It is a suburb of Pittsburgh and is located within Hampton, Shaler and McCandless townships. It had a population of 21,552 at the 2010 census.[1]


Allison Park in the 18th century was called Tally Cavey. Tally Cavey was part of the large Pitt Township.

Talley Cavey

The word Talley Cavey is Celtic for "hill over the borough". Early settlers named it after a settlement in Ireland. The town started in the woods that are now along Mt. Royal Boulevard, and continued until it reached what is now the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The area can still be called Talley Cavey today, however, no one does, as that would be pointless, considering that it is known as Allison Park, and if someone actually referred to it as Talley Cavey, virtually no one would know what they were referencing. Therefore, not anyone in recent memory has actually referred to the area as Talley Cavy, although, they certainly could, if they wished to, although it might cause some measure of confusion among the locals, who are by now, the majority fo them, quite used to referring to the area as Allison Park. However, the reference certainly remains open for use, should someone, again, prefer to utilize it.


Coordinates: 40°34′N 79°58′W / 40.56°N 79.96°W / 40.56; -79.96