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Alien Workshop is a skateboarding company founded in 1990 by Chris Carter and Mike Hill. Following a brief period under the ownership of the Burton snowboarding company, Alien Workshop was purchased by original team rider, Rob Dyrdek, with the official confirmation of the acquisition announced in a press release on April 17, 2012.[1]


Company overview

Alien Workshop produces skateboard decks, wheels, apparel, and other skateboard accessories, and is known for a visual aesthetic that often contains themes of paranoia and futurism.[2]


The brand is a part of DNA Distribution (also known as the Sovereign Sect), a distribution house that also consists of Habitat Skateboards and Reflex Bearings. DNA Distribution was bought by Burton Snowboards on February 5, 2008.[3] Skateboarder Magazine announced on January 10, 2012 that team member Rob Dyrdek had bought Alien Workshop from Burton Snowboards.[1]

Arto Saari

On May 2, 2008, the Flip company announced that its long-term team member, Arto Saari, had relocated to Alien Workshop. The announcement was a shock to members of the skateboarding media.

Keith Haring collaboration

The brand released a series of skateboard decks, wheels, apparel, and stickers that featured the art of Keith Haring in August 2012.[4]


The company was established in Dayton, Ohio, US, where it continues to be based. Following Dyrdek's acquisition of DNA Distribution, the official press release stated that "Carter [Chris Carter, General Manager and Co-Founder of DNA) will continue to oversee DNA Distribution in Dayton, Ohio, while Dyrdek will consult directly on all marketing and creative from his Los Angeles based office."[5]


The company sponsors a team to represent their brand.



Joshua Jones (Dirty Dayton rep)



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