Alex García (boxer)

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Alex García (boxer)
Medal record
Men's Boxing
Competitor for  United States
World Amateur Championships
Silver1986 RenoSuper Heavyweight
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Alex García (boxer)
Medal record
Men's Boxing
Competitor for  United States
World Amateur Championships
Silver1986 RenoSuper Heavyweight

Alex García (born December 2, 1961) is a former Mexican-American heavyweight boxer best known to be a contender in the 1990s. A San Fernando native, and former gang member, he served five years in San Quentin State Prison for stabbing a rival gang member. Upon his release, he found himself training at the Jet Center, where he took up boxing. He was mentored under William “Blinky” Rodriguez.



Mexican-American García was an amateur star in the super heavyweight division, he won the National Championships in 1986. In Reno at the 1986 World Amateur Boxing Championships he lost in the final to Teofilo Stevenson.[1]

Professional career

He started his pro career in California in 1987 and, apart from a cut stoppage loss against Dee Collier, dominated his opposition on his way to contention. Notable opponents at beaten by García at this stage of his career included Eddie Gonzalez, Rocky Sekorski, and Jerry Goff.

In 1992 he won the NABF title against Jerry Jones. After three successful defenses, and with a fight against Riddick Bowe in the advanced planning stage, he took a warm-up fight against Mike Dixon who KOd him by catching García with a blow to his temple. However,soon after in a rematch fight at the "Brady Theater" in Tulsa, OK in May 1994, Alex García won a unanimous decision against Mike Dixon. García never was a serious contender again, drawing with James Warring and getting KOd by Garing Lane.

In 1994 he lost his NABF title on points to fringe contender Joe Hipp, in 1995 he lost on points to Buster Mathis Jr..

Professional boxing record

40 Wins (29 knockouts, 11 decisions), 6 Losses (4 knockouts, 2 decisions), 1 Draw [2]
Loss5-10United States Wallace McDanielKO305/04/2005Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee, United StatesGarcia knocked out at 1:47 of the third round.
Win8-18-1United States Ron "Stingray" McCarthyMD807/12/1999New York Yonkers, New York, United States
Win2-35United States George "of the Jungle" HarrisTKO107/08/1999South Carolina Camden, South Carolina, United States
Win5-14Mexico Martin "Opeth" LopezTKO229/08/1997Texas El Paso, Texas, United StatesReferee stopped the bout at 1:05 of the second round.
Loss18-0United States Buster Mathis, Jr.UD1218/04/1995Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesIBF USBA Heavyweight Title.
Win14-7-1United States "King" George StephensTKO318/11/1994New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Win10-2United States Ed DonaldsonUD1001/09/1994New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States96-95, 96-95, 98-94.
Win15-14United States Mike "The Duke" DixonUD1024/05/1994Oklahoma Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States99-91, 97-92, 97-93.
Loss26-3United States Joe HippUD1201/03/1994New Jersey Atlantic City, New Jersey, United StatesNABF Heavyweight Title. 110-118, 108-120, 109-119.
Win13-10-3United States George O'MaraPTS1020/01/1994California Irvine, California, United States
Win8-1Jamaica Everton DavisPTS1018/12/1993Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss9-9-1United States Garing "Freight Train" LaneTKO220/08/1993Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United StatesReferee stopped the bout at 2:07 of the second round.
Draw14-2United States James WarringSD1227/07/1993Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesNABF Heavyweight Title. 113-116, 114-114, 116-112.
Loss12-8United States Mike "Duke" DixonTKO208/06/1993Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesWBC Continental Americas/WBA Fedelatin Heavyweight Titles. Referee stopped the bout at 2:45 of the second round.
Win21-2United States Eric "The Whip" CurryTKO1220/04/1993Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesNABF Heavyweight Title. Referee stopped the bout at 0:38 of the 12th round.
Win16-1United States West TurnerTKO127/03/1993Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesNABF Heavyweight Title.
Win20-2United States Mike "Mercury" WilliamsTKO516/02/1993Colorado Denver, Colorado, United StatesNABF Heavyweight Title. Referee stopped the bout at 2:14 of the fifth round.
Win9-4United States Jerry "Slice Man" JonesUD1208/12/1992Florida Tampa, Florida, United StatesNABF/WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Titles. 118-110, 118-110, 117-111.
Win23-12-1Puerto Rico Ossie OcasioTKO823/11/1992California Inglewood, California, United States
Win8-3-1United States Matthew BrooksTKO227/10/1992Texas Houston, Texas, United StatesReferee stopped the bout at 0:31 of the second round.
Win26-11-1United States Mike "Giant" WhiteTKO222/09/1992Texas El Paso, Texas, United States
Win18-5-1United States Arthur "Stormy" WeathersKO210/08/1992California Inglewood, California, United States
Win26-5-1United States Mike Ronay EvansUD1002/07/1992Nevada Reno, Nevada, United States98-92, 97-93, 98-92.
Win11-9-1United States Mike GansKO227/05/1992California San Diego, California, United States
Win43-24-1United States Bobby CrabtreeKO604/03/1992California Bakersfield, California, United States
Win18-1United States Jerry "Volkswagen" GoffTKO211/07/1991Nevada Gardnerville, Nevada, United States
Win23-9United States Rocky SekorskiKO123/05/1991Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Win22-12Mexico Ladislao MijangosTKO322/03/1991Nevada Lake Tahoe, Nevada, United States
Win18-5-1United States Bernard BentonTKO209/10/1990Arizona Phoenix, Arizona, United StatesReferee stopped the bout at 0:52 of the second round.
Win11-1-1United States Bill "Donut" DuncanTKO107/05/1990California Inglewood, California, United States
Win6-2United States Dion BurgessTKO427/03/1990California Reseda, California, United States
Win14-4-1United States Andre "Big Daddy" McCallTKO208/01/1990California Inglewood, California, United States
Win7-7-4United States Jim AshardKO413/11/1989California Inglewood, California, United States
Win25-8-1United States Eddie GonzalesUD1024/10/1989California Reseda, California, United States99-91, 99-92, 98-92.
Win14-14United States Eddie "One Man Gang" RichardsonKO729/08/1989California Reseda, California, United States
Loss10-8United States Dee CollierTKO829/11/1988California Reseda, California, United States
Win4-3United States Veti KatoaKO129/07/1988California Redondo Beach, California, United States
Win0-4United States Jack S. JacksonKO223/06/1988California Los Angeles, California, United States
Win3-4United States Rodney StocktonKO227/05/1988California Redondo Beach, California, United States
Win9-7-1United States Dennis FikesKO324/03/1988California Los Angeles, California, United States
Win0-3-1United States Dave SlaughterKO212/11/1987California Los Angeles, California, United StatesSlaughter knocked out at 1:15 of the second round.
Win12-13-1United States Dwain BondsUD629/08/1987California Los Angeles, California, United States59-56, 58-56, 58-56.
Win7-0United States Andre "The Giant" SmithUD509/07/1987California Los Angeles, California, United States
Win--United States William "Gladiator" CampudaniKO118/06/1987California Los Angeles, California, United StatesCampudani knocked out at 0:28 of the first round.
Win1-2United States Tony CrawfordKO128/05/1987California Los Angeles, California, United StatesCrawford knocked out at 1:57 of the first round.
Win1-5-1United States Richard HarrellUD424/02/1987California Reseda, California, United States39-36, 39-36, 39-36.
Win0-5United States Cliff MelbourneKO106/02/1987California Reseda, California, United StatesMelbourne knocked out at 2:52 of the first round.

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