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There are many Little House on the Prairie characters, appearing in various forms of media in the Little House on the Prairie media franchise.

Television series characters[edit]

The Ingalls family[edit]

NameSeasonsNo. of
PortrayerCharacter summary
Charles Ingalls1–9161Michael LandonFarmer; husband and father
Caroline Ingalls1–8172Karen GrassleWife and mother
Laura Ingalls Wilder1–9190Melissa GilbertSecond daughter; Later Almanzo's wife and Rose's mother; nicknamed "Half-pint" by Charles and "Beth" by Almanzo
Mary Ingalls1–8133Melissa Sue AndersonOldest child
Carrie Ingalls1–8164Lindsay and Sidney GreenbushThird daughter
Charles Ingalls Jr.12UnknownBaby son
Grace Ingalls5–860Wendi and Brenda TurnbaughFourth daughter
Albert Quinn Ingalls5–989Matthew LaborteauxAdopted son
James Cooper/Ingalls7–821Jason BatemanAdopted after parents were killed in a wagon accident
Cassandra Cooper/Ingalls7–821Missy FrancisSame as above

The in-laws[edit]

NameSeasonsNo. of
PortrayerCharacter summary
Almanzo Wilder6–965Dean ButlerFarmer; Laura's husband (season 7); Rose's father; Nicknamed "Manly" by Laura
Adam Kendall4–835Linwood BoomerTeacher of the blind; Mary’s husband (season 5)
Adam Kendall Jr.63unknownAdam and Mary's son; dies in fire with Alice Garvey
Jenny Wilder918Shannen DohertyAlmanzo's niece, whom he gets custody of after his brother/her father Royal dies
Rose Wilder8–917Jennifer and Michele SteffinAlmanzo and Laura's daughter
Eliza Jane Wilder6–814Lucy Lee FlippinTeacher; Almanzo's older sister


NameSeasonsNo. of
PortrayerCharacter summary
Nels Oleson1–9147Richard BullMercantile proprietor; husband and father
Harriet Oleson1–9153Katherine MacGregorWorked at the mercantile; wife and mother
Nellie Oleson1–9104Alison ArngrimOldest child of Nels and Harriet
Willie Oleson1–9140Jonathan GilbertSon of Nels and Harriet
Nancy Oleson8–933Allison BalsonAdopted daughter of Nels and Harriet
Percival Dalton/Isaac Cohen6–711Steve TracyNellie’s husband
Rachel Brown Oleson92Sherri StonerWillie’s wife
Dr. Hiram Baker1–9113Kevin HagenTown physician
Robert Alden1–976Dabbs GreerChurch minister
Melinda Foster1–961Ruth FosterPost office manager
Isaiah Edwards1–3, 8–952Victor FrenchCharles’ best friend
Grace Snider Edwards1–623Bonnie Bartlett / Corinne CamachoWife of Isaiah Edwards
John Sanderson Edwards2–48Radames PeraOldest child adopted by Isaiah & Grace Edwards
Alicia Sanderson Edwards2–3, 5, 819Kyle RichardsYoungest child, Adopted daughter of Isaiah & Grace Edwards
Carl Sanderson Edwards2–419Brian PartMiddle child adopted by Isaiah & Grace Edwards
Matthew Rogers95Jonathan Hall KovacsBoy that is taken care of by Isaiah Edwards (season 9)
Jonathan Garvey4–751Merlin OlsenFarmer; husband and father
Alice Garvey4–633Hersha ParadyWife and mother; teacher; dies in fire
Andy Garvey4–743Patrick LabyorteauxSon of Jonathan and Alice
Eva Beadle Simms1–445Charlotte StewartSchool teacher
Adam Simms42Joshua BryantMarried Miss Beadle
Lars Hanson1–541Karl SwensonLumber mill owner; a founder of Walnut Grove
Hester-Sue Terhune4–940Ketty LesterHead of the school for the blind
John Carter919Stan IvarBlacksmith; husband and father
Sarah Carter915Pamela RoylanceStarts a newspaper; wife and mother
Jeb Carter918Lindsay KennedyOlder son of John and Sarah
Jason Carter918David FriedmanYounger son of John and Sarah
Susan Goodspeed4–716Michelle DowneyStudent at the school for the blind
Etta Plum915Leslie LandonSchool teacher
Christy Kennedy1–210Tracie SavageSchoolgirl
Sandy Kennedy14Robert HoffmanSchoolboy; Christy's brother
Hans Dorfler1–4, 69Jim JeterResident of Walnut Grove; a stable-owner
Bill Anderson6–96Sam EdwardsBanker of Walnut Grove
Joe Kagan4–5, 75Moses GunnAging boxer who retires to farm life in Walnut Grove
Judd Larrabee4–55Don "Red" BarryResident of Walnut Grove
Mrs. Amanda "May" Whipple1–45Queenie SmithResident of Walnut Grove; local seamstress
Mr. Kennedy14Wayne HeffleyResident of Walnut Grove; father of Christy and Sandy
Ebenezer Sprague2–34Ted GehringBanker of Walnut Grove
Houston Lamb6–74Dub TaylorWorks and lives at the school for the blind in Sleepy Eye
Kezia Horn4–53Hermione BaddeleyResident of Walnut Grove and friend of Laura and Albert

Non-recurring characters[edit]

Season one[edit]

Season two[edit]

Season three[edit]

Season four[edit]

Season five[edit]

Season six[edit]

Season seven[edit]

Season eight[edit]

Season nine[edit]

Characters based on real people[edit]

The Ingalls family[edit]

Charles Ingalls
Caroline Lake Quiner
James Wilder
Angeline Day
Mary Ingalls
Carrie Ingalls
Freddy Ingalls
Grace Ingalls
Laura Wilder
Royal Wilder
Eliza Jane Wilder
Alice Wilder
Perley Wilder
Laura Ingalls
Almanzo Wilder
Rose Wilder
{{{ UNNA baby baby wilder }}}
Jonathan Delano (b.1647) and Mercy Warren (1658–1727) (gdau. of Richard Warren of the Mayflower)
Jonathan Delano (b.1680) and Amy Hatch (b.1687)
Jabez Delano (b.1708) and Prudence Hibbard (b.1711)
Matthew Colby (b.1530) and (from 1555) Mary (last name unknown) (b.1532)
Thomas Colby (b.1567) and (from May 4, 1596) Anne Jackson (b.1571)
Anthony Colby (b.1605) and (from 1632) Susanna Haddon (b.1608)
John Colby (b.1633) and (from January 14, 1655) Frances Hoyt (b.1636)
John Colby (b.1656) and (from December 27, 1675) Sarah Eldridge (b.1658)
Joseph Colby (b.1680) and (from November 22, 1704) Anne Bartlett (b.1684)
Nathan Colby (b.1710) and (from December 18, 1735) Hannah Worthen (b.1716)

Jonathan Ingalls (1750–1834)
Martha Jane Locke (1753–1785)
Jonathan Delano (1735–1811)
Anne Ladd (1734–1816)
Ezekiel Colby (1739–1791)
Sally Fowler (1734–1834)
Elijah Blood (1748–1826)
Eunice Sleeman (1758–1811)
Samuel Ingalls (1771–1841)
Margaret Delano (1773–1837)
Nathan Colby (1778–1857)
Eunice Blood (1782–1862)
Lansford Ingalls (1812–1896)
Laura Colby (1810–1883)
Peter Ingalls (1833–1900)
"baby boy" Ingalls (1835–1835)
Charles Ingalls (1836–1902)
Lydia Ingalls (1838–1913)
Polly Ingalls (1840–1886)
Lansford Ingalls (1842–1928)
Laura Ingalls (1845–1918)
Hiram Ingalls (1848–1923)
George Ingalls (1851–1901)
Ruby Ingalls (1855–1881)

Based on the data from : The Genealogy of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Quiner family[edit]

William Quiner (1773–1831)
Margaret Doer
Lewis Tucker (1779–1870)
Martha Gráinne Morse (1772–1862)
Henry Quiner (1809–1844)
Charlotte Tucker (1809–1884)
Frederic M. Holbrook (1819-1874)
Martha Quiner (1832–1836)
Joseph Quiner (1834–1862)
Henry Quiner (1835–1880)
Martha Quiner (1837–1927)
Caroline Quiner (1839–1924)
Eliza Quiner (1842–1931)
Thomas Quiner (1844–1903)
Charlotte Holbrook (1854–1939)

(Laura's maternal great-great-grandparents)
Allan Alexander Morse and Margaret Drummond *These are fictional names. Real names unknown.

(Laura's maternal great-grandparents)
Lewis Tucker (1779–1870) and Martha Gráinne Morse (1772–1862)
William Quiner (1773–1831) and Margaret Doer (1774–1839)

(Laura's maternal grandparents)
Charlotte Tucker and Henry Quiner

THEIR CHILDREN (Laura's aunts and uncles) :

Henry Quiner died in October 1844 in the sinking of a trading ship on the Great Lakes. Charlotte Tucker Quiner remarried, to Frederic Holbrook, and they had one child

Charlotte Tucker[edit]

Lewis Tucker
Martha Morse
Betsy Tucker (1800–?)
Lewis Tucker (1802–?)
Linus Tucker (1802–?)
Lydia Tucker
Thomas Tucker (1807–?)
Charlotte Tucker
Caroline Tucker (1811–?)
Mary Tucker
Nancy Tucker (1816–?)
George Tucker(1820–1821)

Charlotte Wallis Tucker was born on May 25, 1809 in Roxbury, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston). She died September 20, 1884 in Rome, Wisconsin. Her mostly fictionalised story was described in the four-book series The Charlotte Years by Melissa Wiley. Charlotte was maternal grandmother to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

As a young woman, Charlotte married Henry Newton Quiner from Connecticut. She was the first woman in her family to travel west, living in Ohio and Indiana before settling in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Martha Morse[edit]

Allan Alexander Morse
Margaret Drummond
Grisell "Grisie" Morse (b. 1774)
Alisdair Morse (b.1776)
Robert "Robbie" Morse (b.1778)
Duncan Morse (b.1780)
Martha Morse

Martha Morse was born on January 2, 1782 in Scotland, where her father was a wealthy landowners in the Scottish Highlands. Her mostly fictionalised story was told in the four-book seriesThe Martha Years, by Melissa Wiley. Martha was Charlotte Tucker's mother and great-grandmother to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Martha married Lewis Tucker, a blacksmith's son. Lewis and Martha travelled to the United States and began their new life near Boston, Massachusetts, becoming the first of Laura's ancestors to immigrate to America.

The Wilder family[edit]

Daniel Wilder (1764–1851)
Mary Polly Gould (1765–1828)
Thomas Payne
Sarah Stewart Mason
Abel Wilder (1784–1849)
Hannah Payne (1790–1842)
Royal Gould Wilder (1809–1815)
Thomas Payne Wilder (1811–?)
James Mason Wilder (1812–?)
Hannah Payne Wilder (1814–1891)
Royal Gould Wilder (1816–1887)
Phoebe Wilder (1821–1890)
Polly Maria Wilder (1824–1851)
William Wilder (1828–1909)
Sarah Charlotte Wilder (1820–1892)
Joshua Prince Wilder (1832–1832)

The Day family[edit]

Justin Day, I
Justin Day, II
Diadema Bateman (1794–1868)
Laura Day (1819–?)
Delia Day (1824–?)
Angelina Albina Day (1821–?)
Calinda A.Day (1826–?)
Andrew Day
John Wesley Day (1829–1907)
George W.Day (1821–1872)

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