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Ahl-e-Bait TV, an Islamic, Shia TV channel, was founded by Hassan Allahyari in 2009. It is located in San Diego, California with a studio in Iraq.

Previous studios in Isfahan and Qom, Iran were closed in December 2010 by the Special Court for Clerics of the Iranian Government. The alleged reason for their closure was the claim that he is trying to destroy the "unity of Shias and Sunnis" and 'to sow discord". However, it is believed that the real reason behind their closure is his criticism of Iranian government and the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. In retaliation, governmental websites and weblogs have attacked his credibility and his true intentions of establishing Ahl-e-Bait TV, claiming that he is a "servant" of the United States.

Whatever the reason, Shaikh Hassan Allahyari is considered one of the knowledgeable Shiite clerics regarding the immense disputes among the Shias and the other Islamic sects. These two main sects of Islam have disagreements over the right of succession after the prophet of Islam; whether Imam Ali (A.S.) was the next righteous leader or Imam. Also, there are numerous differences in terms of attributes of God, the Islamic rules, way of ablution, etc.

Allahyari's Background: Hassan Allahyari proudly belongs to the Hazara ethnic group of Afghanistan. Hazara's are predominantly Shi'a Ithna Ashari with small sections of Ismailis.

He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and his family moved to Iran during the Russian occupation. Like many young Hazara men he joined the Howza religious schools as getting formal education for non-Iranians was very difficult.

Allahyari vs. Iranian Revolution

Allahyar is clearly against the Iranian Revolution and calls their leaders Dajjals. He has again and again called the revolution against the orders of the twelve Imams who have clearly asked their followers to remain in their houses and not to rise against their rulers. The establishment of a government without one of the twelve Imams leads to oppression only.


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