Agua Fria River

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Agua Fria Canyon, near Richinbar Mine, Agua Fria National Monument
Map of the Gila River watershed including the Agua Fria river

The Agua Fria River is a 120 mi/193 km long intermittent stream that flows generally south from 20 miles east northeast of Prescott, Arizona, USA. Prescott draws much of its municipal water supply from the upper Agua Fria drainage.[1] The Agua Fria runs through the Agua Fria National Monument. The river then flows through a small canyon called "Black Canyon" into Lake Pleasant, a popular recreation area near Peoria, Arizona. (There is a large "Black Canyon" on the Colorado River along the Arizona-Nevada border.)

During rainy times when water flows in the intermittent Agua Fria River, it discharges into the Gila River, which is also a river that flows only during wet periods of the year.

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District of the Central Arizona Project operates the Agua Fria Recharge Project, which is located about four miles south of the New Waddell Dam. It serves to recharge underground aquifers in this area.[2]


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