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Aceuticals International Ltd, (English pronunciation: /ace'uticals/) is a Filipino owned pharmaceutical company, concentrated in manufacturing and distributing skin care line. The company is based in California, with its research development and manufacturing headquarters in Chatsworth, United States. Under brand name Aceuticals, the company produces carrier Topical products PELS and FERCE. Pilot Product Phyto Extract Lightening Serum (used to lighten hyper pigmentation and skin discoloration); In which more than 10,000 units where sold in sole year of 2010 worldwide. The FerCE Anti Ageing Serum or Combination of Ferulic acid, L ascorbic acid and Alpha tocopherol and Growth factor Biodyne EMPP (Extra Molecular Matrix Promoting Peptone) for fine lines, wrinkles with wound healing benefits, serves as its one of the most sought and coveted product in the brand. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, and Satellite office in Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines for Asia and Pacific region.

Established in May 15, 2009 with investors in Asia and America. Aceuticals brand and products is currently being distributed exclusively to Skin Professionals all throughout the United States, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and UAE by Aceuticals Distributor of Cosmetics.

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