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For the year, see 786

786 is the integer coming after 785 and before 787.

CardinalSeven hundred eighty-six
Factorization2 \cdot 3 \cdot 131
Roman numeralDCCLXXXVI


In mathematics

786 is a sphenic number. 50 can be partitioned into powers of two in 786 different ways (sequence A000123 in OEIS).

786 might be the largest n for which the value of the central binomial coefficient {}_{2n}\!C_n is not divisible by an odd prime squared. If there is a larger such number, it would have to be at least 157450 (see OEISA059097).

In astronomy

In the New General Catalogue, NGC786 is a magnitude 13.5 spiral galaxy in the constellation Aries. Additionally, 786 Bredichina is an asteroid.

In religion

The Arabic letters of the opening phrase of the Qur'an sum to the numerical value 786 in the system of Abjad numerals. Not all Muslims place emphasis on this numerological analysis; however, some — mostly in India (muslim areas), Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar — use 786 as a substitute for the phrase بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم bism illāh ir-raḥmān ir-raḥīm ("in the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful").

Area code

786 is a United States area code in Miami-Dade County. As an overlay area code, it shares geography with other codes in order to increase the area's pool of usable numbers, bringing ten-digit dialing to the Florida Keys.

In other fields

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