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5 Live Sport (formerly known as Sport on 5) is the flagship sports programme on BBC Radio 5 Live and part of the BBC Sport division. It broadcasts daily, 7pm - 10.30pm Monday - Thursday, 7pm -10pm Friday, 12noon - 6pm Weekends. The regular presenters are Mark Pougatch (Tuesday,Wednesday and Saturday), Mark Chapman (Monday), Eleanor Oldroyd (Thursday), Dan Walker (Friday) and Ian Payne on Sundays.


5 Live Sport evolved from the Saturday afternoon radio sports anthology programme Sport on 2 which started on BBC Radio 2 around 1970 and then transferred over as Sport on 5 on BBC Radio 5 in 1990 and BBC Radio 5 Live from 1994. The original format featured the major sports events each Saturday afternoon, broadcasting between 1.30pm and 5pm, with updates from the major footballing fixtures and second half commentary on a top match. The location of the commentary game would usually be revealed around 3pm. Sports Report followed Sport on 2/Sport on 5 at 5pm.

Television now has more influence on sporting fixtures and kick-off times, so the format of Sport on 5 has evolved to keep pace with major sporting events. However, whilst its television equivalent Grandstand was cancelled after 48 years, Sport on 5, which was renamed 5 Live Sport in 2006, has survived and thrived. It has been extended to be broadcast every weekday evening (Monday to Friday) and every Sunday afternoon in addition to its traditional Saturday afternoon and one mid-week transmissions inherited from Radio 2.

Current format[edit]

For the large part of the football season, the focus is on that sport. In the summer, a wider variety of sport is given coverage. 5 Live Sport during the week consists of sport chat and debate, such as the Monday Night Club but if there is football during the week, such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, mid-week Premier League, League Cup, Championship games or international matches, then there are live updates or full commentaries. However, news concerning many other sports are aired as "rolling news". Until 2010, three matches were heard in full on Saturdays, i.e., Premier League kick-offs at 12:45pm, 3:00pm and 5:30pm. But from 2010-2013 at the earliest, Talksport have the national radio rights to broadcast the late 5:30pm game, meaning that only two games are heard on 5 Live Sport on Saturdays at 12.45pm & 3.00pm, and sometimes only one game if there is no 12.45pm game scheduled. This means Sports Report broadcasts at 5:00pm for an hour and then 606 broadcasts at 6:00 pm,[citation needed] reverting to times when a 5:00pm game was not scheduled by the Premier League. At 3:00pm, there is a main commentary at one of the games, along with updates from all the other Premier League games, some Championship games and one or two games from Scotland, while games from the lower leagues are constantly monitored. Then after the games end, Sports Report at 5:00pm summarises the day's action and gets reaction from managers and players. Sundays may then have one or two Premier League games, including the one at 4.00pm. This however varies depending on the UEFA Europa League the previous Thursday. However, TalkSport gained the national radio rights for the 1.30 kick offs on Sundays as well from 2010-2013, meaning that 5 Live Sport has only one game to broadcast at 4:00 pm.[citation needed]

As well as football, almost every sport that broadcasts on 5 Live goes under the "5 Live Sport" banner. Exceptions to this include events that either occur all day or that happen in the middle of the night (GMT) such as The Open Golf Championship, Wimbledon Tennis, The Olympic Games, The Commonwealth Games, American Football Super Bowl.

See BBC Radio 5 Live for a full list.


(Middle Row, 3rd from left) Ian Brown, Ray Parlour and Darren Fletcher BBC Radio 5 Live Commentary Team at the Boleyn Ground on 9 May 2009
(Middle Row, 2nd from left) Pat Nevin and John Murray BBC Radio 5 Live Commentary Team at the Boleyn Ground on 11 September 2010
(Middle Row, 2nd from left) Ian Dennis, Graham Taylor and Mike Ingham BBC Radio 5 Live Commentary Team at the Boleyn Ground on 2 April 2011

Because 5 Live Sport covers many football matches, it has many commentators and match reporters to cover them including:

It also has many summarisers, such as

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