Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations

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Title 46 is the portion of the Code of Federal Regulations that governs shipping within the United States for the United States Coast Guard, the United States Maritime Administration, and the United States Maritime Commission. It is available in digital or printed form.

Title 46 and Title 33 of the Code of Federal Regulations are usually consulted by Classification societies, engineering firms, deck officers on oceangoing vessels, and marine engineers.

It is divided into four chapters:

Chapter I[edit]

1Organization, general course and methods governing marine safety functions
2Vessel inspections
3Designation of oceanographic research vessels
4Marine casualties and investigations.
5Marine investigation regulations--personnel action
6Waivers of navigation and vessel inspection laws and regulations
7Boundary lines
8Vessel inspection alternatives
9Extra compensation for overtime services
10Licensing of maritime personnel
12Certification of seamen
13Certification of tankermen
14Shipment and discharge of merchant mariners
15Manning requirements
16Chemical testing
24General provisions
27Towing vessels
28Requirements for commercial fishing industry vessels
30General provisions
31Inspection and certification
32Special equipment, machinery, and hull requirements
34Firefighting equipment
36Elevated temperature cargoes
38Liquefied flammable gases
39Vapor control systems
42Domestic and foreign voyages by sea
44Special service limited domestic voyages
45Great Lakes load lines
46Subdivision load lines for passenger vessels
47Combination load lines
50General provisions
52Power boilers
53Heating boilers
54Pressure vessels
56Piping systems and appurtenances
57Welding and brazing
58Main and auxiliary machinery and related systems
59Repairs to boilers, pressure vessels and appurtenances
61Periodic tests and inspections
62Vital system automation
63Automatic auxiliary boilers
64Marine portable tanks and cargo handling systems
67Documentation of vessels
68Documentation of vessels pursuant to extraordinary legislative grants
69Measurement of vessels
70General provisions
71Inspection and certification
72Construction and arrangement
76Fire protection equipment
77Vessel control and miscellaneous systems and equipment
80Disclosure of safety standards and country of registry
90General provisions
91Inspection and certification
92Construction and arrangement
95Fire protection equipment
96Vessel control and miscellaneous systems and equipment
98Special construction, arrangement, and other provisions for certain dangerous cargoes in bulk
105Commercial fishing vessels dispensing petroleum products
107Inspection and certification
108Design and equipment
110General provisions
111Electric systems--general requirements
112Emergency lighting and power systems
113Communication and alarm systems and equipment
114General provisions
115Inspection and certification
116Construction and arrangement
117Lifesaving equipment and arrangements
118Fire protection equipment
119Machinery installation
120Electrical installation
121Vessel control and miscellaneous systems and equipment
126Inspection and certification
127Construction and arrangements
128Marine engineering: Equipment and systems
129Electrical installations
130Vessel control, and miscellaneous equipment and systems
132Fire-protection equipment
133Lifesaving systems
134Added provisions for liftboats
147Hazardous ships' stores
147AInterim regulations for shipboard fumigation
148Carriage of solid hazardous materials in bulk
150Compatibility of cargoes
151Barges carrying bulk liquid hazardous material cargoes
153Ships carrying bulk liquid, liquefied gas, or compressed gas hazardous materials
154Safety standards for self-propelled vessels carrying bulk liquefied gases
159Approval of equipment and materials
160Lifesaving equipment
161Electrical equipment
162Engineering equipment
166Designation and approval of nautical school ships
167Public nautical school ships
168Civilian nautical school vessels
169Sailing school vessels
170Stability requirements for all inspected vessels
171Special rules pertaining to vessels carrying passengers
172Special rules pertaining to bulk cargoes
173Special rules pertaining to vessel use
174Special rules pertaining to specific vessel types
175General provisions
176Inspection and certification
177Construction and arrangement
178Intact stability and seaworthiness
179Subdivision, damage stability, and watertight integrity
180Lifesaving equipment and arrangements
181Fire protection equipment
182Machinery installation
183Electrical installation
184Vessel control and miscellaneous systems and equipment
188General provisions
189Inspection and certification
190Construction and arrangement
193Fire protection equipment
194Handling, use, and control of explosives and other hazardous materials
195Vessel control and miscellaneous systems and equipment
197General provisions
199Lifesaving systems for certain inspected vessels

Chapter II[edit]

201Rules of practice and procedure
202Procedures relating to review by Secretary of Transportation of actions by Maritime Subsidy Board
203Procedures relating to conduct of certain hearings under the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, as amended
204Claims against the Maritime Administration under the Federal Tort Claims Act
205Audit appeals; policy and procedure
221Regulated transactions involving documented vessels and other maritime interests
232Uniform financial reporting requirements
249Approval of underwriters for marine hull insurance
251Application for subsidies and other direct financial aid
252Operating-differential subsidy for bulk cargo vessels engaged in worldwide services
272Requirements and procedures for conducting condition surveys and administering maintenance and repair subsidy
276Construction-differential subsidy repayment
277Domestic and foreign trade; interpretations
280Limitations on the award and payment of operating-differential subsidy for liner operators
281Information and procedure required under liner operating-differential subsidy agreements
282Operating-differential subsidy for liner vessels engaged in essential services in the foreign commerce of the United States
283Dividend policy for operators receiving operating-differential subsidy
287Establishment of construction reserve funds
289Insurance of construction-differential subsidy vessels, operating-differential subsidy vessels and of vessels sold or adjusted under the Merchant Ship Sales Act 1946
295Maritime Security Program (MSP)
296Maritime Security Program (MSP)
298Obligation guarantees
307Establishment of mandatory position reporting system for vessels
308War risk insurance
309Values for war risk insurance
310Merchant Marine training
315Agency agreements and appointment of agents
317Bonding of ship's personnel
324Procedural rules for financial transactions under Agency agreements
325Procedure to be followed by general agents in preparation of invoices and payment of compensation pursuant to provisions of NSA Order No. 47
326Marine protection and indemnity insurance under agreements with agents
327Seamen's claims; administrative action and litigation
328Slop chests
329Voyage data
330Launch services
332Repatriation of seamen
335Authority and responsibility of general agents to undertake emergency repairs in foreign ports
336Authority and responsibility of general agents to undertake in continental United States ports voyage repairs and service equipment of vessels operated for the account of the National Shipping Authority under general agency agreement
337General agent's responsibility in connection with foreign repair custom's entries
338Procedure for accomplishment of vessel repairs under National Shipping Authority master lump sum repair contract--NSA-LUMPSUMREP
339Procedure for accomplishment of ship repairs under National Shipping Authority individual contract for minor repairs--NSA-WORKSMALREP
340Priority use and allocation of shipping services, containers and chassis, and port facilities and services for national security and national defense related operations
345Restrictions upon the transfer or change in use or in terms governing utilization of port facilities
346Federal port controllers
347Operating contract
349Reemployment rights of certain merchant seamen
350Seamen's service awards
355Requirements for establishing United States citizenship
356Requirements for vessels of 100 feet or greater in registered length to obtain a fishery endorsement to the vessel's documentation
381Cargo preference--U.S.-flagged vessels
382Determination of fair and reasonable rates for the carriage of bulk and packaged preference cargoes on U.S.-flagged commercial vessels
385Research and development grant and cooperative agreements regulations
386Regulations governing public buildings and grounds at the United States Merchant Marine Academy
387Utilization and disposal of surplus Federal real property for development or operation of a port facility
388Administrative waivers of the Coastwise Trade Laws
390Capital Construction Fund
391Federal income tax aspects of the Capital Construction Fund

Chapter III[edit]

401Great Lakes pilotage regulations
402Great Lakes pilotage rules and orders
403Great Lakes pilotage uniform accounting system
404Great Lakes pilotage ratemaking

Chapter IV[edit]

501The Federal Maritime Commission--General
502Rules of practice and procedure
503Public information
504Procedures for environmental policy analysis
505Administrative offset
506Civil monetary penalty inflation adjustment
507Enforcement of nondiscrimination on the basis of handicap in programs or activities conducted by the Federal Maritime Commission
508Employee ethical conduct standards and financial disclosure regulations
515Licensing, financial responsibility requirements, and general duties for ocean transportation intermediaries
520Carrier automated tariffs
525Marine terminal operator schedules
530Service contracts
531NVOCC Service arrangements
535Ocean common carrier and marine terminal operator agreements subject to the Shipping Act of 1984
540Passenger vessel financial responsibility
545Interpretations and statements of policy
550Regulations to adjust or meet conditions unfavorable to shipping in the foreign trade of the United States
551Actions to adjust or meet conditions unfavorable to shipping in the U.S. foreign trade
555Actions to address adverse conditions affecting U.S.-flag carriers that do not exist for foreign carriers in the United States
560Actions to address conditions unduly impairing access of U.S.-flag vessels to ocean trade between foreign ports
565Controlled carriers

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